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National Geographic Monographs

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Published monthly during the school year

Now Ready

By JOHN W. POWELL, Late Director U. S. Geological Survey.

By ISRAEL C. RUSSELL, University of Michigan.
Annual Subscription-ten Monographs-payable in advance

$1.50 Annual Subscription--five copies of each to one address-payable in advance Single Monographs

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PUBLISHERS, 23 Murray and 27 Warren Sts.,


The past year bearers of university degrees from eighty. one American and Foreign universities, colleges, and professional schools have pursued professional and other advanced studies in Boston University. Its 1269 matriculants came from twenty Foreign, and from thirty-six American States and Territories. To students of literature, philosophy, science, law, medicine, theology, Boston offers many advantages found in no other city. The university has 120 Professors and Leeturers. For free circulars and information respecting the Free Scholarships, address the Registrar, 19 Somerset Street, Boston, Xası,

Copies sent by mail on receipt of price.
Pleaso mention “ Education" in oorresponding with advertrøern.

Covers the Whole Ground



History of Pedagogy
Lectures on Pedagogy

Psychology Applied to Education Harvard University, in its new course of Pedagogy uses Compayre's Lectures for pupils' work, following it with Rousseau's Emile. "Fifty pages that should be bound iu vellum and gold," says Voltaire of the latter work. Munroe's Educational Ideal, a concise and well-proportioned view of the historical development of educational principles.

For Kindergartners: Pestalozzi's Leonard and Gertrude, Peabody's Lectures, Herford's Stu. dent's Frebel, Richter's Levana.

For all Educators: Newsholme's School Hygiene and the most comprehensive list of Herbartian Literature Published in America.

Removed to
110 Boylston Street, Boston.

D. C. HEATH & CO.,


JUNE, 1895.
EDUCATION is not published during July and August.
The index for volume XV. will appear in the September number.

We wish to call the attention of our readers to Frank Hegger's Carbon Photographs of European Cathedrals, Castles, Abbeys, Arches and Statuary. The size is 36 x 48 inches and each one is a fine piece of work. They are specially fitted to grace libraries and halls. We advise our readers to call on, or address him at 152 Broadway, New York City.


Dr. William T. Harris promises us an article for September EDUCA

We cannot announce the title, but it will be a notable paper. Henry D. Sheldon will give a comprehensive and compact survey of The Evolution of the Indian School System”; Lewis V. Price, Brockton, will vigorously discuss "Moral Education"; Dr. Peter T. Austen of Brooklyn, N. Y., will carefully consider" Memorizing"; Helen L. Cary, Malden, will keenly analyze “ Some Friends of Mine in Books ” ; Hyland C. Kirk, Phelps, N. Y., will tells us what he regards as “ The Most Valuable History." These, with other articles and the editorial and other departments, will make up a number of exceptional value.

Our New Books Published in 1894.

Wells' New Plane and Solid Geometry.

Gregory's Goldsmith's Traveller and Deserted Wells' Syllabus of Plane and Solid Geometry.

Village. McCurdy's Exercise Book in Algebra.

McCauley's Tennyson's Elaine. Cleveland's Beginners' Readers, Nos. I., II., III.

Bates's Comedy of the Merchant of Venice. Rupert's Geographical Reader.

Selections from the Letters of the Younger

Pliny. Mead's Elementary Composition and Rhetoric.

Graves's Philoctetes of Sophocles. Painter's Introduction to English Literature.

Tilden's Grammar School Geography. Thomas's Selections from Washington Irving.

Hill's Educational System of Penmanship. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.


Pieaso mention " Education' in corresponding Ila a uvure.

The teacher's and minister's ideal vacation ground is quiet, peaceful, healthful, beautiful Nova Scotia. Last year we had a delightful time and acquired much helpful experience and information in connection with our personally conducted party composed of over twenty ministers and teachers, with whom, in delightful fellowship, we climbed old Blomidon, sailed the picturesque Basin of Minas and rested in the romantic valley of the Gaspereau. We became acquainted with the routes and the accommodating officials of the railway and steamship companies, and acquired valuable information as to hotels and boarding houses. If you think of going to Nova Scotia next summer it would be well to communicate with us. We shall organize two parties during vacation, in connection with which you can go more cheaply and far more pleasantly than alone. Our trips this


will include one giving the tourists a week in the beautiful Evangeline valley, with headquarters at Wolfville, whence a side trip can be made to Parrsboro, across the basin of Minas. Another week will be spent chiefly in touring, taking in Halifax, Digby and Annapolis, with a side trip, if desired, to St. John. This party will leave Boston immediately after the schools close, returning before the great Christian Endeavor Convention in Boston, in July. Another party, July 18 to Aug. 13, only $59.00. Write for prospectus to associate editor of EDUCATION.


European Catbedrals, OF. Castles, Abbeys,

Arches and Statuary. Especially interesting to Normal Schools, Art

Schools and Universities.

SIZE 36 X 48. In presenting these inalterable Carbon Photographs upon the ample scale of three feet by four, my object has been to produce them with the highest attainable degree of perfection, both in execution and in the dimensions necessary to render them of the utmost utility to the student, the scholar and the art lover, for the intrinsically noble artistic qualities that the originals possess.

These Photographs are published in three sizes and are exceptionally suitable for the library, hall or stair case.



Published April, 1895.

A New Mental Arithmetic.

