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c. 79,

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by any conviction, judgment, or determination of any Appeal to quarjustice, relating to any matter in the 39 Geo. 3. c. 79. ter sessions from

co". victions, &c. contained, may appeal to the justices at the quarter- under 39 Cec.3. sessions to be holden in and for the county, &c. next after 20 days from the making thereof, first giving 6 days notice of such appeal to the person prosecuting for such penalty; and the justices shall determine the said appeal at said sessions, or, if they think proper, adjourn the hearing thereof to the next quarter sessions for such county, &c.; and the said justices may mitigate any penalty, and may order any money to be returned which shall have been levied under any conviction as aforesaid, and may award such costs to be paid by either party as they shall think reasonable.

P. 672. 1. 21.-The 51 Geo. 3. 23. U. K. enácts, that 51 Geo. 3. c.23 if any subject of his majesty, or any person residing or

8. 1. U. K. being within the united kingdom, or in any of the Several offences dominions, &c. now or hereafter belonging thereto, or in respect to the being in his majesty's occupation or possession, or under mare felonies. the government of the united company of merchants trading to the East Indies, shall, by himself, or his factors or agents, or otherwise, carry away or remove, or aid or assist in the carrying away, &c. as a slave, for the purpose of being sold, transferred, used, or dealt with as a slave, any person from any part of Africa, or from any other country or place, either immediately, or by transhipment, or otherwise, directly or indirectly; or shall import or bring, or aid or assist in the importing, &c. into any island, colony, country, territory, or place, any such person, for the purpose aforesaid ; or shall knowingly and wilfully ship, embark, receive, detain, or confine on board any ship, vessel, or boat, any such person, for the purpose of his being so carried away or removed, imported or brought, or being sold, transferred, used or dealt with as a slave; or shall knowingly and wilfully use or employ, or permit to be used, &c. or let or take to freight or on hire, any ship or vessel, to be used in or for the purpose of carrying away, &c. any such person as a slave, or for the purpose of his being sold, &c. as a slave, or shall fit out, or cause to be fitted out, or shall take the charge or command of, or navigate,

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or.enter and embark on board any such ship or vessel, as master or captain, mate, supercargo, or surgeon, knowing that such ship, &c. is actually employed, or is, in the same voyage for which he shall so enter or embark on board, intended to be employed in carrying or remoring, importing or bringing any such person as or for the purpose of his being sold as a slave ; every such offender, and his counsellors, aiders, and abettors, shall

be felons, and be transported for a term not exceeding Hote punished.

14 years, or be confined and kept to hard labour for a term not exceeding 5 years, nor less than 3 years, at the discretion of the court before wliom such offender shall be convicted. Provided (s. 2.) that if any person shall

enter or navigate, or embark on board any such ship or Penalty of petly vessel, used or employed, or meant to be used as aforeofficers, stamen,

said, as a petty officer, servant, or seaman, knowing that such is the purpose or one of the purposes of the voyage; or if any person shall underwrite, or procure to be underwritten, any policy of assurance upon any ship, &c. employed or intended to be employed in any such voyage, knowing that such is the purpose or one of the purposes of such voyage, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor only, and be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years: And (by s. 3.) such persons shall noc be punished as accessaries. Provided (s. 4.) that this act shall not extend to subject any person to the penalties hereby imposed, for exporting, removing, or carrying from any present or future British island, colony, or settlement in the West Indies, to any other present or future British island, &c. or from one part of such British island, &c. to another part, or for importing or transporting into any such island, &c. any slave born or to be born within such islands, &c. or which shall have been or may be lawfully brought into said island, &c. or for removing or carrying any slave froin one part of any foreign island, &c. to another part of the same foreign island, &c. or for transhipping and assisting at sea, any slave which shall be in any ship or vessel in distress: and provided that nothing in this act shall extend to prevent the transportation to any foreign colony or place of any slave that shall have been con



s. 6.

s. 9.

victed by due course of law, in any present or future British island or colony, of any crime to which the punishment of transportation is or shall be annexed by the law of such island, &c.: but in every such case, a copy of the judgment or sentence, certified by the court before which the offender was convicted, shall be put on board the said ship, &c. in which such convict shall be transported. By s. 6. all offences herein declared to be felonies or misdemeanors, which shall be committed in Africa, or in any

Offences where port, sea, creek, or place, where the admiral has juris- with diction, shall be inquired of either according to the ordinary course of law, and the 28 Hen. 8. c. 15. Eng. or according to the 33 Hen. 8. c. 23. Eng. so far as it is not repealed, or according to the 11 & 12 W. 3. c. 7. Eng. And this act provides, (s. 9.) that if any person sailing or being in the capacity of a petty officer, or

