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such supervisor, and appoint another in his stead; and it shall be lawful for every such supervisor to expend in every year any sum not exceeding 1s. a perch, in repairing, cleansing, and improving the roads within his district, and the bridges and pipes thereon, and removing nusances; and every such supervisor may appoint one deputy or more with a salary not exceeding, for the whole of such deputies, a sum to be calculated after the rate of 2d. for each perch of the road of which he shall be so appointed supervisor; and such supervisor, or his deputy, shall have all such powers with respect to such roads, as are given to overseers and conservators by the 36 Geo. 3. c. 55. And by s. 4. grand juries are required to present such money as shall be necessary to reimburse such supervisors for all sums appearing (by such affidavit as hereby dírected) to be advanced by them, and also for payment of such deputy or deputies, to be levied off the county, or any barony or half barony wlierein such road

is situate. 49 Geo.3.c.84. P. 277. I. 33.-The 49 Geo. 3. c. 84. I. provides

(s. 10.) that it shall be lawful for any grand jury, in cases Renairs of bridges. where the battlements of bridges shall have been lately

built or repaired by presentments, to contract for keeping the same in repair for any term not less than 7 years; provided that no larger sum than 1s. shall be paid annually for every perch in length of such battlenient; and provided that no money shall be paid, unless it shall appear to the grand jury, by the affidavit of the contractor, and the certificate of the couservator of the road in the barony in which the bridge is situate, or of a magistrate, that the said battlements are and have been kept in good and sufficient repair since the assizes pre

ceding Puer Law. P. 280. l. 40.-The 49 Geo. 3. c. 124. E. 50 Geo. 3.

c. 49. G. B. 50 Geo. 3. c. 50. E, and 50 Geo. 3. c. 52. G. B. have made some alterations in the poor laws of England.

P. 287. 1. 36.-By the 49 Geo. 3. c. 36. I. the proviGr0,3. C.56.

sions of the 45 Geo. 3. c. 111. I. relating to presenting and raising any sum not exceeding £500. in all counties


s. 10. 1.

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C. 33. Ir.

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in Ireland, sha! extend to all counties of cities and Presentment for, counties of tons in Ireland, for the erecting, establish- hospitals, o ing, supporting, and maintaining of any public infirmaries or hospitals, wherein any special provisions have been made by any act in force in Ireland. Provided (s. 2.) that when in any such county of a city, &c. there shall be 2 or more infirmaries, &c. entitled to the benefits of the 45 Geo. 3. c. 111. such sum (not exceeding in the whole £500.) as shall be presented, &c. under said act, shall be equally divided amongst such infirmaries, &c. and be paid over by the treasurer of such county of a city, &c. to the respective treasurers of said infirmaries, &c.

P.295. I. 24.-The 21 & 22 Geo. 3. c. 33, Ir. pro- 21 & 22 Geo.3, vides, that where 2 or more persons shall be appointed to any office in this kingdom under the king, by one patent, Any person qua

lifying once uncommission, or other appointment; and that such persons ler a joint pashall have once taken the oath of office, and performed tent, &'c. need

not re-qualify if the other requisites prescribed by law, to qualify them- re-appointed. selves for executing the same; and that any person named in one patent, &c. shall be re-appointed, and continue without intermission, in any new or subsequent grant, &c. for executing said office, it shall not be necessary for such person so re-appointed, &c. again to take such oath of office, or perform the other requisites, &c.

P. 314. I. 16 & 17.-The 2 Ric. 2. st. 2. c. 1. E. & I. 2 Ric. 2. st. 2a should be here also referred to as confirming the liberties of the church. And te 9 Edw. 2. st. 1. c. 14. E. & 1.c 14. E. & I. also provided that elections to the dignities of the church 31. Edw.3. st.A.

c. 1. Eng. should be free. The liberties of the church of Ireland Liberties of the were confirmed by the 31 Edw. 3. st. 4. c. 1. Eng.

P. 323. 1. 3. The 9 Edw. 2. st. 1, c. 13. E. & I. declares, that of the ability of a parson presented unto a c. 13. E. & I. benefice of the church, the examination belongeth to a Examination of spiritual judge.

P. 326. 1.8.-The 25 Geo. 3. c. 38. Ir. recites, that the clergy are often required to prove their induction and other qualifications, which, by the death of wit- Induction and nesses and loss of certificates, is frequently impractica- tions of clergy,

ble; and therefore provides, that upon the mandate of how proved.

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c. 1, E. & I.

9 Edw.2. st.l.


9 Edw. 2. st. 1.


25 Geo.3. c.38. s. 1 & 2. Ir.

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every ordinary for the induction of any person to any ecclesiastical preferment, a rețuru shall be made by, the. person giving induction thereon, that induction bath. been given upon such mandate; which mandate, together with the return thereon indorsed, as also the certificate of the persons attesting the assent and consent, and, other qualifications of the person so inducted, shall be registered in the registry of the diocess wherein such, preferment lies, and an entry thereof shall be made in the books of said office, the truth of such return and certificate being verified on oath by one or both of the, wit-, nesses attesting the same, to be by affidavit made before thie register of such diocess; and any person who shall. falsely make such gath, may be prosecuted for perjury. And by s. 2. such mandate, return, and certificate, and; such affidavit, or a copy of such mandate, &c. attested, by the register of the diocess,, shall, in all courts, be ad. mitted as evidence of such induction and other qualifica: tions; and every register shall be entitled to.58 for every such attested copy: provided that nothing herein shall deprive any ecclesiastical person of a right to prove the validity of his title in any

other way by which he may now prove

the P. 326. 1. 8. The 28 Hen. 8. c. 15. Ir. (the other. clauses of which are of an obsolete nature) provides

