Manual, Complied and Prepared for the Use of the Assembly: Exemplifying Particularly the Mode of Proceeding, Conformably to the National and State Constitutions, and the Rules and Orders of the House of Assembly of the State of New York

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J. Buel, 1816 - 201 pages

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Page 9 - agree upon the number of land forces, and to make requisitions from each State for its quota, in proportion to the number of white inhabitants in such State; which requisitions shall be binding, and thereupon the legislature of each State shall appoint the regimental officers, raise the men,
Page 6 - the United States in Congress assembled. Art. IX. The United States in Congress assembled shall have the sole and exclusive right and power of determining on peace and war, except in the cases mentioned in the sixth article^-of sending and receiving ambassadors—entering into treaties and alliances, provided,
Page 3 - and from any other State, and shall enjoy therein all the privileges of trade and commerce, subject to the same duties, impositions and restrictions, as the inhabitants thereof respectively, provided that such restriction shall not extend so far as to prevent the removal of property imported into any State to any other state, of which the owner is an inhabitant:
Page 193 - from his seat for that purpose, and shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the House by any two members. On which appeal, no member shall speak more than once, unless by leave of the House. He shall rise to put a question, but may state it sitting. Questions shall be
Page 5 - by the United States in Congress assembled, for the defence of such State, or its trade ; nor shall any body of forces be kept up by any State in time of peace, except such number only as, in the judgment of the United States in
Page 7 - in the manner following:—Whenever the legislative or executive authority, or lawful agent of any State in controversy with another, shall present a petition to Congress, stating the matter in question, and praying for a hearing, notice thereof shall be given by order of Congress to the legislative or executive authority of the other State in controversy, and a day assigned
Page 8 - States. and exacting such postage on the papers passing through the same as may be requisite to defray the expenses of the said office—appointing all officers of the land forces in the service of the United States, excepting regimental officers ; appointing all the officers of the naval forces, and commissioning all officers whatever in the service of the United States—making rules
Page 6 - no treaty of commerce shall be made, whereby the legislative power of the respective States shall be restrained from imposing such imposts and duties on foreigners, as their own people are subjected to, or from prohibiting the exportation or
Page 26 - THAT the preceding constitution be laid before the United States in Congress assembled, and that it is the opinion of this convention, that it should afterwards be submitted to a convention of delegates chosen in each state by the people thereof, under the recommendation of its
Page 29 - for a redress of grievances. ARTICLE II. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.. ARTICLE III. No soldier shall, in time

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