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3 Ann. c. 3. $. 26. Ir.

marrynig pere 099 conitary to

indictments of trespass. Provided (s. 3.) that this act Pruciso, shall not be prejudicial to lords of liberties, or bodies

corporate, as to their right to forfeitures. By s. 4. all Act proclaimed. mayors, bailiffs, slieriffs, and other head officers, shall,

4 times in the year, viz. in every quarter, make proclamation of this act, in every market within their jurisdictions; and also the justices of gaol delivery, assizes, and justices of peace, in their circuits or sessions.

P. 751.1.1.-The 8 Ann. c. 3s. 26. Ir. recites the

provision of the 6 Ann. c. 16. s. 6. Ir. here stated, and Popisk priests enacts, that if any popish priest shall be prosecuted for

offending contrary to said statute, and that it doth appear 6 Arn. c. 16. that any one of the said persons so married, was a proquestined to hure offended know- restant, it shall be presumed and concluded to all intents ingly,

and purposes, that such popish priest did celebrate matrimony between the said persons, knowing at the time of such marriage that one of them was of the protestant religion, unless the said popish priest can produce and prove a certificate under the hand and seal, or hands and seals, of the minister or ministers of the parish or parishes where the parties so married did, at the time of said marriage, respectively inhabit or reside, certifying that the said person or persons were not of the protestant religion at the time of the celebration of said marriage. But it seems to be questionable how far this provision of the 8 Ann. c. 3. is not conditionally repealed or superseded by the 21 & 22 Geo. 3. c. 24. s. 5. Ir. vol. 2. p•

424-5. 49Geo.3.c.124.

P.778. l. 4.-The 49 Geo. 3. c. 124. E. provides, that

whereever the execution of any order of removal, or of Where order of any vagrant pass, shall be suspended by virtue of the γροται σε τα- 35 Geo. 3. c. 101. Eng. that it shall be lawful for any giant pais suspended, any other justice of peace of the jurisdiction within which other justice of the county, &c. such removal or pass shall be made, to direct that the sume to be cze. same shall be executed, and the charges paid, and to

carry into execution any such 'amended orders, as effectually as the justices who made such order of removal, &c. And by s. 2. when such order of removal shall be

suspended, the time of appealing against such order shall Time of anpealing huu com- be computed, according to the rules which

other puied. like cases, from the tinie of serving such order, and not



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S. 3.

may erlend to



Geo. 3. c. 107.

from the time of making such removal under the same. By
s. 3. where any order of removal, or vagrant pass, shall be
so suspended, on account of the dangerous sickness or Suspension of

order, dic. in
infirmity of any person thereby directed to be removed case of sickness,
or passed, the execution of such order shall also be sus- others of the sa-
pended, for the same period, with respect to every other mily.
person named therein, who was actually, of the same
houshold or family of such sick or infirm person, at the
time of such order of removal, &c. made or granted.

P. 829. I. 34.The 51 Geo. 3. c. 120. E. provides, 51Geo.3.c.12r. that on the conviction of any offender, under the 42 Geo. 3. c. 107, for wilfully coursing or hunting, or taking Magistrales

may mitigate the in any slip, noose, toil, or snare, or killing, wounding, penalty in 42 or destroying, or shooting, or otherwise attempting to for killing, &c. kill, ac, or carrying away any red or fallow deer, kept deer in the un

enclosed parts of
or being in the unenclosed part of any forest, chase, pur- forests, &c.
lieu, or ancient wall, without the consent of the owner
of such deer, or without being otherwise duly authorized,
or for knowingly being aiding, abetting, or assisting
therein; it shall be lawful for the magistrate by or before

whom such offender shall be convicted, to mitigate the
penalty thereby imposed for the first offence to any sum
not less than £20; to be levied in manner directed by
the said recited act,

P. 829. I. 34.--The clause of the 16 Geo. 3. c. 30. o Geo. 1.C. 22.
Eng. here stated, seems to supersede the 11th section of s. 11. Eng.
the 9 Geo. 1. c. 22. Eng. which provides, that it shall be Senren for skolen
lawful for any justice of peace to issue his warrant to any sen von.
peace officer to enter into any house, to search for veni-
son stolen or unlawfully taken contrary to the several
statutes against deer-stealers, in such manner as he inay
issue a warrant to search for stolen goods.

P. 902. 1. 10.-The 52 Hen. 3. c. 25. E. & I. enacts, 52 llen.3.c.45. that murder shall not be adjudged in cases of inisadven- E.&!,

Homicide by ture only, but in respect to such as are slain by felony, misaiventure. and not otherwise.

P. 916. I. 5 --The 8 Ann. c. 3. S. 26. Ir. which is 8 ann c. 3. stated ante p. 118. is to be here also referred to.

P.916. I. 28.--The 9 Geo. 2. c. 11. Ir. provides, (s. 7.) ? Ce:?. c. 11. that nothing herein shall lessen or take away any of the


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s. 1. Ir,

2 calendar months.

. 1. Ir.

s. 2.


penalties or disabilities inflicted against any persons who contract, celebrate, or are present at any clandestine marriage, by virtue of any of the laws or statutes now in

force. No indic'ment, P. 919. 1. 16.-Wirb respect to criminal prosecutions Ge. for words spoken, unless for words, the 2 Geo. 1. c. 20. Ir. provides (s. 1.) that no information in

person shall be prosecuted for any words that shall be

spoken, by indictment or information, unless information 2 Geor!. C.30. of speaking such words be given upon oath before a justice

of peace of the county, &c. where such words shall be spoken, within a calendar month, or before one of the judges of his majesty's court of chief place, within 2 calendar months after the words are spoken. And by s. 2. upon such information, if the case shall require it,

the chief justice, or other judge of the king's bench, or Warrant there.

such justice of peace, shall issue his warrant for apprehending and bringing the person so accused before him, or some other of his majesty's justices of peace of the county, &c. where such words shall liave been so spokeń; and the chief justice, &c. before whom he shall be so brought, shall oblige him to appear the next term, ašsizes, or sessions, which shall be held for the county, &c. where

' such words shall be spoken, in order to his trial.

