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Francis R. Chase,
George C. Williams,
E. A. Hibbard,

of Portsmouth, Commissary-General.

of Northfield,

Amos Hadley,
James Goodrich,
Asa P. Cate,
Stephen W. Dearborn, of Exeter,
Benjamin H. Plaisted, of Jefferson,
Geo. F. Starkweather, of Keene,
Henry F. Wendell, of Portsmouth,
John G. Sinclair, of Bethlehem,

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of Lancaster,
of Lancaster,

of Meredith,
of Concord,

Speaker of the House, $2.50 per day.
Clerk of the Senate,
Clerk of the House,
State Printer.


Railroad Commissioners.


Bank Commissioners.

Executive Council.


{ Rockingham and part} Edson Hill, of Concord.
Strafford, Belknap, and Abel Haley, of Tuftonboro'.
Hillsborough and part
of Merrimack,
Cheshire and Sullivan,
Grafton and Coos,


Samuel Smith, of Mason.

Daniel M. Smith, of Lempster.
Thomas Merrill, of Enfield.


The Supreme Court consists at present of a chief justice and three associate justices. At the session of the Legislature in June, 1851, provision was made for appointing four circuit justices of the Common Pleas. Two only are appointed now. If a vacancy, other than in the office of the chief justice, occurs in the Superior Court, it is not to be filled, but an additional circuit justice of the Common Pleas is to be appointed, until the whole number of four is filled up, and after that the Superior Court will consist of the chief justice and two associate justices, any two of whom will be a quorum. Two terms of the Superior Court are held annually at Concord, on the 2d Tuesdays of July and December, for the hearing and determining of questions of law and petitions for divorce, from all the counties in the State. This court is also vested with chancery powers. At the trial of capital cases two justices of the Superior Court, or one justice of the Superior Court and one circuit justice, are required to be present.

The judges of the Superior Court of Judicature are, ex officio, judges of the Court of Common Pleas. This court, before whom all actions for the recovery of debts, enforcement of contracts, &c., and all jury trials are brought, consists of one of the justices of the Superior Court, or one of the circuit justices of the Court of Common Pleas, and of the two county justices, who are generally appointed from among the yeomanry, whose principal duty it is to attend to the ordinary business of the county, expenses, &c. Terms of the Common Pleas are held semiannually in each county. Grafton County is divided into two judicial districts, and terms are held sémiannually, in each district.

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[From Treasurer's Report, June 1, 1854.]
Chief Sources of Income.
$61,590.36 Miscellaneous,

Railroad tax for 1853,

Civil commissions (fees),


Total receipts,

State tax for 1853, and previous years, 69,997.56

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$ 138,751.11

Principal Items of Expenditure.




Salaries, Executive, Judiciary, &c. $ 24,787.48) Education of blind, 21,340.70 N. H. Reports, 5,881.14 Railroad tax div'ds paid to towns,. 31,169.62 1,108.70 State debt and interest, 2,004.02 Legislative resolves, Miscellaneous account,




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State printers,
Publishing laws,

N. H. Asylum for indigent insane,
American Asylum, — Education of

deaf and dumb,


Total expenditures for the year ending June 1, 1854,
Total receipts for the same period,

Balance in the Treasury, June 1, 1854,

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State of the Treasury, June 1, 1854.

Total indebtedness, June 1, 1854, .
Deduct available funds, viz. Cash in Treasury and Taxes outstanding,

Amount of indebtedness above available funds,

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Carroll. - Benj. M. Mason, of Wolfborough.
Merrimack. - George S. Barnes, of Concord.

Banks.-The condition of the banks, on the first Monday in June, 1854, was as follows: -Capital actually paid in, $3,415,000; real estate, $43,518.47; debts due the banks, $6,681,917.87; specie, $176,081.75; bills of other banks, $ 105,716.20; deposits, $902,879.49; deposits in other banks for the redemption of bills, $629,459.27; circulation, $3,011,190.00. The whole number of banks in the State is thirty-two. There were also sixteen savings banks; deposits, $3,222,261.52; total means, $3,348,326.93.

