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New-York Gazette, Editors' vindication, viii. 55+

- young men of, following the example of those of Philadelphia, viii. 169.

paper, extract of a letter from an American in Eng. land, relative to General Washington, x. 5.

Gazette, instances of absurdity and infolence, *. 18. Nicholas's objection to Jay's misfion to London, ii. 205.

Mr. speech in the House of Representatives, vi. 133.

Colonel William, Marthal of the Pennsylvania district, spirited behaviour at Northampton, America, x. 163. Nolhac's, priett, age, character, and sufferings, iii. 86. Nomination, the, a few paragraphs from the Aurora, X. 157. Norfolk, inayor of, and Frenchmen, vi. 242.

citizens address to Mr. Cobbett, vi. 352. Northern Star, an Irish paper, its press destroyed, vi. 424. Notice extraordinary at Richmond, capital of Virginia, on the

British treaty, iii. 341.
Nova Scotia, lies respecting it by Claypoole, viii. 18.
Novi's, Abbé, sufferings, and dying words, iii. 87.
Nuns, the treatment of them at their expulsion, iii. 193.

Oath taken by the Company of Marat, viii. 107.
Objections to the causes assigned for Adet's notes, refuted, i.

350. Observations on Priestley's Emigration, &c. i. 145. O’Carey's paper, account of it, v.

• 354. letter to Citizens James Carey and John Markland,


vi. 4:

viii. 191.

and the learned pig, vi. 20.
rascality, vi. 65.

Gazette, death of it, ix. 191.
O'Donnel's, John, charge against Samuel Smith of Baltimore, ix.

213. Oldden, Mr. John, “ Hint," letter to him, vii. 322. Oluys frequently accused Paine of perjury, vi. 81. Omer's, St. the church of it, purchased and profaned by a Jew, One of the People's letter to Mr. Wolcott, iv. 419. Organization enlarged, United Irithmen, viii. 212. Orleans, alias Egalité, the three sons of the Duke of that name, passed through Washington, in their way to Philadelphia, vi. 59.

alias Egalité's, at Philadelphia, solemn declaration he was not the son of the late Duke of Orleans, vi. 408.

-, Duke, paying his addresses to a young lady of Philadelphia, vị: 499 -, alias Egalité, jun. his speech in the National Assembly,


vii. 21.

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Orleans, infamous, Buffon's junr.'s wife, vii. 199.
Orme's, an officer, account of the brutal behaviour of some blacks

at Nantz, iii. 115. O'Rourke, story of him, ii. 100." Ofwald, Eleazer, publishes in his “Independent Gazetteer,” a fe. ries of papers against the treaty with Great Britain, ii. 239.

the printer of Franklin's Letters, ii, 355., Otis and Gallatin, Messrs. vi. 3. Ottoman Porte, Envoy Extraordinary to the French Directory, vi.

405 Overseers, one of, toast drunk at their meeting-The King of

Great Britain the only supporter of order and good government in Europe, X. 178.

P Pacha's, Hussein, Admiral of the Ottoman empire, letter to Citi

zen Verniac, Envoy from the French Republic, vii. 131. Pacific Assurances, Examiner, xi. 50. Packet, misrepresentation and ill treatment of Captain Jones, of the

British packet Chesterfield, X. 156.
Pacquot's, Mr. Christian martyrdom, iii. 95.
Paine, Thomas, his treatment of La Fayette, ii. 43, in a note.'
's Age of Reason described, iii. 389.

life, traced from America to his Paris dungeon, iii. 390.
disgraceful motive for writing the Age of Reason, exposed,

epitaph on him, believing him to be dead, iii. 396, 's two characters of General Washington, iv. 327.

Age of Reason, comments on it by a German clergyman,

jii. 394.

y. 8o.

, why set at work to attack the private and public character of Prefident Washington, V. 295. 's gallantry, anecdote of, vi. 34.

Tom, proof of the good effect of spirit, x. 85.

Crisis, a malicious and fanguinary misrepresentation of the Quakers of Pennsylvania, xii. 92. Paintings in Gimcrack's Museum, viii. 119. Papers relative to the treaty with Great Britain, iii. 310. Paracelsus's, Secundus, receipt to make a patriot, vi. 271. Paragraph instead of a volume, to low the real views of France

towards America, X. 239. Parallel, Judge M.Kean's charge against Peter Porcupine, and

vice versa, vii. 385. Parasite, popular, described, ji. 283. Paris, advices respecting public affairs, vii. 6.

pastimes, and Barras's ball, v. 230. Parker, Mr. of Virginia, in Congress, offers an amendment to

Mr. Murray's resolution, &c. and is seconded by Mr. Macon,

N. C. iii. 30.

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vi. 33:

Parker, Richard, some account of him, vii. 59.
Parliament, English, feceders from, viii. 21.
Parody on the King's 1peech, 1794, in Bache's paper, i. 368.
Parrilh's, John, letter relative to Mr. Henry Penn Wharton, x. 33,
Parsons, Captain, and part of his crew murdered by the Spaniards,
Pasquin's, Anthony, arrival in America from London, his views,
X. 75

Esq. fecond number, character of himself, written by himself, x. 187.

and Carey, threatened attack upon Porcupine, x. 188.

nafty, repartee from Lord Barrymore, X. 196. - Anthony, Esgr.'s. death, x. 217.