Peity officers, petty officer's servant or seaplan, on board of any ship &c. informing, or vessel fitted out for or engaged in the unlawfully

indemnifica. carrying, removing, trading, or dealing in slaves, shall, within 3 months after the arrival of said vessel at any port belonging to his majesty, give information on oath, before any competent magistrate, against any owner or part owner, or any captain, mate, surgeon, or supercargo of such ship, &c. and shall give evidence on oath against such owner, &c. before any magistrate or court before whom such offender shall be tried; or shall, within 3 months after his arrival at any port or place not within his majesty's dominions, give information to any of his majesty's ambassadors, ministers plenipotentiary, enroys, charges d'affaires, consuls, residents, or o her agents, so that any person owning such ship, &c. or navigating or taking charge of the same as captain, &c, may be apprehended, such person giving such information and evidence, shall not be liable to any of the pains or penalties of this act, or any fine or other pun. ishment under the 46 Geo. 3. c. 52. or 47 Geo. 3, st. 1. c. 36. herein recited; and his majesty's ambassadors, &c. are required to receive such information, and to transmit the particulars thereof, without delay, to-me of his majesty's principal secretaries of state, and

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43G20.3.c.157. G. B.

s. 2.

$. 11. Ir.

to transmit copies of the same to the commanders of bis majesty's ships or vessels then being in the same port.

P. 678. I. 28.-By the 43 Geo. 3. c. 157. G. B. SO

much of the 19 Geo. 2. c. 34. Eng. as relates to the Offences made felony by

further punishment of persons going armed or disguised 19 Geo.2.c 34. in defiance of the laws of customs or excise, and to the Eng. triable in any county in relief of the officers of the customs in informations upon England,

seizures, is made perpetual. And by s. 2. for the more impartial trial of any indictment or information for any of the offences made felony by said act, and the several statutes which continued it, every such offence may be inquired of, &c. in any county in England, in such manner as if the fact had been therein committed : pro. vided that no attainder for any of the offences made felony by said acts, shall work any corruption of blood,

loss of dower, or forfeitures of lands or tenements. 5 Geo. 2. C. 4. P. 719. 1. 23.-The 5 Geo. 2. c. 4. s. 11. Ir. recites

the 3 Geo. 2. c. 14. Ir. and enacts, that if any underJourneymen, taker or journeyman shall beat, strike, or assault any &c. assaulting journeymen for other journeyman for working for his employer, or shall working, or mas- be any way aiding or assisting therein ; or assault bis ters for employing persons, how master or employer for employing whatsoever persons he punished.

shall judge proper in his work and service, every such offender, being convicted upon the oath of a witness before any 2 justices of peace for the county, &c. where such offence shall be committed, within 3 months after the offence, shall forfeit 40s. one half to the person aggrieved, and the other balf to the poor of the parish; and for default of payment, such offender shall be committed to the common gaol of the county, &c. where such offence shall be committed, for any term not exceeding 3 months.

P. 749. 1. 2.---The 2 Geo. 1. c. 17. Ir. enacts. (s. 7.) that no woman sliall hire herself to be a nurse, or take

upon her the nursing of any child, knowing berself to child, or hinuing be with child at the time; neither shall any woman infectious disease, iniring as continue to nurse any child after she knoweth herself tinuing to nurse, to be with child, without giving notice thereof to the how punished. parents of the child; and no woman that batlı any in

2 Gen. 1.C. 17. . $. 7. ir.


Momen with

nurses, or con


fectious disease, which may be communicated to the child, shall hire herself to be a nurse, or take upon her the nursing of any child, or shall continue to nurse any child, after she shail discover herself to have any infectious disease; and if any woman offend therein, on com- Offences how plaint made to any justice of peace, or chief magistrate of any city or town corporate, the said justice, &c. shall appoint 2 or more physicians, surgeons, or midwives, as the case shall require, to examine the matter, and, to make report upon oath, which the said justice, &c. may administer; and if they on their oaths declare, that in their judgment such woman hath offended in any of said particulars, then such nurse shall, by tie judgment of such justice, forfeit such wages as shalí be due to her, and all such money as she shall have received on account of such nursing, to be recovered in such manner as servants' wages are herein directed to be recovered; and also shall suffer such corporal punishment as by this act is appointed to be inflicted on servants counterfeiting or producing counterfeit certificates ; (vide vol. 1. p. 389, 391.) Provided (s. 8.) that no nurse who is with child, shall be whipped for offending against this law, till 2 months after her delivery.

P. 749.1.2.–To this place also should be referred the 11 Eliz. st. 3. 11 Eliz. st. 3. c. 5. Ir, which recites, that

persons do lay into rivers and other fresh running waters, their hemp Laying hemp

and flax, or and fiax to be watered, and hides with lime bound up hides with lime. in them, by reason whereof the waters are so infected in rivers, isso

how punished. that fishes die, and men and Leasts are poisoned, and meats and drinks are perilously corrupted; and therefore enacts, that no person sball so offend, upon pain to forfeit the hemp, flax, or hides, so laid contrary to this act, or the treble value of the same, one half to the crown, and the other to such as shall find or present the default, to be recovered by action of debt, &c. in any of the queen's courts. And by s. 2. the justices of peace in every county, &c. within the limits of their commissions, shall have power to determine every such offence, Offences heru as well by information as by presentment, and to make şuch process upon every such presentment as upon

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c. 5. Ir.

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6. 2.


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