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MITCHELL, GEN. R. B., at Perryville, 220. NELSON, GEN., wounded at Richmond, 214. MITCHELLSVILLE, Morgan's raid on, 271.

NEWBERN, N. C., taken by Burnside, 76. Mix, COL. S. H., killed at Petersburg, Va., 585. NEW HAMPSHIRE, State Election of, '63, 486. MOBILE BAY, the fight in, 641; the outer defenses NEW HOPE CHURCH, occupied by Sherman, 638. of, 619; map of the defenses of, 650.

NEW MADRID, Mo., invested, 54; and taken, 54–5. MOBILE, Ala., preparations for attack on, 721; NEW MEXICO, loyalty of regulars in, 19; suffer722; Maury abandons, 724.

ings of, 20; action of her Legislature with regard to MONITOR, arrival of the, at Fortress Monroe, 118; Slavery, 20-21; home guard organized, 21; Canby orfight of, with the Merrimac, 118, 119.

ganizes militia, 21; Rebels defeated near Fort Craig, MONOCACY, Lew Wallace defeated at the, 603. 21; Canby occupies frontier posts, 22; Rebels advance MONROE, JOHN T., Mayor of New Orleans, re

to Fort Craig, 22; Santa Fé, 24; fight at Apachó Pass,

24; Rebels abandon the Territory, 25. fuses to surrender the city, 95-6; his letters to Admiral Farragut, 95-6; allusion tv, 97; 98–9; imprisoned NEW ORLEANS, Gen. Butler's expedition against, by Gen. Butler, 100.

81 to 106; importance of, to the Confederacy, 85; map MONTGOMERY, COL., at Vicksburg, 315.

of approaches to, 86; defenses of, 84, 86–87, attack on MONTGOMERY, Ala., captured by Gen. Wilson, 719.

and passage of forts below, 88–94; destruction of prop

erty at, 94; occupation of, by Admiral Farragut, 95-6; MOORE, COL. A. B., surprised and captured, 271.

occupation of, by Gen. Butler, 97-101, 106; elects MOORE, COL., 8th Tenn., killed at Stone River, 281. Union members of Congress, 105, MOORE, COL. O. H., worsted by Morgan, 405. New Orleans Picayune, citation from, relative to MORGAN, GEN. JOHN H., 212; 271; his raid,

defenses of New Orleans, 84. 282; is defeated at Vaught's Hill, 284; raid into Indi- NEWPORT NEWS, reached by Porter's corps, 171. ana and Ohio, 405; his capture and escape, 407; is | NEWTON, GEN., at Gaines's Mill

, 156; is relieved, killed in East Tennessee, 408. MORGAN, GEN. GEO. W., abandons Cumberland NEW YORK CITY, fired by emissaries, 611.

Gap, 214; at siege of Vicksburg, 289; at capture of Fort
Hindman, 293.

NEW YORK RIOTS of 1863, account of, 503–7. MORGAN, MAJOR, charges at Pleasant Hill, 543. NEW YORK STATE ELECTION of 1862, 484. MORGANZIA, La., surprised by the Rebels, 340. NIAGARA, U. S. frigate, takes the Georgia, 646. MORRELL, GEN., engaged at Gaines's Mill

, 155. NIAGARA, Peace overtures at, 665. MORRIS ISLAND, Gen. Strong established at, 475; NORFOLK, Va., capture of, 127–8.

failure to blow up the “New Ironsides” at, 482. NORTH ANNA RIVER, Grant advances to the, 577.
MORRIS, GEN. L. O., killed at Cold Harbor, 582. NORTH CAROLINA, Burnside's operations in, 73–81.
MORRIS, GEN. W. H., at the Wilderness, 571.
MORTON'S ENGINEERS, at Stone River, 275.

MOSEBY, COL. JOHN S., his movements, 727.
MOSQUITO INLET, naval expedition to, 459.

O'BRIEN, COL., killed in New York by rioters, 506. MOUND CITY, gunboat, boiler exploded, 57.

O'CONNOR, COL., 2d Wisc., killed at second Bull

Run, 189, MOWER, GEN., at Corinth, 226; at Vicksburg,

OHIO, Gen. Buell commands the Army of the, 212. 311; at Pleasant Hill, 543; in Missouri, 559. MULLIGAN, COL., 15th Ga., killed at Antietam, 210.

OHIO, Morgan's raid into, 405; Ohio Democracy

vs. President Lincoln, 493. MULLIGAN, GEN. (Union), killed, 606.

OLIVER, COL., at the siege of Corinth, 225. MUMFORD, WM. B., hanged at N. Orleans, 100-1.

OLUSTEE, Fla., Gen. T. Seymour defeated at, 531. MUNFORDSVILLE, Ky., fight at, 215.

OPDYCKE, GEN., his heroism at Franklin, 682. MUNROE, COL., charges at Fayetteville, Ark., 448.

OPEQUAN, Va., Sheridan's victory at, 606. MURFREESBORO', Tenn., capture of, 212.

ORD, GEN. EDWARD 0. C., at Iuka, 223; at VicksMURPHY, COL. R. C., 8th Wis., abandons Iuka,

burg, 315; at Petersburg, 734. 222 ; surrenders Holly Springs, 287; is cashiered, 287.


tion and designs, 556.
ORETO, or Florida, a Rebel corsair, 643.

