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The Bombardment.

The Bombardment.


of battle, taking novel and I worked like furies. Their

somewhat exciting posi- officer in command, Brigation. The order as arranged was to sail in dier-General Drayton, was efficient, cool and singly—the flag-ship Wabash first; each ves- stubborn; but, what could withstand that sel to follow in its allotted succession. Pass- fearful hail ? ing slowly up stream, the starboard guns

Around the course the stately messengers were to pour their fire into the two batteries of destruction moved, never faltering, never (or forts) on the Bay Point side-passing failing to come up to the work with exhaustdown stream, on the return, the battery (or less fury. The smaller gunboats soon obtainfort) on Hilton Head, was to receive the fire. ed a position close into shore to the north, The vessels thus sailing in an ellipse, passed where the fort guns were enfiladed, while the in and out of range of the enemy's stationary Bienville sailed in, at the second round, close guns, dealing, as they passed in close range,

to the work, and gave her tremendous guns a fearful shower of shot and shell.

with such fearful effect that the enemy's best The first shot was fired by the Hilton Head guns were soon silenced, yet not until the fortification (Fort Walker,) as the Wabash vessel had been well spotted with the ene. steamed within range, at twenty-six minutes my's shot. The Wabash also came to a stand, past nine, A. M. Three shots were thus fired. at the third round, about six hundred yards Then the Bay Point batteries opened, when from the fort. That moment decided the the Wabash responded with a terrific broad- day. No human power could face such a side. Her batteries consisted of twenty-six death storm; the enemy suddenly fled, takguns to the side, and a heavy pivot-gun fore ing to the woods in the rear with such haste and aft. These literally rained their iron as allowed no time for any to gather up even shower on the lesser rebel fort (Fort Beaure- the most prized of their goods. gard). No attention was paid to Fort Walk

The firing ceased a few minutes past two The flag-ship steamed slowly up stream, P. M.—the battle having thus been waged keeping the enemy under fire about twenty with stubborn fierceness for over four hours. minutes, when she winded the line, turning Discovering that the enemy bad probably southward, and, steaming down stream, gave evacuated, Commander Rodgers — aid to Fort Walker her entire attention, passing Flag-Officer Dupont went asliore in the within eight hundred yards of the Fort, Vercury to find the fort's defenders all gone. which showed itself to be a powerful work, With his own hands he hauled down the mounting lieavy and superior guns, whose rebel colors and tlung the Stars and Stripes fire proved them to be, not only improved to the breeze. Then followed such a shout ordnance, but, well served.

from the watching thousands as must have The other vessels followed the same order

made appalling music for the Southern heart. of action. The Susquehanna,* Pawnee, Semi

Fort Walker had fallen and South Carolina

was "invaded." The “dastard Yankee" had nole, Bienville, Pocahontas, Mohican, Augusta, and the gunboats Ottawa, Seneca, Unadilla, opened a way into her very vitals. Pembina and Vandalia joined in the fray,

As stated, the Confederate commander of firing shell with great rapidity and precision,

the larger fort was General Drayton, of and making the battery vocal with their

Charleston. He was brother to Commander practice. The rebels fought their guns with

Drayton of the Federal gunboat Pocahontas desperate coolness, and fired with a rapidi- during the war wherein brother was pitted

ofiering one of many cases which occurred ty really surprising under the circumstances. In Fort Walker—against which the Federals against brother. Captain Steadman of the directed their chief effort--the Confederate Dienville

, who fouglit with great fury and

determination, was a South Carolinian-one gunners were stripped to the waist, and

of the very few instances of loyalty in officers * The Susquehanna, Bienville and Vandalia joined from that State. the expedition as it passed their stations on the The troops engaged in Fort Walker were blockade.

the Twelfth regiment of South Carolina vol.

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