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FROM the great encouragement my attempts at describing different parts of the world have hitherto received, I feel greater confidence than I should otherwise do, in offering to the public this imperfect sketch of those parts of Africa which have been visited by European travellers of credit.

It is scarcely to be doubted but that a work, comprising a general view of the known districts of such an interesting country, and related as the adventures of a real traveller, if tolerably executed, will excite the curiosity of young people, and form a pleasing companion, in the hours of recreation, especially as the sources from whence the information is drawn are pretty much

confined to large libraries, and, from their bulk and the admixture of improper matter, are ill suited to the juvenile student.

Candour requires an acknowledgment to the respectable travellers from whom I have derived assistance; particularly Shaw,Brown, Horneman, Bruce, Park, and Barrow.


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