O’RORKE, COL., killed at Gettysburg, 388. NAGLEE, GEN. H. M., at Seven Pines, 142-4; OSTERHAUS, GEN. P. J., at the capture of Fort wounded, 148.

Hindman, 293; at Vicksburg, 312; with Sherman on NASHVILLE, Tenn., occupied by Unionists, 53; his great march from Atlanta to Savannah, 689 to 695.

railroad rëopened to, 270; stores accumulated at, 272; Ox HILL, Va., Jackson strikes Reno at, 188. battle of, 685; losses and captures, 686. NASSAU ÍSLAND, focus of blockade runners, 643. NATCHEZ, Miss., surrenders, 104.

P. NATIONAL DEBT—Currency depreciation, 663–4. PAINE, COL. HALBERT E., 4th Wisc., refuses to NATIONAL FINANCES, Gov. Chase on the, 661. expel colored refugees from his camp, 245. NATIONAL UNION PARTY, Platform of, 1864, 659.

PALMER, GEN. JOHN M., at Stone River, 277; NEGLEY, GEN. J. S., at Stone River, 274.

at Chickamauga, 415–17. NEGRO SOLDIERS, in the Revolutionary war, 511;

PALMERSTON, LORD, his opinion of Gen. Butler's

order No. 28, 100. Congress subjects negroes to conscription, 519; use of, in aid of the Rebellion, 521; 522; the Confederates on

PARKE, GEN. JOHN G., 73; in attack on Newarming, 523; President Lincoln on protecting, 525;

bern, 78; invests Fort Macon, 79; at Vicksburg, 314; progress in raising, 527; Bancroft's history on, 511-12;

carries Rebel works at Petersburg, 734. Dr. Franklin on, 513; King George employs, 513; Jack PARKER, JOEL, chosen Gov. of New Jersey, 254. son's use of, at New Orleans, 514; Gen. Hunter, Mr. PARSONS, GEN. M., killed at Pleasant Hill

, 544. Wickliffe of Ky., and Secretary Stanton on, 515-16: PATTON, COL: G. Š., at Wytheville and LewisGen. Phelps on, 517; Gen. Butler in response, on, 518; Gov. Andrew of Mass. raises three regiments of, 520;

burg, Va., 403; 404. they demand full pay, 520; Congress sanctions the PAUL, BRIG-GEN., wounded at Gettysburg, 388. claim of the 521; impressment of by the Confederate PAYNE, COL., 2d La., wounded at Port Hudson,

Government, 522; progress in raising, 526–7. NEILL, GEN., at Chancellorsville, 363.

PEA RIDGE, battle of, 27 to 32; losses at, 31.

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PEACE NEGOTIATIONS in Hampton roads, 675. POPE, GEN. JOHN, in Missouri, 26; flanks Island PEACE OVERTURES at Niagara and Richmond, No. 10, 54–5; captures New Madrid and Island No. 10,

55; 56; joins Halleck in Mississippi, 71; pursues PECK, GEN. JOHN J., repels Longstreet at Suf

Beauregard, 72 ; important letter intercepted by, 171;

commands the Army of Virginia, 172; address to the folk, Va., 367.

Army, 173; makes a diversion in favor of McClellan, PEGRAM, GEN., routed by Gillmore near Somer- 173; at Culpepper, 177; calls for rëenforcements, 178;

set, Ky., 427; wounded at the Wilderness, 568; killed his headquarters surprised, 178; moves toward Cenat Dabney's Mill, Va., 726.

terville, i82; his plans to overwhelm Jackson, 183; PELOUZE, MAJOR, severely wounded, 177.

tries to turn Jackson's flank, 183; his report of the

battle of second Bull Run, 185-6; appeals for rations, PEMBERTON, GEN. JOHN C., defeated at Cham

&c., 186; defeated at Gainesville by Lee and Jackson, pion Hills, 307; his defense and surrender of Vicks

187; his retreat, 188; his disasters, 189-90; on the burg, 310-16.

causes of his defeat, 192; is succeeded by Gen. McClelPENDER, BRIG.-GEN., at second Bull Run, 189; lan, 189.

wounded mortally at Gettysburg, 380; 387; 389. PORT CONWAY, Va., Kilpatrick crosses at, 394. PENNSYLVANIA RESERVES, at Gaines's Mill, 157; PORT GIBSON, Miss., Grant crosses near, 303;

in White Oak Swamp, 161–2; at second Bull Run, 189. battle of, 305. PENNSYLVANIA, invaded by Lee, 393.

PORT HUDSON, La., passed by Farragut, 329; PENSACOLA, retaken by Union forces, 459.

Banks invests, 331; assaults, 333-5; surrendered, 336. PERCZEL, COL., 10th Iowa, repulses Rebels at PORT REPUBLIC, Va., fights near, 137; 139. Iuka, 224.

PORTER, COL. P. A., killed at Cold Harbor, 582. PERRYVILLE, Ky., battle and map of, 219. PORTER, COL. (Rebel), killed at Hartsville, 447. PETERSBURG, Va., Lee's retreat from, 739. PORTER, GEN. FITZ JOHN, defeats Rebels at PETTIGREW, BRIG.-GEN., wounded at Gettysburg, Hanover 0. H., 141-2; commands at Gaines's Mill, 389; killed at Falling Waters, 393.

