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And in trustful innocence
Draw new strength and courage thence;
He, the proud man feels within
But the cowardice of sin !

She can murmur in her thought
Simple prayers her mother taught,
And his blessed angels call,
Whose great love is over all;
He, alone, in prayerless pride,
Meets the dark Past at her side!

One, who living shrank with dread,
From his look, or word, or tread,
Unto whom her early grave
Was as freedom to the slave,
Moves him at this midnight hour,
With the dead's unconscious power!

Ah, the dead, the unforgot!
From their solemn homes of thought,
Where the cypress shadows blend
Darkly over foe and friend,
Or in love or sad rebuke,
Back upon the living look.

And the tenderest ones and weakest,
Who their wrongs have borne the meekest,
Lifting from those dark, still places,
Sweet and sad-remembered faces,
O'er the guilty hearts behind
An unwitting triumph find.

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FROM 1833 TO 1848.


FROM 1833 TO 1848.


"Twas night. The tranquil moonlight smile

With which Heaven dreams of Earth, shed down Its beauty on the Indian isle

On broad green field and white-walled town;
And inland waste of rock and wood,
In searching sunshine, wild and rude,
Rose, mellowed through the silver gleam,
Soft as the landscape of a dream,
All motionless and dewy wet,
Tree, vine, and flower in shadow met:
The myrtle with its snowy bloom,
Crossing the nightshade's solemn gloom--
The white cecropia's silver rind
Relieved by deeper green behind,-
The orange with its fruit of gold, -
The lithe paullinia's verdant

The passion-flower, with symbol holy,
Twining its tendrils long and lowly,
The rhexias dark, and cassia tall,
And proudly rising over all,
The kingly palm's imperial stem,
Crowned with its leafy diadem,
Star-like, beneath whose sombre shade
The fiery-winged cucullo plaved I

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