Whole number of school districts reported,

Number of scholars above 4 years of age attending school

not less than two weeks,
Number of scholars in the winter schools,
Average attendance in the winter schools,
Number of scholars in the summer schools,
Average attendance in the summer schools,
Average length of the winter schools in weeks,
Average length of the summer schools in weeks,
Average monthly wages of male teachers, exclusive of

Common Schools.

The present school law is in the eighth year of its existence. At the June session (1850) of the Legislature, the office of School Commissioner was abolished, and County School Commissioners were created, to constitute the Board of Education. The Commissioners are, — Rockingham.-H. Webster, of Portsmouth. Hillsborough.-J. M.Campbell, of Manchester. Strafford. Thos. J. Greenwood, of Dover Cheshire. Harvey Carleton, of Chesterfield. Belknap.-King S. Hall, of Meredith, Secre- Sullivan. — Geo. H. Hubbard, of Washington, tary. Grafton. John S. Woodman, of Hanover, Chairman.

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Coos.-D. W. Bowe, of Lancaster.

The returns for the years ending May 20, 1852, May 24, 1853, and May 1854, give the following statistics, to wit:


Average monthly wages of female teachers, exclusive of board,

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$71,424.60 30,429.21 $40,995.39

$ 15.68















1,080 $150,527.76 $163,106.44 $166,973.88



12,376.68 10,319.53

8,559.67 8,584.07

Amount of literary fund,

Amount raised for the Teachers' Institute, about
Whole amount raised for the district schools during

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the year,

189,925.79 205,402.60 212,324.00 10,860.33 15,476.81 6,921.40

Increase above the previous year,

In 1854 there were 2,669 children between 4 and 14 years of age not attending school anywhere; 428 between 14 and 21 who can neither read nor write. There were 70 school-houses built during the year. The number of incorporated academies is 46; $23,494.30 are paid for tuition in academies and private schools.

1852. 1853. 1854. $13,005.00 $ 15,630.00 $16,435.79 4,050.00

State Prison, Concord, for the year ending May 31, 1854.-Gideon Webster, Warden, salary $800; Rev. Eleazer Smith, Chaplain; William Prescott, M. D., Physician. Whole number of convicts in prison, June 1, 1853, 109. Received since, 28. Whole number, 137. There have been discharged during the year, by expiration of sentence, 13; by pardons, 13; death, 6;= 32. Leaving in prison, May 31, 1854, 105. Of those remaining in prison, 101 are males, and 4 are females. 36 convicts are employed in the cabinet shop; 32 in the shoe shop; 21 in the machine shop; the 4 females are employed in sewing. The expenditures for the year were $ 6,794.63; the receipts and earnings were $10,156.26; excess of expenses over income, $3,361.63. The prison library consists of about 770 volumes.

New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, Concord. -John E. Tyler, Superintendent. Since the opening of the asylum, in 1843, there have been admitted, to June 1, 1854, 1,199 patients; 161 now remain in the institution. Of these, 77 are males and 84 females. The number of patients admitted during the past year was 141, 72 males and 69 females. 123 were discharged during the year. Of these, 63 (34 males and 29 females) had recovered; 24 (14 males and 10 females) had partially recovered; 22 (12 males and 10 females) were not relieved; and 14 (7 males and 7 females) died. Causes assigned for the insanity of some of those admitted during the year: - ill-health, 28; exposure and excesses, 12; masturbation, 18; domestic trouble, 13; pecuniary difficulties, 2; political excitement, 1; intemperance, 12; religious, 6. Of the 141 received, all but 16 were residents of the State. Receipts during the year, $21,446.31; expenses, $20,947.17; excess of receipts, $499.14.

State Reform School. - Nothing has been done since last year towards the establishment and erection of the school.


Government for the Year ending October, 1855.

of Berkshire,

Governor (term ends Oct.,

of Cavendish,
of Northfield,
of Montpelier,
of Rutland,


Lieut.-Gov. & Pres. Sen., $4 a day
Secretary of State,
Sec. Civil and Military Affairs, 225


500 250

$4 a day.