(s. 9.) that every archbishop, bishop, suffragan, and Oath at:ordination to learn and other having authority to give order of priesthood, deateach English language, &c cop, and subdeacon, shall, at such time as they give to

any person any of said orders, give unto such person taking any of said orders, a corporal oath, that he shall, to the uttermost of his power, wit, and cunning, endeavour himself to learn the English tongue and language, and use English order and fashions, (if he may learn the same by possibility in such place where his cure or dwelling shall be); and further shall endeavour himself to

move, endoctrine, and teach all other being under his Dizik et biene- order, rule, and governance, to accomplish and perform ficed clergy to the same: and every archbishop, and other, haxing keep a school,

power to admit, &c. any person to any dignity, benefice, office, or promotion spiritual, shall, at the time of the



28 Hen.8. c.15. 8. 9. Ir.


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admission of such person, &c. give unto said person a corporal oath that he so adnitted, &c. shall, to his wit and cunning, endeavour himself to learn, instruct, and teach the English tongue, to every being under his ruler cure, order or governance, [and likewise shall bid the beads in the English tongue,] and preach the word of God in English, if he can preach, and also for his own part shall use and execise, the English order and liabit, and also provoke as many as he may to the same, and also shall keep, or cause to be kept, within the place or parish where be shall have rule, benefice, &c. a sohool for to learn English, if any children of his parish come to him to learn the same, taking for the keeping of such school such convenient stipend or salary said land is accustomably taken. And if any archbishop, &c. shall These povisions give orders to any person without giving the oathi afore. enforcedo said, or shall admit, &c. any person to any dignity, &c. without giving to such person such oath as aforesaid, such archbishop, &c. shall forfeit £3. 65, 8d. one moiety to the king, and the other to such person as sball sue for the same, And by s. 10. if any person being promoted, &c. to any dignity, &c. do not observe the said oath, then, upon condemnation by due process of law as aforesaid, he shall forfeit for the 1st time 6s. 8d. for the 2nd offence 20s, and if condemned a third time, such dignity, &c. shall be void, &c, Provided (s. 11.) that this act shall not be prejudicial to any person which shall be be

Prouiso. neficed within this land, being bound to keep residence in any metropolitan, cathedral, or collegiate church, nor to any person so beneficed, who shall be at study in any university, either being in the king's service, or otherwise out of the land by the king's, commandment, but such parish priest, which shall have the service of

any parish church under him, shall, during his absence, teach the English tongue, and keep a school according to the form of this act, upon pain of forfeiture to every such parish priest of 20s. for every year he shall omit the same. P. 333. 1.3.-The 43 Geo. 3. c. 107. G. B. confirms

45Geo.3.c.107. and amends the 2 & 3 Ann. c. 11. Eng. and i Geo. I. st.2. G. B.

c. 10.

So 10.

s. 11.

Geo. 3. c. 9. Ir.

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U. K.



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First fruits ep. c. 10. Eng. and provides (s. 3.) that where a living shall plicable to build- have been or shall be augmented by the governors of ing, sc. parsonage houses.

queen Anne's bounty, and there is no suitable parsonage house, the said governors may apply the money appropriated for such augmentation, or any part thereof, towards the building, rebuilding, or purchasing a house and other proper erections within the parish, convenient for the residence of the minister.

P. 335. I 16.---The 7 Geo. 3. c. 9. Ir. (vide vol. 2,

p. 86.) should have been liere referred to. Dilapiuations.

P.353. 1. 28.-The 51 Geo. 3. c. 115. U. K. amends 51Geo.3.c. 115.

the 43 Geo. 3. c. 108. by enabling the king to grant

lands within the survey of the court of exchequer, or of King and lods of manors em- the duchy of Lancaster, not exceeding 5 acres, for or topowered to grant wards the erecting, rebuilding, repairing, purchasing, siastical purposes or providing any church or chapel where the liturgy of

the united church shall be used, or any mansion house for the residence of the minister, or of any out-buildings, offices, church-yard, or glebe; and also empowering Jords of manors to grant 5 acres of the waste of such mapors, for erecting thereon or enlarging any such church or cliapel, or for a church-yard or burying ground, or enlarging a church-yard, &c. or for a glebe for the rector, vịcar, curate, or other minister, to erect a mansion house or other buildings, &c. thereoti.

P. 365. I. 4.—The 49 Geo. 3. c. 53. G. B. provides

for the raising in the several counties in England and Number of mi. Scotland, a number of private militia men equal to one

half of the original quotas of private men specified in the 42 Geo. 3. c. 90 & 91. and 37 Geo. 3. c. 25. And by s. 13, every person chosen by ballot under this act to

serve in the militia (not being of the people called quaPenally for bal

kers) who shall refuse or neglect to appear and take the yeruing, &c. oathi, and serve in the militia, or to provide a substitute,

forfeits £20. By s. 19. persons inrolled in any corps of

yeomanry or volunteers shall not be entitled to any esfar exemple. emption, unless such person shall have actually attended the usual muster and exercise of such

for the number of days required by the 44 Geo. 3. C. 54. And by S. 20. no person shall be exempt from being ballotted to

49 Geo.3. c.53. G. B.

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8. 13.

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