155-7; at Malvern Hill, 165; at Gainesville, 182–3-5-6; PHELPS, GEN. J. W., occupies Ship Island, 81; PORTER, ADMIRAL D. D., in attack on defenses

at Antietam, 208. issues proclamation in regard to Slavery, 82; on negro soldiership, 517.

of New Orleans, 83 ; 89; 97; at Vicksburg, 101; on the

Mississippi, 102; 104; passes the batteries of VicksPHILADELPHIA, East Tenn., fight at, 431.

burg, 301; attacks Grand Gulf, 302; sends gunboats up PHILLIPS, COL., killed at Donaldsonville, La., 338. the Yazoo, 310; occupies Pensacola, 459; captures PAILLIPS, COL. W. A., routs raiders under Stand- Fort de Russy, 537; his feet working down Red river, watie and Quantrell, at Fort Gibson, 454.

547-8; his estimate of losses--both sides-on the Red

river, 548; resunies the guard of the Mississippi, 551; PHILLIPS, GEN., charges at the Little Osage, 561. his cotton transactions in Alexandria censured, 551-2 PICKETT, GEN., at Gettysburg, 380 to 387; as- at Wilmington, N. C., 709. saults at Bachelor's creek, N. C., 533.

POSEY, GEN. (Rebel), killed at Centerville, 396. PIERCE, FRANKLIN, Ex-Prest., on the War, 496–9. Post, COL., wounded at Nashville, 686. PIKE, GEN. ALBERT, commands Indians at Pea Post OF ARKANSAS, taken by McClernand, 293. Ridge, 27-33.

Post's BRIGADE, at Nashville, Tenn., 686. PILLOW, GEN. GIDEON J., at Fort Donelson, 47-51. POTOMAC, scene of operations and importance of PINEVILLE, Mo., fight by Col. Catherwood at, 450. the, 171; the enemy's designs on the, 180; rëcrossed PITTSBURG LANDING, Tenn., battle of, 58 to 11;

by Jackson, 199; Lee's retreat to the, 391. positions of Union forces, 59; no intrenchments, 59-60; POTTER, HON. ELISHA R., of R. I., on the War the Rebel attack; Prentiss's division routed, 61-2; as affecting Slavery, 256. McClernand worsted, 63; Rebels repulsed by Webster's

PRAIRIE D'ANNE, Steele's battle at, 552. artillery, 65-6; Buell arrives, 67; second day's battle, 67, 68-9; extracts from Buell's report, 66; dispatches

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark., battle at, 38–41. from Beauregard, 66; 70; extracts from his report, 60; | PREBLE, COM'R GEO. H., deceived and disgusted, 67; 69; 70; losses sustained, 70; remarks of "An Im- 643. pressed New Yorker," 60, 69, 71.

PRENTISS, GEN. BENJ. M., 59; surprised at PittsPLEASANT GROVE, La., Gen. Emory stops the burg Landing, 61; captured, 62; allusions to, 64; 70; Rebels at, 541.

71; defends Helena, 320-21. PLEASANT HILL, La., Banks's battle at, 543–4.


654. PLEASANTON, GEN. A., at South Mountain, 196; fights and wins, 203; fights with Stuart, 369; at Get

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, account of the, 671–2. tysburg, 389; at Chancellorsville, 358; successful on PRESTON, COL., defeats Union levies under Gen.

the Rapidan, 394; his operations in Missouri, 559. Manson, at Richmond, Ky., 214; at Chickamauga, 422. PLYMOUTH, N. C., Wessells besieged by Hoke in, PRICE, GEN. STERLING, 26; abandons Missouri, 533-4.

27; at Pea Ridge, 28; wounded, 31; allusion to, 35; 67; POCOTALIGO, S. C., fight at, 463.

attacked by Rosecrans, 223-225; unites with Van Dorn, PoE, CAPT., Engineers, defends Knoxville against

225; his charge at Corinth, 227-9; at Prairie d'Anne,

522; his last Missouri raid, 557; threatens Jefferson Longstreet, 432.

City, 559; chased out of Missouri, 561. POLIGNAC, PRINCE, beaten by A. J. Smith, 551. PRINCE, GEN., taken prisoner, 179. POLITICAL MUTATIONS AND RESULTS IN 1864, 654. PRISONERS, exchanged, 272; retaliation, 525. POLITICAL OR CIVIL HISTORY OF 1863, 484. PRITCHARD, LT.-CQL., captures Jeff. Davis, 756. POLK, LEONIDAS, Bishop and Maj.-Gen., aban- PROCLAMATION, of Lee to Maryland, 193-4; of

dons Columbus, Ky., 54; allusion to, 60; at Stone Gen. Fremont, modified by order of the President, 239; River, 276; at Chickamauga, 415; at Kenesaw Moun- of Gen. Sherman to the people of South Carolina, 240; tain, 629; killed, 629.

of Gen. Burnside and Com. Goldsborough to those of POLLARD, EDWARD A., on battle of Pea Ridge,

Roanoke Island, 244; of President Lincoln emancipa30; 31; on Indians at, 34; on battle of Prairie Grove,

ting slaves, 253-5; of Gen. Dix, to the people of Vir41; on capture of Fort Donelson, 51 ; on mob at Nash

ginia east of Chesapeake bay, 241. ville, 53 ; on destruction of property at New Orleans PROCTOR'S CREEK, Ga., fight near, 634. by Rebels, 94; on evacuation of Manassas, 112; on PRYOR, BRIG.-GEN. ROGER A., on the battle of Jackson's force in the Valley, 114; on Rebel strength at Yorktown, 120; on burning of Columbia, S. C., 701, PULASKI, siege and capture of fort, 457.