- degraded state, xi. 6. Passports granted by the Ministers of the United States, not ad, mitted in France, vi. 44.

obtained from the French Minister of Marine, by Mr, Lee, through bribery, xi. 35. Pastoral letter of the General Affembly, purport of it, ix. 208. Pastor et and his crew, vii. 287. Patriot, definition of, vi. 35. Patriotic American Captain, vii. 6o. Patriotism, the jail a school of, vii. 59. Patton and his post-office, vii. 213. Paying for being shot at, v. 328. Peace, remarks on Lord Malmesbury being fent again to Paris, Peaceable's, Philip, letter to Mr. Bache, in answer to Anti-Bigot's,

i. 141. Peale and the American Museum, vii. 227. Pease's, Dennis, charge against Şamuel Smith of Baltimore, ix. Peltier's, Monsieur, calculation of the number murdered in Paris

in fix days, iii. 94. Pennsylvania, Western Counties, account of the insurrection there, i. 223

whole number of troops furnished by that State, 1.275.

Legislature of, passed a bill appropriating 10,000 dollars to the committee of health, vii. 65.

Governors conduct towards foreign nations and princes, vii. 382.

hospital, meeting of the managers, letter read, viii. 188.

courts of, memorial of insolent tyranny, ix. 363.

two addresles to the people of, on the election, xi. 99.


vii. 430:

vii. 23.


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viii. 273:

Pennsylvania, citizens of, second address, by an elector, xi. 107.

citizens of, a letter from an elector, on Mr. Ross's
abfence from federal questions, xi. 115.

-n's address to the electors respecting M‘Kean, xi.
People of England, address to, on a Legislative Affembly chosen

annually by the people, X. 438.
Perignan, Countess, the murder of her, and her three daughters,
Perignon, French Ambassador, address to the Prince of Peace,

vii. 158.
Perilous gout pronounced to be the yellow fever, vii. 49.
Perry's, editor of the Morning Chronicle, behaviour respecting the

trial of republicanism, x. 450.
Peters, Judge, Reynolds's fignature verified before him, viii.
Pfullendorf, conduct of the French army under General Ferino,
Philadelphia, introductory address to the Gazetteers of, i. 147.

-, great consternation there, on account of the yellow
fever, vii. 62.

, proceedings of the young men there,' viii. 162.

prison and condyćt of, as relateď by Lyon, ix.

Philosophical Society, letter to, from Peter Porcu-
pine, relating to an extraordinary hen, X. 2077

-n hornet nest, X. 296.

emigrating society's address to the public, xij. 16.
Philanthropy, Mr. Palmer's legacy, vi. 330. .
Phillippot and Meunier, adultery and murder intended, vii. 271.
Philip's, a member of the Jacobin club, parricide, iii. 94.

s's, B. H. Esq. Curaçoa, list of American fhips fept in there
by the French, viii. 436.
Phocion's, Mr. Hamilton under that name, noble stand against the

Whigs, l. 42.
Physicians, college of, notion of law and justice, viii. 35.

a Scotch, letter to the editor of Porcupine's Gazette, on
the mortal effe&ts of copious bleeding in the yellow fever, xi.

Pichegru, a comparison between him and Totila, king of the
Goths, ii. 146.
's address to the French Directory, vi. 302.

his treason an invention of the Directory, vii. 276.

fate predicted by Porcupine, vii. 277.
Pichon, Secretary of the legation of the French, letter to him

from Talleyrand, xi. 50.
Pickering's letter publised by Bache, iv. 337


Pickering, letter to him from the Spanish Minister, respecting his
conduct in the boundary line business, vi. 249.

Mr. Timothy, account of Mr. Ellicott's journey to
the Natchez diftri&t, vi. 225.

, Secretary of State, additional report in relation to the
boundary line, &c. vi. 226.

letter to Mr. Munro, vi. 363.

report respecting commercial de-
predations, by the French, viii. 321.

inftructions to the Envoys to the
Republic of France, 1797, ix. 66.

,,Colonel, difference of sentiments, as commiflioner in
1794, and secretary in 1797, ix. 347:

Timothy, extracts from a talk delivered to the Indians,
at Kanandaigna, ix. 347.

-, Secretary, report at large of the transactions between
the United States and France, 1799, x, 116.
Picture of France in 1794, by a Swiss gentleman, v. 197.

of the upstart tyrants of France, vii. 126.
Pinard's account of Carrier, iji. 112.
Pinchbeck, Mr. proprietor of the learned pig, verses, viii. 109.
Pinckney's, Mr. letter in part to the Secretary of State, dated
London, 16th November, 1793, ii. 365.

Mr. reflections on his being ordered to withdraw from
the Republic, v. 285.

Mr. conclusion of one of his letters to Mr. Pickering,

General, dismissed without a hearing by the Republican
Cabinet, vi. 105.

Mr. documents relative to his embaffy to France, vi.
--, Mr. adopted the atheistical calendar, vi. 1:8.

- Mr. Thomas, letter to the printers of a newspaper at
Charleston, xii. 146.
Pinkerton's unfounded scandalous charge against the French royal-
ists, ix. 1.

David, letter to the President of the Board of Health,
relating to French royalists on board of thip, ix. 7.
Pitt, Mr. malicious lying report of him by Captain Hinckley of

America, vi. 268.
-'s, Mr. opinion of granting convoys to the Americans, vix.

· 135.
Pittachus's letter to the editor of the Aurora, iv.

second letter to the editor of the Aurora, iv. 428.
Pittsburg, a meeting there of sundry of the inhabitants of the
Western Counties of Pennsylvania, ii. 191.

- proceedings of a meeting there of the delegates from
Alleghany County, 11, 195.
Pius's, Pope, letter to Buonaparte, v. 303.


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vi. 35

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