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His published opinions, delivered from this bench, will show his legal learning and careful and extensive research; and also the firmness and independence with which he maintained the opinions he had deliberately formed, and which he believed to be right.

“His death has made our first meeting in this new hall a sad and painful one; and we shall direct the proceedings of the Bar and officers of the court and the address of the Attorney General to be placed on the records of the court as a mark of the sincere respect and regard of this tribunal, of which he was so long a member; and shall adjourn until tomorrow without engaging to-day in any of the ordinary business of the court."

The proceedings of the meeting are in the following words:

“At a meeting of the members of the Bar and officers of the court, held in the Supreme Court room on Monday, the 3d day of December, 1860, the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, was called to the chair, and John A. Rockwell, Esq., of Connecticut, appointed secretary.

“On motion of Edwin M. Stanton, Esq., it was resolved that a committee of three gentlemen be appointed by the Chair to prepare and report to the meeting resolutions on the occasion of the lamented death of the Hon. PETER V. DANIEL, one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Whereupon the chair appointed the Hons. J. M. Mason, S. F. Vinton, and P. Phillips, to constitute the committee.

“Hon. J. M. Mason, on behalf of the committee, reported to the meeting the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the members of the Bar and officers of the Supreme Court of the United States deeply deplore the death of the Hon. PETER V. DANIEL, who, for the period of nineteen years, had filled an honorable position on the bench of the Supreme Court, which he adorned by his simple purity of character, his learning, industry, and courtesy of manner.

Resolved, That they will cherish an affectionate remembrance of his many virtues and eminent worth as a judge, a patriot, and a man, and they will wear the usual badge of mourning during the residue of the term.

Resolved, That the Chairman and Secretary of this meeting transmit a copy of these proceedings to the family of the deceased, and assure them of our sincere condolence on account of the bereavement which they have sustained.

" Resolved, That the Attorney General be requested to present these proceedings to the court, with a request that they be entered on the minutes.

JOHN A. ROCKWELL, Secretary.


Hon. ROGER B. TANEY, Chief Justice.
Hon. JOHN MCLEAN, Associate Justice.
Hon. JAMES M. WAYNE, Associate Justice.
Hon. JOHN CATRON, Associate Justice.
Hon. SAMUEL NELSON, Associate Justice.
Hon. ROBERT C. GRIER, Associate Justice.
Hon. JOHN A. CAMPBELL, Associate Justice.
Hon. NATHAN CLIFFORD, Associate Justice.

JEREMIAH S. Black, Esq., Attorney General, during a

part of the term; and, for the residue, EDWIN M. STANTON, Esq., Attorney General.


BENJAMIN O. HOWARD, Esq., Reporter.

WILLIAM SELDEN, Esq., Marshal.

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