Glendale, 563. on burning of Charleston, 702; on the evacuation of Richmond, 735.

PUMPKINVINE CREEK, Ga., fight at, 628.



near, 214.


RICHMOND, Ky., Kirby Smith routs Manson and

then Nelson at, 215. QUARLES, GEN., wounded at Franklin, Tenn., 683. RICHMOND, Va., siege of, raised, 168; operations QUEEN OF THE WEST, runs the Vicksburg bat- near, 173; demonstration made on, 394; Grant advances teries, 298.

on, 562; raid on, 565–6; Butler menaces, 575; Peace QUINBY'S DIVISION, at Champion Hills, 308; at overtures at, 665; fall of, 724; naval operations against, Vicksburg, 312.

726; evacuated and burned, 738; occupied by Union

forces, 738. R.

Richmond Whig, The, citation from, 30.

RICKETTS, GEN., advances to Culpepper, 175; is RACCOON FORD, Va., Rebels crossing at, 175. driven back by Longstreet near Hopewell Gap, 1899 at RAIDS, of J. E. B. Stuart, around McClellan's South Mountain, 197; at Antietam, 205.

army, 150; into Pennsylvania, 211; of Carter and RIKER, COL. J. L., killed at Fair Oaks, 1482
Wheeler, 283; of Streight and Dodge in Georgia, 285; RING, MAJ., charges at Stone River, 274.
of Stoneman, in Virginia, 365; of Forrest and John
Morgan, 270; of Grierson, 301-2; of Green, 338; of

RIOTS OF 1863 IN NEW YORK, 503–7. Stuart across the Rappahannock, 352; of Morgan into RIPLEY, BRIG.-GEN., at South Mountain, 196; Indiana and Ohio, 405; of Wheeler into East Tennessee, at Antietam, 206; is wounded, 210. 433; of Shelby into Missouri, 453 ; of Rebel-iron-clads RIPPEY, COL., 61st Pa., killed at Fair Oaks, 14.8. from Charleston, 465; on the Sam Gaty, 447; of Marmaduke in Missouri

, 446-8; of Coffee ať Pineville, 450; ROANOKE ISLAND, Burnside's attack on, 74-6. of Quantrell to Lawrence, 450; of Cabell in the Indian ROBERTS, COL. B. S. [afterward Gen.], refuses Territory and Missouri, 453; Price's last into Missouri, to become a traitor, 19. 557; of Kilpatrick and 'Dahlgren near Richmond, 565; of Wilson and Kantz to Burksville, 587; cavalry raid

ROBERTS, COL., 420 Ill., captures raiders, 271; to Grenada, Miss., 615; Morgan's last into Kentucky,

killed at Stone River, 274. 623; of Stoneman to Macon, 633; Davidson's and Grier- ROBERTSON, GEN., at Gaines's Mill, 156. son's, 695-6; Dana's raid in North Alabama, 695; of RODGERS, COM. JOHN, attacks Drewry's Bluff, Wilson through Central Alabama, 717; of Sheridan to

140-1; deals with a British blockade-runner, 472–3. Charlottesville and the James, 727; RAINS, GEN. JAMES E., killed at Stone River, 282. RODMAN, GEN. I. P., killed at Antietam, 209. RAM ALBEMARLE, destruction of the, 535.

ROGERS, COM'R GEO. W., killed at the assault on

Fort Wagner, 478.
RAMSEUR, COL., 49th N. C., wounded at Malvern ROGERSVILLE, Ky., Manson fights Kirby Smith

Hill, 166.
RAMSEUR, GEN., killed at Cedar Creek, 615.

ROSECRANS, GEN. WM. S., succeeds Buell in comRANDOLPH, EDMUND, on the Slave-Trade; 233.

mand of the Army of the Ohio, 222; he attacks Price's RANSOM'S BRIGADE, at the siege of Vicksburg, 311. army at luka, and forces him to retreat, 223-5; defeats RANSOM, GEN., wounded at Sabine Cross-roads,

Van Dorn at Corinth, 225–9; his winter campaign, 270; 539.

moves against Bragg to Stone River, 273; after four RANSOM, COL., 35th N. C., wounded at Malvern

days' hard fighting, Bragg retreats, 280 ; the numbers

engaged and losses, 280-2; commences liis Chattanooga Hill, 166.

campaign, 404; advances to Shelbyville, 409; captures RAPIDAN, Rebels crossing the, 171; guarded by from Bragg, 410; concentrates his forces, 413;, opening Gen. Buford, 175; Union troops cross the, 394; opera

of the battle of the Chickamauga, 415; the fight of tions on the, 393 to 402; Grant crosses the, 567.

