Aids to Engineers' Examinations: Prepared for Applicants of All Grades, with Questions and Answers. A Summary of the Principles and Practice of Steam Engineering

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T. Audel & Company, 1898 - Steam engineering - 210 pages

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Page 151 - The calorie is the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree centigrade.
Page 20 - ONE step and then another, And the longest walk is ended ; One stitch and then another, And the largest rent is mended ; One brick upon another, And the highest wall is made ; One flake upon another, And the deepest snow is laid.
Page 189 - ... and if he finds any part thereof in bad condition, he shall immediately report the facts to the master, owner, or agent, and to the...
Page 172 - Having given the first term, the common difference, and the number of terms, to find the last term.
Page 197 - State within thirty days after the passage of this act, and once a year thereafter, at such convenient times and in such manner and form as may be determined by rules and regulations to be made therefor by the inspector, to report to said inspector the location of such steam boiler or boilers, and all apparatus and appliances connected therewith...
Page 26 - Steel is an alloy of iron which is cast while in a fluid state into a malleable ingot. Any radical nomenclature founded on chemical differences leads to endless mistake and confusion. If steel is defined as an alloy of iron containing carbon enough to harden it when it is heated and plunged into water, then puddled iron, although laminated and heterogeneous in structure, may be steel...
Page 166 - UNIT, or whole thing, as a gallon, a pound, a yard, &c., and is supposed to be divided into ten equal parts, called tenths ; those tenths into ten equal parts, called hundredths, and so on, without end. The denominator of a decimal being always known to consist of a unit, with as many ciphers annexe-d as the numerator has places...
Page 173 - Divide the difference of the extremes by the common difference, and the quotient increased by 1 is the number of terms.
Page 187 - All licenses hereafter issued to masters, mates, pilots, and engineers shall be filled out on the face with pen and black ink instead of typewritten. Inspectors are directed, when licenses are completed, to draw a broad pen and black-ink mark through all unused spaces in the body thereof, so as to prevent, as far as possible, illegal interpolation after issue.
Page 37 - It is absolutely essential to the successful use of any boiler, except in pure water, that it be accessible for the removal of scale, for though a rapid circulation of water will delay the deposit, and certain chemicals will change its character, yet the most certain cure is periodical inspection and mechanical cleaning. This may, however, be rendered less frequently necessary and the use of very bad water more practical by the employment of some preventives. The following are a fair sample of those...

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