By William F. Bradbury, author of Bradbury's Series of Arithmetics.

Cloth, 174 Pages. Price, 30 cents. This book is for use of pupils in grammar schools, to be used side by side with the regular text book in Written Arithmetic. It presents the best modern method of teaching Mental Arithmetic in the grammar school grades.

Copy sent for examination on receipt of 15 cents. Address THOMPSON, BROWN & CO., Publishers,

23 Hawley Street, Boston; or, 106 Wabash Ave., Chicago.
Please mention “ Education" iu corresponding with advertisers.

One of the most beautiful books of summer travel ever issued is that just out, entitled “Beautiful Nova Scotia," published by the Yarmouth Steamship Company. Outside, the delicate blue cover is outlined in white with gold letters and a spray of golden rod in colors across the picture of a farmhouse in Arcadia. Inside, there are thirty exquisite half-tone engravings, most of them full page, and fifty-eight pages of beautifully printed text describing the many beautiful and too-little-known regions in Nova Scotia, with the best ways of reaching them. The Yarmouth Steamship ('ompany does nothing by halves, and in issuing books as in providing for the comfort of passengers it spares neither trouble or expense. “Beautiful Nova Scotia" can be had by sending the necessary postage (10 cents) to Mr. J. F. Spinney, 43 Lewis Wharf, Boston.

EXCURSIONS TO DENVER AND BEYOND. Teachers and all others interested in the meeting of the National Educational Association, at Denver, in July, will be pleased to read the announcement of the proposed excursion, arranged by Messrs. Raymond & Whitcomb, for those who attend from New England. Three separate dates of departure are announced, the route westward being on the Boston & Albany Railroad, and its direct connections. Visits will be made by each party to Niagara Falls, Chicago and attractive points in Colorado. A choice of routes is given returning. For persons who can take time for a more extended tour, excursions to Utah, the Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, etc., have been planned. The trip to Alaska will be made in an elegant steamer, especiallly engaged for the teachers and their friends. All these tours are offered at surprisingly low figures, and such opportunities for unexpensive trips do not often occur. As Messrs. Raymond & Whitcomb will attend to the (luties of the several tours, everything in connection therewith will be well arranged. (See advertisement on outside cover.)

VACANCIES POR 1893-1896.

We have on our books 1600 vacant positions to be filled during the next two months.
The places range somewhat as follows:


HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALSHIPS, 16 positions above $2000

2 positions above $2000


6 positions between $1500 and $2000 24 positions between $1500 and $2000


10 positions between $1200 and $1500 60 positions between $1200 and $1500


12 positions between $1000 and $1200 SUPERINTENDENCIES,

HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALSHIPS, 140 positions below $1000

70 positions below $1000 For higli school assistants we have a large number of positions in almost every state.

Grammar, Intermediate and Primary teachers we can place almost without limit as to number. In these departments we always have many times as many positions as teachers registered. We can place every good teacher who registers, in a desirable position.

We also need Public School Teachers of Music, Drawing, Penmanship and Kindergarten work. Teachers who can combine two or more specialties find it easy to secure large salaries.

Professors and teachers of special branches are especially in demand through our agency. We have a large number of excellent positions in Latin, Mathematics, Literature, History, German, French, Sciences, etc., etc.

Send at once for our circulars and large manual showing the work we have done during the past ten years. We are confident we can be of service to every successful teacher. Address,

Teachers' Co-operative Association,

6034 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago.

Please mention “ Education" in corresponding with advertisers.

Discontinuances. Subscribers wishing their magazine stopped at the expira

tion of their subscription, should notify us to that effect two weeks before the first of the month in which the subscription ends, otherwise we shall consider it is their wish to have it continued. Magazines are sent until ordered stopped and

all arrearages paid. Receipts.-We do not send receipts for subscriptions unless the reqnest is ac

companied with stamp. The changed date on your label (within at least the second month after) will indicate that the remittance was received. Sub

scribers should promptly inform us of any error in their date. Changes of Address. When a change of address is ordered, both the new and

the old address must be given, and notice sent three weeks before the change is desired.

The author of "Preston Papers" has become editor of the Teachers' Magazine in New York City, called New EDUCATION. To anyone sending us a new subscription to EDUCATION at full rates, we will send the New EDUCATION a year free. It will be full of bright, helpful suggestions. Try it.

Children's Day has a warm place in the hearts of old and young. Verses are being written and set to appropriate music to be sung on this glad day. A blind youth of Chelsea, Clement Ryder, is publishing some excellent music for use on this occasion. Those interested in the day, in good music and in the deserving blind, will address The Ryder Music Publishing Co., Chelsea, Mass.

People do not discover until too late, that the so called washing powders not only eat up their clothes, but ruin their skin, and cause rheumatism. Use nothing but Dobbins' Electric Soap. Have your grocer keep it.



This extremely simple invention enables any one to take
200 copies from one original — writing or typewriting.

Prices in hardwood cabinet

Original written on ordinary $3.00 each and upward, ac

paper with ordinary pen. cording to size. Guaranteed to give satisfaction.

Sent on one week's trial.


CAUTION.— The public is cautioned against worthless imitations made by irresponsible concerns. Suit is now pending against several such infringers.

We are the sole owners of U. S. Patents: 412,635 and 427,518.


96, 98, 100, 102 Church Street, New York.

Please mention “ Education" in corresponding with advertisors.

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