Sept. 19th, 417; his dispositions for the 20th, 419; 425; RAPPAHANNOCK, THE, Rebel batteries across, 179;

his order making over command to Gen. Thomas, 427;

432; beyond the Mississippi in '64, 536; appointed to crossed by Jackson, 180; Lee's operations on the, 344;

the command of the department of Missouri, 550; arRussell's assault at the station, 397; Gens. Meade and

l'ests conspirators, 556; raises ten regiments and puts Buford cross the, 394; railroad destroyed by the Rebels

down an outbreak, 557; his official report, 558; his esrëbuilt, 398.

timate of Price's force in Missouri, 562. RAYMOND, Miss., McPherson's battle at, 305. REAGAN, JOHN H., captured at Irwinsville, 756. Ross, BRIG.-GEN. L. F., fails to reach the Yazoo,

via the Yazoo Pass and Tallahatchie, 297. REAMS'S STATION, Hancock's fight at, 593. ROUSSEAU, GEN. LOVELL H., at Perryville, 218; RED RIVER, rescue of gunboats on the, 549; 550; at Stone River, 274; in the Atlanta campaign, 631. capture and destruction of transports on the, 550 ; Suc

ROWAN, COM., succeeds Goldsborough in comcessful Rebel attack below Alexandria on the, 550.

mand of Burnside's fleet, and destroys Rebel guinREID, S. C., on the battle of Chickamauga, 424. boats, 76. RENCHER, Gov. ABRAHAM, of New Mexico, 21. Rowan, CAPT. (Navy), at Fort Wagner, 480. RENO, GEN. JESSE L., with Burnside, 73; in at- ROYALISTS OF '75 appealing to slaves for help,

tack on Newbern, 78; expedition of, to Elizabeth City, 79-80; rëenforces Gen. Pope, 178; cooperates with ROYALL, CAPT., 5th U. S. cavalry, attacked by Gen. Sigel, 179; is present at Gainesville, 183; covers Stuart, 150. the retreat at second Bull Run, 187; killed at South

RUFFIN, COL., 1st N. C., killed at Centerville, 396. Mountain, 198. RESACA, Ga., abandoned by Johnston, 626.

RUSSELL, GEN. D. A., assaults and carries Rap

pahannock station, 397; charges at the Wilderness, REVERE, COL., Mass., killed at Gettysburg, 388.

571; is killed at the Opequan, 610. REYNOLDS, GEN. JOHN F., at Gaines's Mill, 156; taken prisoner, 157; at Gainesville, 183; at second

S. Bull Run, 189; at Fredericksburg, 347; killed at Gettysburg, 377.

SABINE CROSS-ROADS, La., Union rout at, 539. RHODE ISLAND, State Election of, 1863, 486. SABINE PASS, La., Gen. Franklin's failure at, 339. RHODES, GEN., at South Mountain, 196; is SALOMON, GEN., 36; at Prairie Grove, 39.

wounded at Antietam, 210; at Gettysburg, 380 to 387; SANBORN, BRIG-GEN., at luka, 224; chases Price

at the Wilderness, 568-71. RICE, BRIG.-GEN. J. C., attacked by Kirby Smith

in Western Missouri, 561. at Jenkins's ferry, 553-4; killed at the Wilderness, 571. SAUNDERS, GEN. W. S., of Ky., is killed at KnoxRICHARDS, COL., 20th Ill., killed at Raymond, SAUNDERS, COL. H. S., in East Tennessee, 428.

Miss., 305.
RICHARDSON, GEN. ISRAEL B., at Malvern Hill, SAVAGE'S STATION, Va., fight at, 160.

165; at South Mountain, 198; nt Antietam, 207; killed, SAVANNAH, Ga., abandoned by Hardee to Sher208.



man, 695.



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SCALES, BRIG.-GEN., wounded at Gettysburg, 389. 574; begins his Atlanta campaign, 625; drives Jo. SCAMMON, COL., Ohio, defeated near Bull Run, 181.

Johnson from Dalton and Resaca, 626 to 627; from

Dallas and Marietta, 628; is repulsed at Kenesaw SCAMMON, GEN., captured in West Virginia, 599.

Mountain, 629; he repulses Hood's first attack near SOHENCK, MAJ.-GEN. ROBERT C., joins Milroy at Decatur, 631; makes a flank movement on Atlanta,

McDowell, Va., 133; at Cross-Keys, 139; at Gaines- 635; compels Hood to abandon Atlanta, 637; orders ville, 189; wounded at second Bull Run, 169.

the removal of the inhabitants from, 637-8; concenSCHOFIELD, GEN. JOHN M., organizes Missouri

trates for his great march, 689; his march from Atlanta

to Savannah, 639 to 692; captures Fort McAllister, militia, 35; 36; 37; succeeds Gen. Curtis, 447; in the

693; Savannah, 695; remiains a month at Savannah, Atlanta campaign, 626; fights Hood at Franklin, Tenn., 696; enters South Carolina, 697; his route from Savan

631-3; at Nashville, 6sõ; captures Wilmington, 715. nah to Goldsboro, 698; crosses the Edisto and CongaSCHURZ, GEN. CARL, at Gainesville, 183; at Chan- ree, 699; fall of Columbia, Charleston, and Fort Sumcellorsville, 357; at Wauhatchie, 436.

ter, 701, his order as to foraging, 703-4; advances to SCOTT, GEN. WINFIELD), consulted by Pope, 172;

Fayetteville, N. C., 705; fights IIardee at Averysboro',

706; Jo. Johnston at Bentonville, 707; reaches GoldsMr. Potter on his strategy, 256.

boro', 708; advances against Johnston at Smithfield, SCOTT, COL. J. S., routs Union cavalry, 213. 751; arrangement with Johnston at Smithfield, 752; SECESSIONVILLE, S. C., Gen. Wright repulsed in requires and constrains a surrender, 753: an attack on, 461.

