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s. 14.


s. 15.

turn to sessions

majesty's troops, by him to be transmitted as aforesaid ; and in every such case, such magistrate, &c. shall, immediately after he shall have seized or carried away any arms or weapons as aforesaid, transmit to the lord lieutenant, or his chief secretary, a written account of the number and nature of such arms, &c. and of the place where, and the person from whom such arms were respectively seized. By s. 14. all the pecuniary penalties in this act shall be raised and levied by sale of the goods of the person offending, by warrant of any justice l'enalties how of peace of such connty, and such penalties shall, by such justice, be handed over to the treasurer of the county in which such sums are levied, to be applied to such purposes as the grand jury at any ensuing assizes shall think proper to present. By s. 15. the justices of peace authorizing any person to make any search under this act, shall make a true and faithful return of the Justices to re. name of every person so authorized, and their quality the names of and descriptions, to the general session of the peace ed to search.

pes sons employs which shall be held next after such search. . And by s. 16. the grand jury of every county, &c. at each assizes, and the grand jury at each presenting ter.n for the county and county of the city of Dublin, shall present Clerks of peace

how recompensed such sum to be raised off the county, as may be neces- for trouble. sary to reward the clerks of the peace for their trouble in the execution of this act, not exceeding £10. at any one such assizes or presenting term. P. 636. 1. 24.---The 50 Geo. 3. c. 102. I. provides

50 Cen.3 c.102. (s. 5.) that if any person who hath given or shall give s. 5. I. information or examination upon oathi against any person information, for any offence, hath been or shall, before the trial of &'c. of witnesses

muudered or the person against whom such information or exami- mameil, 8C nation hath been or shall be given, be murdered or violently put to death, or so maimed or forcibly carried away and secreted, as not to be able to give evidence on the trial of such person, the information or examination, of such person so taken on oath, shall be admitted in all courts of justice in Ireland, as evidence on the trial of every such person against whom such information, &c. was given : Provided that the information or examina- Provisoes as to țion of a witness secreted shall not be evidence, unless it


witnesses secreshall



s. 6.

shall be found, on a collateral issue, to be put to the jury trying the prisoner, that the person so secreted was secreted by the person then on trial, or by some person acting for him, or in his favour. And by s. 6.

if it shall appear that any person having given inforNincy presented for witnesses mation or evidence against any person charged with any maimed, or fumilies of witoffence against the public peace, shall have been mur

, nesses wyerdered. dered or maimed previous to the trial of tlie person or

persons accused, or of any of them, or on account of any

such evidence given, or that any magistrate or other peace officer shall be murdered or maimed on account of liis exertions as such magistrate, &c. to bring disturbers of the public peace to justice, it shall be lawful for the grand jury of the county, &c. within which such murder, &c. shall have been committed, to present such sum as they sliall think just, to be paid to the personal representative of such witness, magistrate, or peace officer, who shall be murdered, or to such witness, &c. who shall be maimed, having regard to the rank, degree, situation, and circumstances of such witness, &c. to be raised on the county at large, barony, halfbarony, or parish, in which such murder or maiming shall have been perpetrated, at the discretion of such grand jury. By s. 7. it shall be lawful for any justice

of peace in Ireland to arrest and bring before him, for Jaslices may arrest strangers

cause, &c.) any stranger sojourning or wandering, and suspectod. to examine him on oath respecting his place of abode,

the place from whence he came, his manner of livelihood, and his object or motive for remaining or coming into the county, &c. in which he shall be found; and unless he shall answer to the satisfaction of such magistrate, or provide sufficient security for his good behaviour, such magistrate shall commit him to gaol or to the house of correction, there to remain until he sball find such security, or until he be discharged

by such magistrate: Provided that such magistrate Names of pers shall, without delay after such committal, to be transmit mit to the lord lieutenant, a true report of such lenani, mittal, and the grounds and reasons thereof, the amount

of bail required, with the examination of the prisoner,

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ted to lord licu.

S. 8.

may act within

s. 9.

s. 10.

and the reasons alleged by him why he should not be committed, which such magistrate is required to take down in writing, in order that such person may be detained or discharged, as to the lord lieutenant may seem right. By s. 8. it shall be lawful for all magistrates of the adjacent counties at large, to execute this act

Magistrales of within the several counties of cities, or counties of towns, adjacent counties except the county of the city of Dublin; and in like cities, &c. ermanner that the several magistrates of such counties of cepi Dublin. cities, &c. shall have like power to execute this act in the adjacent counties at large. And by s, 9. all powers given to and duties required from magistrates of counties Magistrales of

cities, &c. to at large under this act, shall be given to, &c. all magis-act as those of

counties at large. trates of counties of cities, or counties of towns. By s. 10. if any action, &c. shall be brought against any person for what he shall do in pursuance, of this act, the saine

Persons enforce shall be commenced within 6 months after the offence, ing this act pro

tected against and shall be laid within the county where the act was actions. committed; and such person so sued may plead the general issue, &c. and if the plaintiff shall become nonsuit, or forbear prosecution, or suffer a discontinuance, or if a verdict or judgment on demurrer shall pass against him, the defendant shall recover treble costs. P. 655. 1. 3.--The 40 Geo. 3. c. 29. Ir. (called the

