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ashore on Long Island Beach. The mails and passengers are safely landed, but the steamer is lost.

July 17.- An insurrection breaks out at Madrid, and the people erect barricades over all parts of the city.

July 17. The first party sent out under the auspices of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society leave Boston for the Territory of Kanzas.

July 18. A fearful hurricane prevails at Davenport, Illinois, causing large destruction of life and property.

July 19. The insurrection at Madrid triumphs, and the Rivas Ministry resign. July 22.-A new planet is discovered by Mr. Hind, from the Observatory at Regent's Park, London.

July 24.The American fishing vessel, Ellen Morrill, is captured and carried into Bathurst by an English cruiser.

July 27.- Cholera breaks out in the Massachusetts State Prison, at Charlestown. Over seventy conviets are attacked, but only one dies.

July 29.

Espartero enters Madrid, and is received with great enthusiasm. July 30.A very destructive fire occurs at Jersey City, N. J., destroying more than thirty factories and houses, and property to a large amount.

July 31.-The defenders of the barricades at Madrid, three thousand in number, defile before the Queen's palace, her Majesty appearing on the balcony with the King on one side and Espartero on the other.

Aug. 1.-The yellow fever becomes epidemic in New Orleans. The number of deaths up to Nov. 12, when it disappears, is 2,441. In Savannah there are 600 deaths from the same disease.

Aug. 3.-Col. Loring, a Receiver of Public Moneys at Benicia, Cal., is murdered at the St. Nicholas Hotel, N. Y., by Dr. Graham of New Orleans.

Aug. 4-A severe battle takes place between the Chippewa and Sioux Indians. Aug. 4.- President Pierce vetoes the River and Harbor Bill.

Aug. 7. A severe and bloody riot occurs at St. Louis, Mo., between the Irish and Americans, continuing for forty-eight hours, and resulting in the death of ten persons and the severe injury of thirty more.

Aug 7.-The Turks enter Bucharest, evacuated by the Russians.

Aug. 10.-At Innspruck, the king of Saxony is killed from a fracture of the skull, sustained by being thrown from his carriage.

Aug. 10. A great fire occurs at Varna, consuming one hundred and eighty houses, and destroying vast quantities of stores belonging to the allied army.

Aug. 10.-A violent tornado sweeps along the track of the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad, between Bedford and Macedonia, covering the track with large uprooted trees, and causing great obstruction to the trains upon the road. Aug. 13. A powder magazine, at Marysville, Ky., containing eight hundred kegs of powder, is fired, and the explosion causes the entire destruction of thirteen houses, involving a large loss of property.

Aug. 16. The evacuation of the Principalities by the Russians continues. Aug. 16.-The Russians blow up the fortifications at Hango, in sight of the Allied Fleets.

Aug. 16. -The final conquest of the Bomarsund forts, situated on the largest of the Aland Islands, accompanied by the capture of two thousand Russian prisoners, is accomplished by the Allied Fleets in the Baltic.

Aug. 18. The Austrian troops receive orders to enter Wallachia and commence crossing the frontier at Turnu-Severin.

Aug. 19.-Grisi and Mario, the two most renowned lyric artists of the Old World, arrive at New York.

Aug. 24 - Captain Hollins, of the Cyane, is arrested in New York, at the suit of Calvin Durand, for the destruction of his property at Greytown. Damages laid at $10,000.

Aug. 25.-Omar Pacha enters Bucharest with 25,000 men and thirty guns. Aug. 25.-The town of Damariscotta, Me., is almost entirely destroyed by fire, involving a large loss of property.

Aug. 25.A very destructive fire visits the city of Troy, N. Y., consuming more than one hundred houses and manufactories.

Aug. 25. -A great conflagration occurs at Milwaukee, Wis., destroying a considerable portion of the town.

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Aug. 27. - A terrific tornado visits the city of Louisville, Ky., blowing down and unroofing a large number of buildings. The Fourth Presbyterian Church is

demolished, and, falling upon the congregation while at worship, twenty-five persons are instantly killed, and sixty-seven more seriously injured.

Aug. 28. Doña Maria Christina, the queen mother, leaves Madrid for Portugal, under escort of a body of government troops, but against the will of the people. She was indebted to the state 71,000,000 reals.


Page 90.-S. P. Bell is Machinist in the Patent-Office. Page 92. - Jacob Sorber is Postmaster at Wilkesbarre, Pa.; Thomas M. Pegues, at Camden, S. C.; and Fairman F. Taber, at Natchitoches, La. Page 95.-Jacob C. Martin is Receiver at Little Rock, Ark., vice B. F. Danley.

Page 99. Albert Greenleaf is Navy Pension Agent at Washington, D. C., vice A. G. Allen.

Page 116. - James B. Bowlin is Minister Resident in New Granada, vice James S. Green. Page 117. George B. Merwin is Consul at Valparaiso, vice Reuben Wood; John Priest, at San Juan del Sud, vice Loomis L. White. Page 181.- David S. Reid is elected Senator from North Carolina. Pages 182-186.- Edmundson is from the 12th District of Virginia; Letcher from the 9th; Zedekiah Kidwell from the 10th; and Lewis from the 11th, vice Snodgrass, deceased. Nathaniel G. Taylor is the member from the 1st District of Tennessee, and F. M. Bristow from the 3d District of Kentucky. Columbia Lancaster is the Delegate from Washington Territory, and J. W. Whitfield from Kansas.

Page 192. The time of meeting of the Rhode Island Legislature at Providence is the last Tuesday in May, and at Newport by adjournment from Providence. The Legislature of Florida now meets on the 4th Monday in November. The latest and present capital of California is Sacramento, and not Benicia.

Page 193.- Edward J. Steptoe is Governor of Utah, vice Brigham Young, and Mark W. Izard is Governor of Nebraska, vice Lacompte.

Page 231.-George Marston is Judge of Probate for Barnstable, vice Nymphas Marston, and Simeon N. Small is Register.

Page 267.-S. J. Persons is Judge of the Superior Court of North Carolina, vice Thomas Settle. Romulus M. Saunders has resigned his judgeship. Page 268. — James H. Adams, of Richland District, is Governor of South Carolina, and R. de Treville, of Beaufort, is Lieutenant-Governor.

Page 288.. Grant Green is Secretary of State of Kentucky, salary $1,000; Andrew M'Kinley is Register of the Land-Office; Edward Hensley is Librarian; the residence of John D. Matthews is Lexington, and his salary $1,000. The pay of the clerks of the Senate and House is $10 per day. Thomas M. Marshall is Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals, and Henry F. Stites, of Hopkinsville, is Judge, and the salary of the judges of this court is $2,000 each. The salary of the Chancellor of Louisville Court and of the Judges of the Circuit Court is $ 1,800 each. Collins D. Bradley, of Cadiz, is Judge of the 2d Circuit, vice Stites, made Judge of the Court of Appeals.

Page 307. S. G. McAchran, of Davis Co., is President of the Senate of Iowa, and Philip P. Bradley, Secretary; P. G. Bryan, of Warren, is Speaker of the House, and Carpenter, of Linn Co., is Clerk.

Page 311.-Charles H. Bryan, of Marysville, is appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of California, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Judge Wells.

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