SHERRILL, COL. ELIAKIM, 112th N. Y., wounded SEDGWICK, GEN. JOHN, at Malvern Hill, 165;

at Harper's Ferry, 200. at Antietam, 207; thrice badly wounded, 307; carries SHIELDS, GEN. JAMES, wounded, 114; on battle Marye's Heights, and assails Lee's rear at Chancellors

of Kernstown, 115; joins McDowell at Fredericksburg, ville, 363; at Gettysburg, 330–7; crosses the Rapidan, 566; killed in the Wilderness, 567–71.

136; ordered back to the Valley, 136; fails to intercept

Jackson, 137. SELMA, Ala., captured by Gen. Wilson, 719.

SHIP ISLAND, Occupied by Gen. Phelps, 82. SEMMES, GEN., killed at Gettysburg, 389.

SHREVEPORT, La., held by 25,000 men under SEMMES, CAPT. RAPHAEL, of the Alabama, 643.

Price, 538. SEVEN DAYS' BATTLES before Richmond, 153–69. •SIBLEY, GEN., his Indian campaign, 455. SEVEN PINES (or Fair Oaks), battle of, 141 to SIBLEY, GEN. H. F., organizes brigade for con149; losses sustained at, 148.

quest of New Mexico, 21; at Fort Bliss, 22; Valverde, SEWARD, HON. WILLIAM H., on the Slave-Trade, 22-3; Santa Fé, 24; abandons New Mexico, 25. 237; murderously assaulted by Payne, 750.

SICKLES, GEN. DANIEL E., at Fredericksburg, SEYMOUR, GEN. TRUMAN, at Gaines's Mill, 156; 347; at Chancellorsville, 361; worsted by Longstreet,

succeerls Gen. McCall, 163; commands at South Moun- 381; at Gettysburg, 380-57. tain, 198; operates in Florida, 529 ; defeated at Olus- SIEGES OF, Atlanta, 637; Beaufort, N. C., 73; 81; tee, 531; captured at the Wilderness, 569.

Charleston, 465–7; 529; Corinth, 226 to 231; Fort DarSEYMOUR, HORATIO, elected Gov. of New York, ling, 141; Fort Donelson, 47-50; Fort Fisher, 711; 713; 254; on the crisis, 499-500; addresses New York riot- Fort Gaines, 651; Fort Henry, 45; Fort Hindman, 292;

ers, 506; urges the President to suspend drafting, 507. Fort McAllister, Ga., 693; Fort Macon, N. C., 79; Fort SHACKLEFORD, GEN., routed at Jonesboro', Tenn.,

Morgan, 651 ; Fort Pillow, 56, 619; Pulaski, 457, Fort

Sanders, 432; Fort Sumter, 467-9; Fort Wagner, 477by W. E. Jones, 430.

81; Island Number Ten, 55; Knoxville, 431-2; Mobile, SHAEFFER, COL., killed at Stone River, 274.

649–50; Newbern, 77; Plymouth, N. C., 533; Port SHARPSBURG, near Antietam, fighting around, 208. Hudson, 318; 331-37; Savannah, 695; Vicksburg, 286– SHAW, COL. ROBERT G., 54th Mass., killed at Fort

318; Yorktown, 120-2. Wagner, 477.

SIGEL, GEN. FRANZ, retreats from Bentonville, SHELBY, GEN., raids into Missouri, 453; is worst- Ark., 27-8; at Pea Ridge, 28-31; succeeds Gen. Freed by Carr near St. Charles, 554; captures most of the

mont, 172'; on the Rappahannock, 179; in the fight at 54th Illinois, 555; pursues Éwing, 558.

Gainesville, 183; is defeated at Newmarket by BreckSHELBYVILLE (or Tullahoma), position' of Bragg's SILLINAN, COL., killed at Bloody Bridge, 533.

pinridge, 599; is superseded by Hunter, 600. army, 404; Rosecrans advances to, 410,

SILL, GEN. J. W., killed at Stone River, 274. 176; Sigel's movements in the, 179; enemy moving SIMMONS, COL., 5th Pa., mortally wounded, 162.

up the Valley of the, 180; Sheridan devastates, 611. SIMMSPORT, La., Banks's army marches to, 551. SHEPHERD, COL., badly cut up at Stone River, 276. SIMPSON, COL., N. J.., killed at Gaines's Mill

, 157. SHEPHERDSTOWN, Va., a fight at, 393.

SINCLAIR, COL. WM. T., wounded at FredericksSHEPLEY, GEN. G. F., Governor of Richmond, 738. burg, 347. SHERIDAN, GEN. PHILIP H., at Perryville, 218; SKIDDAWAY, S. C., abandoned by the Rebels, 460.

pushes the enemy to Nolensville, 271; ať Stone River, SLAUGHTER, GEN. J. E., routs Col. Barrett at 274; skirinishes with Forrest and Van Dorn, 234; at Brazos, on the Rio Grande, 757. Chickamanga, 421; at Mission Ridge, 438-442; at the SLAVERY IN WAR, 232 ; Patrick Henry, J. Q. Wilderness and Spottsylvania, 574; raids to Richmond, Adams, Edmund Randolph, and others on, 233-6; 574; succeeds Gen. Hunter, 707; defeats Early at the Joshua R. Giddings and Gov. Seward on, 237; Mr. Opequan, 609; devastates the Valley, 611; refeats Lincoln on, 237; the West Point conception of, 237; Early at Cedar Creek, 613–14; routs Early at Waynes- Gens. McDowell and McClellan on, 237-8; Gen. Butler boro', 727; attacked by Lee at Five Forks, 731; relieves declares slaves contraband of war, 23S; Gen. Cameron, Warren from command, 733; routs Pickett at Five Gen. Fremont, and President Lincoln on, 238–40; Gen. Forks, 733; heads off Lee's army, 743; at New Orleans, T. W. Sherman's assurance, 240; Gen. Wool's contra758.