Ryland Fletcher,
H. M. Bates,
Daniel P. Thompson,
C. H. Hayden,
William M. Pingrey, of Weathersfield, Auditor of Accounts,

Joseph H. Barrett, of Middlebury,

George W. Grandey, of Vergennes,

James M. Slade,

of Middlebury,
F. F. Hovey, of Montpelier,
Hiram Harlow,
of Windsor,
L. S. Partridge, of Norwich,
P. D. Bradford, of Randolph,
Daniel Roberts, of Manchester,
The Senate was established in 1836.

Secretary of the Senate,
Speaker of the House,
Clerk of the House,
State Librarian,
Superintendent of State Prison,
Adjutant and Insp.-General,
Commissioner of the Insane.
Bank Commissioner.

The House of Representatives is




composed of about 230 members, one member from each town. Pay of the members of each house, $2.00 a day during the session of the Legislature. JUDICIARY.

The Supreme Court consists of three judges, and holds its stated sessions in each county, once each year, with an additional term, each year, in each judicial circuit, at such time and in such county as the court shall direct.

For the trial of cases in the County Courts (Court of Common Pleas) the State is divided into four judicial circuits. The first circuit includes the counties of Bennington, Rutland, and Addison; second circuit, Windham, Windsor, and Orange; third circuit, Chittenden, Franklin, Lamoille, and Grand Isle; fourth circuit, Washington, Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex. The County Court is composed of a circuit judge, who is appointed by the Legislature, and two assistant judges, in each county, who are elected by the people. The salary of each judge of the Supreme Court and each circuit judge is $1,375 per annum, and the assistant judges receive a per diem allowance. The salary of the reporter is $ 450.

The Court of Chancery has two stated sessions annually, in each county, and is always in session, except for the final hearing of a cause. An appeal from the decree of the Chancellor lies to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court. of Windsor, of Bennington, of Burlington, of Cavendish,

Isaac F. Redfield,
Pierrepoint Isham,
Milo L. Bennett,
John F. Deane,

Circuit Judge.
Assistant Judges.

First Circuit. Robert Pierpont, of Rutland,

William Harris,
Emery Wheelock,

County Courts.

Gardner Winslow,

Barnabas Deane,

Chief Judge,
Associate Judge,


Bennington County.

Rutland County.

Dennis J. George,
John S. Pettibone,
Samuel H. Kellogg,
B. F. Langdon,
Joseph Hayward,
Roswell Bottom, Jr.
Second Circuit. Abel Underwood, of New-Fourth Circuit. Luke P. Poland, of St.

Addison County.

Grand Isle County.

Johnsbury, Circuit Judge.

bury, Circuit Judge.
Assistant Judges.

Assistant Judges.

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Windham County.

Salary. $1,500




Assistant Judges.

Sylvanus M. Parsons, Chittenden County.
Samuel B. Kennedy,
Augustus Young,
Preston Taylor,
Nathan Foster,
Samuel Pennock,
Gideon H. Rice,
Jabez Ladd,

Windsor County.

Denslow Upham,
Alonzo Pearce,
A. W. Burroughs,
Orra Crosby,
John D. Harding,
Sabin Kellum,

John W Batchelder,
Wm. P. Brown,

Orange County.

Third Circuit. Asahel Peck, of Burlington, Harvey G. Fry,
Circuit Judge.
Myron S. Chandler,
Clerks of the Supreme and County Courts.
Residence. Counties.
Bennington, Sam. H. Brackmer, Bennington. Washington, Shubael Wheeler,
Windham, Royal Tyler, Brattleboro'. Caledonia, G. A. Burbank,
Rutland, Fred. W. Hopkins, Rutland. Lamoille, Carlos S. Noyes, Hydepark.
Norman Williams, Woodstock. Grand Isle, Gary Whitney, North Hero.
George S. Swift, Middlebury. Franklin, Jos. H. Brainerd, St. Albans.
Samuel M. Flint, Chelsea. Orleans, Hubbard Hastings, Irasburg.
Chittenden, David B. Buckley, Burlington. Essex, Wm, H. Hartshorn, Guildhall.




Franklin County.

Lamoille County.

Washington County.

Caledonia County.

Orleans County.

Essex County.




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