40 Geo.3. c.29. representation act, and which is incorporated in the act s; 3. Ir. of union) enacts (s. 3.) that no meeting shall be summoned, Summoning,

&c. meetings &c. or held, for the purpose of electing any person for electing oreto serve or act, or be considered, as representative of presentatives, any place, town, city, corporation, or borough, other in this act men

tioned, how than the aforesaid, (enumerated in this act,) or as repre- punished. sentative of the freemen, freeholders, householders, or inhabitants thereof, either in the parliament of the united kingdom, or elsewhere, unless it shall be otherwise provided by the parliament of the united kingdom; and every person summoning, calling, or holding any such meeting, or taking any part in any such election, or pretended election, shall incur the penalties of the statute of provision and præmunire, 16 Ric. 2. c. 5. E. & I.

P. 662

otherwise than as

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38 Geo. 3.c.73. 8. 1. Eng.

8. 2.

shall contain.

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P. 662. I. 11.--For preventing the mischiefs arising

from the printing and publishing newspapers, and papers Printers of

of a like nature, by persons not known, the 38 Geo. 3. news papers, &c. c. 78. Eng. provides, that no person shall print or publish

, to delirer affin davits, goto (or cause, &c.) any newspaper, or other paper concommissioners of stomps.

taining public news or intelligence, or serving the purpose of a newspaper, until an affidavit or affirmation, made and signed as herein-after mentioned, shall be delivered to the comniissioners for managing the stamp duties, at their head office, or to some of their officers in the respective towns, and at the respective offices which shall be appointed by said commissioners for receiving said affidavits, &c. (but which shall not be required to be upon stamped paper,) containing the several matters herein after specified. And

by s. 2. such affidavits, &c. shall specify the true names, Il'hat such affi

additions, descriptions, and places of abode of every davils, &c.

person who is intended to be the printer and publisher of the newspaper, &c. mentioned in such affidavit, &c. and of all the proprietors of the same, if the number of such proprietors, exclusive of the printer and publisher, does not exceed two, and in case the same shall exceed such number, then of 2 of such proprietors, esclusive of the printer and publisher, and also the amount of the proportional shares of such proprietors in the property of the newspaper, &c. and the true description of the house or building wherein such paper is intended to be printed, and likewise the title of such

paper. Provided (s. 3.) that where the number of such Provise in re proprietors, exclusive of the printer and publisher, does

. prei iu number exceed 2, the names of 2 proprietors, (the amount of of proprietors.

each of whose proportional shares shall not be less than the proportional share of any other proprietor,) exclusive of the printer and publisher, shall be specified in such

affidavit, &c. By s. 4. an affidavit, &c. of the like 8. 4.

import shall be made, &c. as often as any of the printers, I keaslediivil, Sc. to be made publishers, or proprietors named in such affidavits, &c. in case of change shall change their places of abode, or their printing

house, place, or office, and as often as the title of the paper shall be changed, and as often as the commissioners for


s. 3.

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s. 5.& 6.

managing the stamp duties shall see reasonable cause for requiring such affidavit, &c. and shall give notice that they do require the same, such notice to be left at such place as is mentioned in the affidavit, &c. last delivered, at the place at which such newspaper, &c. is printed. By s. 5. every such affidavit, &c. shall be in writing, and signed by the person or persons making

Affidavits, c. the same, and shall be taken by any one or more of how made and said commissioners, or by any officer specially appointed

signed. by said commissioners. By s. 6. where the printers and publishers of any newspaper, &c. together with such number of proprietors as are so required to be named in such affidavits, &c. shall not exceed 4 persons, the affidavit, &c. shall be sworn and signed, &c. by all said persons who are adult; and when the number shall exceed 4, the same shall be signed, &c. by 4 of such persons, if so many are adult, or by so many

of them as are adult; but the same shall contain the true names, descriptions, and places of abode of every person who is intended to be the printer, publisher, and of as many of the proprietors as are herein-before mentioned, of such newspaper, &c.; and the persons so signing, &c. such affidavit, &c. shall give notice, within 7 days after such affidavit shall be so delivered, to each of the persons not signing, &c. such affidavit, &c. but named therein as a proprietor, printer, or publisher, that he is so named therein ; upon pain of forfeiting £ 50. in case of neglect to give such notice. By s. 7. if any person shall knowingly and wilfully print or publish, (or cause, &c.) or shall knowingly and wilfully, either as a proprietor, or other- Penalty for

printing, &c. wise, sell, vend, or deliver out any newspaper, &c. i requisites not


complied with. such affidavit, &c. containing such matters as are required by this act, not having been duly signed, sworn, &c. und delivered, and as often as by this act is required, or any matter required by this act to be done not having been done, lie shall forfeit £100. And by s. 8. if any person shall knowingly and wilfully set forth in any affidavit, &c. any thing by this act required to be set Punishment for forth, contrary to the truth, or sball knowingly or fect ahdavil, wilfully omit to set forth tberein, according to the truth,


8. 7.

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