band order, 240; Gens. Dix and Halleck on, 241; CamSHERMAN, GEN. T. W., issues a proclamation to

eron and Lincoln on, 243; Seward on, 243-4; Gen. the people of South Carolina, 240; has taken posses

Burnside's Roanoke Island proclamation, 244; Gens, sion of Edisto Island, 460..

McCook, Buell, and Doubleday on slave-hunting, 244-6;

Gen. Thomas Williams expels all fugitives, 246; Col. SHERMAN, GEN. War. T., 54; 58; at Pittsburg Paine of Wisconsin thereon, 246; Lt. Col. D. R. An

Landing, 61-69; assails the Yazoo Bluffs, near Vicks- thony thereon, 246; Gen. Hunter's order on, annulled burg, 291; at the capture of Fort Hindman, 293; feints by the President, 246-7; Gen. McClellan on, 248–9; on Haines's Bluff, 303; at the assault on Vicksburg, Mr. Greeley's letter to the President, and the response, 310; drives Johnston out of Jackson, Miss., 317; rëen- 249; Mr. Lincoln to the Emancipationists, 251; his forces Grant at Chattanooga, 437; his advance checked, Proclamation of Freedom, 253-5; Emancipation in 441; cooperates in driving Bragg from Lookout Moun- Congress, 256; army slave-catching prohibited, 257-8; tain, Chattanooga Valley, and Mission Ridge, 413; as- Slavery excluded from the Territories, 261; Mr. Trumsigned to the command of the Mississippi, Ohio, &c., bull on, 263; Slaye-Trade suppression, 267 ; Mr. Sum

ens, 559.

ner on, 269; the law of evidence, 269; Mr. Lincoln's last | STEELE, GEN. F., at Yazoo Bluffs, 289; at Fort message--Slavery abolished, 673.

Hindman, 293; at Vicksburg, 311; captures Little SLAVES, Rebel attempt to arm, 725.

Rock, 451-2; in Arkansas in 1864, 536; advances to SLIDELL, John, allusion to, 81.

Camden, 552; attacked at Jenkins's ferry, 553-4; SLOCUM, GEN. HENRY W., at Antietam, 207; at

storms Blakely, 723. Chancellorsville, 356 ; at Gettysburg, 380-7; with STEIN, COL., Ohio, killed at Stone River, 281. Sherman in his great march from Atlanta to Savan- STEIN, GEN., 27; killed at Prairie Grove, 40. nah, 689-695; threatens an advance on Augusta, 697; crosses the Edisto, 689; fights Hardee at Averysboro', STEVENS, GEN. ISAAC I., killed at Chantilly,

STEINWEHR'S DIVISION, at Wauhatchie, 436. 706; attacked by Jo. Johnston at Bentonville, 707. SMITH, GEN. GUSTAVUS W., 81; at Fair Oaks, STEVENSON, GEN., at Port Gibson, 305.

Va., 188-9. 143-5; disabled by paralysis, 145. SMITH, GEN. PRESTON, Killed at Chickamauga, 417. STEVENSON, Gen. T. G., killed at the WilderSMITH, GEN. E. KIRBY, invades Kentucky, 213; | STEWART, GEN., captured by Hancock, 572.

at Lawrenceburgh, 221; at Perryville, 221; attacks Steele at Jenkins's ferry, 553; his last General Order, STEWART, LT.-COL., at Van Buren, Ark., 447. 757; surrenders, 758.

ST. LOUIS, Rosecrans at, 556–8; Price threatSMITH, COL., 73d Ohio, at Wauhatchie, 436. SMITH, GEN. C. F., 45; at Fort Donelson, 49; STONEMAN, GEN. GEO. D., on the Peninsula,

STONE, COL., at Columbia, S. C., 700. at Clarksville, 53; death of, 58; allusion to, 60. SMITH, GEN. T. R., at Fort Hindman, 293.

122–7; 159; his orders, 353; his raid, 365; his disas

trous raid 'to Macon, 633-4; takes Kingsport, Tenn., SMITH, GEN. WM. Sovy, makes a failure, 617. and Abingdon, Va., 688; carries Salisbury, N. C., 689; SMITH, GEN. T. KILBY, at Vicksburg, 311.

destroys railroad, 751. SMITH, GEN. GILES A., at Vicksburg, 311; in STONE RIVER, or Murfreesboro', battle of, 273-9.

the Atlanta campaign, 632; crosses the Edisto, 619. STONE'S BATTERY, at Perryville, 21.9. SMITH, GEN. W. F., at Yorktown, 121; in Penin- STRAHL, GEN., killed at Franklin, Tenn., 683.

sula campaign, 122, at Antietam, 207; at Fredericks- STRANGE, COL. J. B., on battle of Glendale, 163.

burg, 346; at Cold Harbor, 580–2; at Petersburg, 585. STREIGHT, COL. A. D., 51st Ind., raids into GeorSMITH, GEN. MORGAN L., 69; wounded at Yazoo gia, 285; captured in the fight at Nashville, 685. Bluffs, 289.

