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1. To change the name of David Froank to David Balz...
2. To regulate the salary of the Territorial Treasurer of Arizona..
3. Fixing the fees of the Clerk of the District Court for naturalizing

4. To repeal chapter 18 of the Compiled Laws of Arizona, entitled

“Of Territorial Reporter”. 5. To create the County of Pinal. 6. To encourage the sinking of Artesian Wells 7. Supplemental to chapter 52 of the Compiled Laws of Arizona. 8. Fixing the time for holding the District Courts. 9. Providing for the taxation of the net proceeds of Mines. 10. Concerning lawful fences, and animals trespassing on premises

lawfully enclosed in the Counties of Mohave and Yuma.. 11. Granting leave of absence to John H. Marion, Treasurer of Yava

pai County... 12. To authorize the Territory of Arizona to become an exhibitor at

the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia in 1876.. 13. Amendatory of chapter 48 of the Compiled Laws “Of Proceed

ings in Civil Cases 14. Concerning the Salary of the Justices of the Supreme Court of

the Territory of Arizona.. 15. To prescribe the Fees of Justices of the Peace in certain cases.. 16. Concerning Interpreters... 17. To provide for the care of Indigent Persons. 18. Concerning Insurance Companies organized without this Terri

tory.. 19. Relating to Compulsory Education. 20. In relation to the sale of Spirituous and Malt Liquors or Wines

at retail.... 21. To amend chapter 11, Howell Code, regulating Proceedings in

Criminal Cases.. 22. Granting leave of absence to R. N. Leatherwood, Treasurer of

Pima County, A. T. ... 23. Supplemental to chapter 24 of the Compiled Laws of Arizona,

concerning the Registration of Voters.... 24. Repealing chapter 16 of the Compiled Laws, entitled "An Act

creating the office of Attorney-General". 25. Granting leave of absence to J. W. Owen, Treasurer of Maneopa

County : 26. To amend section 5 of an act to amend an act entitled “An Act

creating the Office of District Attorney.” Approved February

13th, 1873 27. To aid in the Administration of Justice in the County of Pinal.. 28. To amend chapter 22, Howell Code, “Of Vacancies, Resignations

and Removals from Office 29. Concerning the School Fund of Pinal County.

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30. To establish the Salaries of the Officers of the County of Pinal.. 31. Authorizing the County Recorder of Pima County to transcribe certain records for certain purposes.

56 32. To provide Revenue for the Territory of Arizona and the several Counties thereof.

57 33. To transfer to the County of Mohave, from the second Judicial District to the third Judicial District, in this Territory.

80 34. To establish Public Schools in the Territory of Arizona..

80 35. Fo reimburse the Territorial Treasurer for expenses incurred in

and for taking care of the Territorial Weights and Measures.. 90 36. For the

relief and benefit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's Academy, Tucson, A. T..

91 37. To provide for the civil expenses of the Territorial Government, 91 38. To provide for the taking of the Census of, and in the several Counties of the Territory of Arizona .

94 39. To provide for the erection of buildings in Maricopa County. 96 40. To amend an act entitled “An Act to prevent the improper use

of deadly weapons and the Indiscriminate use of fire-arms in
towns and villages of the Territory." Approved September
30th, 1867 .

101 41. Amendatory of chapter 47, Howell Code, “Of Jurors,” and acts amendatory thereto

102 42. Concerning the transaction of judicial business in the District Courts

110 43. To amend chapter 45, Howell Code, “Of Courts of Justice in general and their Jurisdiction ".

111 44. To amend an act entitled “An Act to establish the terms of the Supreme Court.” Approved February 17th, 1871.

112 45. To amend chapter 10, Howell Code, Of Crimes and Punishments”..

113 46. Authorizing and requiring the County Superintendent of Public

Schools of Pima County, Arizona Territory, to draw his war-
rant on the County Treasurer of said County, in favor of H,
B. Summers, for any moneys belonging to School District
No. 2, not exceeding the sum of $300.

114 47. Regulating the herding of Sheep ..

114 48. Authorizing a loan on the faith and credit of the Territory, and to

provide for the erection of a Territorial Prison, and for the
confinement of prisoners therein...

116 49. Regulating the percentage of County Treasurers.

120 50. To permanently locate the Territorial Seat of Government at Tucson, Pima County, Arizona Territory.


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1. Of thanks to Gen. George Crook...

125 2. Requesting the Secretary of the Territory of Arizona to print cer

tain Laws and Treaties with the Session Laws of 1875..... 126


1. Regarding Pima and Maricopa Indians.
2. Relative to Mail Service in Arizona..
3. Concerning a Penitentiary in Arizona.

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