P. 923. 1. 25.-The 5 Eliz. c. 10. Eng. should have Eng.

been referred to as specially reviving the 21 Hen. 8. c. 7. Revital of 21 Eng. which was repealed by the 1 Mar. st. 1. c. 1. Eng. Hen. 8. c. 7.

(amongst the other statutes creating felonies, which were passed after the first year of the reign of king Henry VIII).

P. 924. 1.33.-The 51 Geo. 3. c. 38. I. enacts, with

respect to Ireland, (in a manner nearly corresponding to Servants or

the 39 Geo. 3. c. 85. Eng.) that if any servant or clerk, cleris secreting or any person employed for the purpose or in the capacity money, dic. of iheir masters or of a servant or clerk, to any person or body corporate, employers, how purcished.

shall, by virtue of such employment, receive or take into his possession, any money, goods, bond, bill, note, banker's draft, or other valuable security or effects, for or in the name or on the account of his master of employer, and shall fraudulently secrete or make away with the same,

, or any part thereof, such offender shall be deemed guilty


5 Eliz. c. 10.

51 Geo. 3. c.38. I.

of a misdemeanor, and to have embezzled the same froin his said master or employer, for whose use, or in whose

ime, or on whose account, the same was delivered to or taken into the possession of such servant, &c. although such money, &c. was no otherwise received into the possession of such master, &c. than by delivery into the actual possession of his servant, &c. for the use of his master; and every such offender shall be liable to be transported to such parts beyond the seas, as his majesty, with the advice of his privy council, shall appoint, for any term not exceeding fourteen years, in the discretion of the court before whom such offender shall be convicted or adjudged.

P. 930. 1. 36.-By the 50 Geo. 3. c. 59. U. K. if any 50 Geo.s.c. 59. person to whom any money or securities for money shall U. K. be issued for public services, shall embezzle such money, Persons entrustor in any manner fraudulently apply the same to his own ed wi'h public

money, embea use or benefit, or for any purpose whatever, except for eling the same,

how punished, public services, every such offender shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be transported beyond the sea, or receive such other punishment as may by law be inflicted on persons guilty of misdemeanors, and as the court shall adjudge. And if any such oficer, collector, or re

Collectors, &C. ceiver, entrusted with the receipt, custody, or manage- making falso ra

turns also puo ment of any part of the public revenues, shall knowingly nishable. furnish false statements or returns of the sums of money collected by him, or entrusted to his care, or of the balances of money in his hands, or under liis control, such officer, &c. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be adjudged to suffer the punishment of fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, and be rendered for ever incapable of holding any office under the


P. 955. 1.7.-The 3 Geo. 2. c. 4. Ir. enacts, (s. 3.) that 3 Gen. 2. C. 4. if any person shall steal or take by robbery any exche- s. 3. Ir. quer acquittance, debenture, bills of exchange, gold- Felony to steal smiths' or bankers' notes for payment of money, bonds, exchequer ac

quittances, &c. warrants, bills, or promissory notes for the payment of and other chwses money, being the property of any other person, or of any in action. corporation, (notwithstanding any of said particulars are





49Geo. 3.c. 122. 8. 12. E.

termed in law a chose in action) it shall be deemed to be felony of the same nature and degree, and with or without benesit of clergy or of the statute, as if the offender had stolen or taken by robbery any other goods of like value with the money due on such exchequer acquittance, &c. or secured thereby, and remaining unsatisfied.

P. 961. l. 2.-By the 49 Geo. 3. c. 122. s. 12. E. &c.

if any person shall wilfully cut away, cast adrift, reCutting away, move, alter, deface, sink or destroy, or shall do or com&6C. fr. bunys, 6c init any act, with intent and design to cut away, &c. or how punished.

in any other way injure or conceal any buoy, buoy-rope, or mark belonging to any ship or vessel, or which may be attached to any anchor or cable belonging to any ship, &c. whether in distress or otherwise, such offender shall be guilty of felony, and be liable to be transported for any term not exceeding 7 years, or, in mitigation of such punishment, to be imprisoned for any number of years, at the discretion of the court in which the conviction shall be made. And by s. 13. if

And by s. 13. if any person shall knowingly and wilfully, and with intent to defraud and Persons pure injure the true owner thereof, or any person interested chasing, &C. archors

, &c. therein, purchase or receive any anchors, cables, or goods when as receivers of sto or merchandize, which may have been taken up, weighed, len goods. swept for, or taken possession of, whether the same shall

have belonged to any ship, &c. in distress, or otherwise, or whether the same shall have been preserved from any wreck, if the directions herein-before * contained with regard to such articles, shall not have been previously complied with, such person shall be deemed guilty of receiving stolen goods, knowing the same to be stolen, as if the same had been stolen on shore, and suffer the like punishment as for a misdemeanor at common law, or be liable to be transported for 7 years, at the discretion of the court before which he shall be tried.

s. 13,


* This refers to s. 1. which requires a particular report in writing to be made of the time and place when and where any anchors, &c. were found, to the deputy vice admiral, or his agent, and all such articles to be delivered into a proper 'warehouse or place, (to be appointed by the vice admiral of each county) within 48 hours after arrival at any port or place, or before leaving the port, if such person shall quit it before that time shall expire, upon pain of being deemed guilty of receiving goods knowing them to be stolen.

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