STRONG, GEN., established on Morris Island, 475; SMITH, W. PRESCOTT, expedites movement of

assaults Fort Wagner and is killed, 477. troops, 433.

STUART, GEN. DAVID, at Pittsburg Landing, 53; SMITH, COL., 27th Ga., killed at Antietam, 210.

at Yazoo Bluffs, 289; at Fort Hindman, 293. SMITH, GEN. A. J., at Yazoo Bluffs, 290; at Fort STUART, GEN. J. E. B., raids around McClellan's Hindman, 293; at Vicksburg, 315; takes Fort de Rus

army, 150; his report, 189; at South Mountain, 196; sy, 537; fights at Mansura, 551 ; defeats Polignac at

fights Pleasanton, 369, at Gettysburg; 389; at CenterYellow Bayou, 551; routs Marmaduke near Columbia,

ville, 395; at Chickamauga, 422; mortally wounded at Ark., 551; ordered to St. Louis, 557; aids to drive

Yellow Tavern, Va., 574. Price out of Missouri, 559 to 562; at Nashville under STURGIS, LT.-COL., at Port Gibson, Miss., 305. Thomas, 562; helps defeat Hood, '684; rejoins Canby, STURGIS, MAJ.-GEN. S. D., rëenforces Pope, 179; and helps reduce Mobile, 721.

at Alexandria, 179; is routed at Guntown, 621–2. SNICKER'S GAP, occupied by Lee's army, 212.

SULLIVAN, GEN. J. C., at Iuka, 224; routs ForSOLDIERS' VOTE, 224; for President, 672.

rest, 282, SOMERSET, Ky., Gillmore routs Pegram, 427.

SUMNER, HON. CHAS., on holding slaves in naSOULÉ, Hon. PIERRE, 98; banished, 100.

tional vessels, and on excluding witnesses because of

color, 269. South MOUNTAIN, Md., battle of, 195-7.

SUMNER, GEN. EDWIN V., 108; at Williamsburg, SPALDING, COL., 12th Tenn. Cavalry, at Nash- Va., 122-5; at Fair Oaks, 144–7; on the battle of Glenville, 686.

dale, 163 ; at Malvern Hill, 165; rëenforces Pope, SPANISH FORT, Mobile, besieged and taken, 722.

187–190; at Antietam, 207; at Fredericksburg, 344. SPINOLA, BRIG.-GEN. F. B., wounded at Manassas SUMTER, bombardment of Fort, 467-9; DahlGap, 393; relieved from command, 564.

gren's attack on, 481; restored to the Union , 747.

SWAMP ANGEL, opens on Charleston, 479. SPOONER, COL., 83d Ind., at Vicksburg, 310.

SWINTON, WILLIAM, on Dupont's attack on Fort SPOTTSYLVANIA C. H., Va., fighting at, 572-5.

Sumter, 467-9. SPRINGFIELD, Ark., attacked by Marmaduke, 446. SYKES, GEN., at Gaines's Mill, 155; at South STAFFORD, BRIG.-GEN., killed at the Wilderness, Mountain, 198; at Chancellorsville, 356; at Gettys

burg, 381–7; is relieved from command, 564. STAHL, GEN. JULIUS, in fight at Cross-Keys, 138.

T. STANLEY, MAJ.-GEN. D. A., at Iuka, 223–4; at

tacks Morgan, 271; charges into Franklin, 272; wound- TALIAFERRO, GEN., at Cedar Mountain, 177; ed at Franklin, Tenn., 683.

wounded, 182. STANNARD, BRIG.-GEN., of Vermont, wounded at TANEY, ROGER B. (Chief-Justice), death of, 671. Gettysburg, 388.

TATTNALL, COM., destroys the Merrimac, 128. STANTON, EDWIN M., appointed Secretary of War, TAYLOR, GEN. DICK, at Cross-Keys, 138; 81 ; 82; 108; 136; to McClellan, after battle of Fair

Port Republic, 139; captures Brashear City, La., 337; Oaks, 149-150; to McClellan, about Jackson's move- defeats Washburne, near Opelousas, 340-1; in Alabama, ments, 151-2.

721 ; surrenders to Gen. Canby, 754. STARK, GEN., killed at Antietam, 206.

TAYLOR, GEN. GEO. W., at Gaines's Mill, 156; is STARKWEATHER, GEN., at Perryville, 219.

defeated by Jackson at Bull Run, 181. STATE AUTHORITY OVER MILITIA, 488.

TAYLOR, COL., Pa. Bucktails, killed at GettysSTATE ELECTIONS, 486; account of, 508–10; the TECUMSEH, THE, destroyed by a torpedo, 651.

burg, 388. October, of 1864, 671-3. ST. CHARLES, Ark., Carr fights Shelby at, 554.

TENNESSEE, the war in, 212; Bragg's army in, STEEDMAN, CAPT., naval expedition, 459.

221; Gen.' Grant in command of West, 222; Middle

and East, 404; Buckner abandons East, 429; LongSTEEDMAN, GEN. J. B., at Chickamauga, 422; at street's operations against Burnside in East, 431–2; Nashville, 686.

Hood invades, 677; is driven out by Thomas, 677-87.




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