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The Congress shall have power * to raise and support armies; *

* to
provide for the calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress
iusurrections and repel invasions. (Art. I, sec. 8, Constitution of the United States.)

The l’nited States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form
of government, and shall protect each of then against invasion; and on application
of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened),

violence. (Art. IV', sec. 4, Constitution.)

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Employment of troops in enforcement of the laws

1. The constitutional guaranty; its history

II. From the a loption of the Constitution to the second war with Great


The whisky insurrection, 1794

Fries's insurrection, 1.49

Burr's conspiracy, 1805–1807.

The embargo troubles, 1808 .

III. From the reorganization of the Army to the sugitive-slave riots.

Negro insurrections, 1831

- The nullification excitement, 1832.

The Black Hawk war, 1832

The Sabine affair, 1836

Intruders on the Cherokee lands, 1833.

Removal of the Cherokees, 1838...

The patriot war, 1837–1838..

Iowa boundary line, 1839

The Dorr rebellion, 1842.

The Boston fugitive-slave cases, 1851

The Anthony Burns riots, 1854..

IV. From the Kansas troubles to tbe end of the war of the rebellion....

Disturbances in Kansas, 1854-1858.

The San Francisco, Cal., vigilance comniittee, 1856 .

The Mormon rebellion, 1851-1858.

The Utah expedition, 1857

Disturbances at Provo, l'tah, 1859 .

The affair at Harpers Ferry, Va., 1859.

The war of the rebellion, 1861–1865

V. The reconstruction period ..

Brigandage in Missouri, 1866.

Riots at Norfolk, Va., 1866..

The Memphis, Tenn., riots, 1866

Fenian invasion of Canada, 1866

Riots at Mobile, Ala., 1867

Riot at Franklin, Tenn., 1867

The Nashville, Tenn., election, 1867.

The Ku-Klux Klan, 1866-1872...

Riot at l'nionville, S. C., 187)

Disorders in Gulf States, 1868.

Lawlessness in Arkansas, 1868

Riot at Camilla, Ga., 1868 .

Lawlessness in Texas, 1868-1870

Riot at Millican, Tex., 1868....

Riot at Mobile, Ala., 1869

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