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Reviewed by Mark Graham for Readers' Favorite
And the War Came: The Slavery Quarrel and the American Civil War by Donald J. Myers is a book about how slavery came about from classical times to the
start of the American Civil War. The text covers the various tenets of slavery, as well as describing the various ideas from others that were for slavery as well as the war - from abolitionists to the plantation holders. This is a book that will answer readers' questions about these eras in American history.
And the War Came by Donald J. Myers, in my opinion, would make a very good supplemental textbook/reference for secondary and college history courses. The book also reads like a novel in many chapters when quoting was used. This is also a book that could be used to teach about diversity when dealing with people and culture, and lead to more sensitivity in dealing with others today. Diversity was covered in this book when the author mentioned the 'Trail of Tears' and the Native Americans' journey from East to West. This book shows the physical and emotional aspects of living as a slave as well as a master. In summary, this book covers the battles of the Civil War and how these battles affected the soldiers as well as the civilians, which shows how it could be used in various educational pursuits from history to human services. A book for readers to bring understanding of slavery and war.

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