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Publishing Co., for a poem by T. Buchanan Read; to Messrs. Routledge & Co., for extracts from the works of Guy de Maupassant, in the translation of Laura Ensor; to Messrs. Harper Bros., for a translation of “ The Watch on the Rhine”; and to Gutenberg & Co., for

poems by Rose Terry Cooke. To Messrs. George Bancroft, Carl Schurz, Francis M. Finch, Robert Lowell, 'Edmund Clarence Stedman, Richard W. Gilder, Henry W. Grady, John W. Chadwick, John M. Crawford, W. T. Meredith, Joaquin Miller, David L. Proudfitt, Richard Henry Stoddard, Rossiter Johnson, Mrs. Mary Mapes Dodge, Miss Edna Dean Proctor, Miss Margaret J. Preston; and to the literary executors of Messrs. William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, and John B. Gough.

Selections from the writings of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Bayard Taylor, Bret Harte, and of Lucy Larcom are published by business arrangement with Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co.


William Covoper. 116

Bonnie Dundee.

Walter Scott. 84

Border Ballad...

Walter Scott. 94

Bugle Song, The.

. Alfred Tennyson. 289

Bull Fight, The..

Spanish Ballad. 155

Burial of Sir Thomas Moore, The.

Charles Wolfe. 60

Burial of John Brown, The..

Wendell Phillips. 15

Canadian Boat Song, A.

Thomas Moore. 292

Carmen Bellicosum...

Guy Humphrey McMaster. 35

Cardinal Wolsey on being cast off by Henry VIII.. William Shakespeare. 97

Cassius to Brutus..

.. William Shakespeare. 158

Cavalry Charge, The...

Edmund Clarence Stedman. 11

Cavalier's Escape, The.

Walter Thornbury. 82

Character of a Happy Life, The..

. Sir Henry Wotton. 264

Christmas Goose at the Cratchits', The...

.. Charles Dickens. 366

Christmas Hymn, A.

. Alfred Dommett. 355

Christmas Carol..

From the Neapolitan. 354

Christmas Day.

Charles Wesley. 353

Christmas in the Olden Time.

Walter Scott. 360

Civil War in America, The...

.John Bright. 7

Colors of the Regiment, The..

Frederick W. Robertson. 56

Complaint of the Bird in a Dark Room.

.Jean Paul Richter. 239


Walter Scott. 78

Cricket on the Hearth.

From the French of Béranger. 298

Crossing the Bar...

. Alfred Tennyson. 192

Crossing of the Rubicon, The.

.James Sheridan Knowles.


Cui Bono...

Thomas Carlyle. 191

Cure's Progress, The .

... Austin Dobson. 313

Dead Comrade, The..

.Richard Watson Gilder. 6

Dead in the Sierras.

. Joaquin Miller. 250

Death of Ajax, The.

Winthrop M. Praed. 178

Death of Harold..

Charles Dickens. 109

Death Ride, The....

Gerald Massey. 57

Death's Final Conquest...

..James Shirley. 276

Declaration of Independence, The..

Thomas Jefferson. 40

Decoration Day .

Francis M. Finch. 370

Destruction of Sennacherib.

.Lord Byron. 184

Dew-Drop, The......

.H. F. Amiel. 230

Don Quixote and the Windmills.

Miguel de Cervantes. 329

Duomo, The....

Anonymous. 226

Dying Gladiator, The.

.. Lord Byron. 177

Dying King, The..

Alexander Smith. 280


Edgar Allan Poe. 206

Eloquence of Action, The..

Daniel Webster. 47

Emancipation Proclamation, The

Carl Schurz. 17

Epigram on Francis Drake..

Ben Jonson. 100


Earl of Rochester. 331

Equality at Home.

. Anonymous. 305

Eulogy on Washington..

Richard Henry Lee. 369

Even in a Palace...

Marcus Aurelius. 238

Even in a Palace...

Matthew Arnold. 238

Eve of St. Bartholomew, The.

Walter Thornbury. 374

Evening in Paradise..

......John Milton. 348

Execution of Montrose, The...

William Edmonstone Aytoun. 90

Execution of Sir Thomas More, The.

James Anthony Froude. 99

Fan-Drill, The..

.Joseph Addison. 331


William T. Meredith. 12


Bret Harte. 193

Fifty and Fifteen.

Anonymous. 207

Fortitude ...

Marcus Aurelius. 273

Four-Leaved Clover.

. Anonymous. 340

Franklin's Toast

Anonymous. 53

Freedom of Thought..

Emilio Castelar. 26


Socrates. 197


. Edward Everett. 257

Gentleman, The .

.Richard Steele. 265


Edward Everett. 14

Gifts of God, The.

George Herbert. 263

Give up the Union..

Daniel S. Dickinson. 20

Glorious Song of Old, The...

Edmund Hamilton Sears. 357

Glove and the Lion, The..

Leigh Hunt. 279

Grasshopper and Cricket, The.

. Leigh Hunt. 346

Greyport Legend .

Bret Harte. 197


Bret Harte. 347

Government by Epigrams.

Guy de Maupassant. 121

Government by Epigrams. II.

Guy de Maupassant. 124

Guild's Signal...

. Bret Harte. 233

Had I wist......

Algernon Charles Swinburne. 292

Hamlet to the Players.

William Shakespeare. 271

Hannah binding Shoes

..Lucy Larcom. 253


Richard Chenevix Trench. 281

Haste not, rest not...

.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 256

Henry Fifth encouraging His Soldiers.. William Shakespeare. 104

Hermit, The.

George Eliot. 236



.John B. Gough. 7

Heroic Age, The...

Rufus Choate. 27

Highland Chase, The....

Walter Scott. 344
High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, The.. .Jean Ingelow. 244
Hope, Faith, and Love..

Friedrich Schiller. 255
Horatius at the Bridge.

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 168
How They brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix

Robert Browning. 128

Hunter's Song, The...

Barry Cornwall. 290

Immortals, The ..

. Edward Everett. 39

Inchcape Rock, The.

. Robert Southey. 274

Incident at Ratisbon, An..

Robert Browning. 135

In Excelsis Gloria...

. Old English Carol. 364

I saw Three Ships.

West of England Carol. 362


... Leigh Hunt. 234

January Wind.

Robert Buchanan. 335

Jenny kissed Me.

. Leigh Hunt. 324

King and People ..

Victor Hugo. 127

King and the Poet, The.

. Andreas Kerner. 229

King Edwin's Feast.

.John W. Chadwick. 199

King Harold's Speech to His Army.

Edward Bulwer Lytton. 111

King's Ring, The .....

Theodore Tilton. 224

Knighting of the Sirloin of Beef, The..

Anonymous. 365

Kullerwo and the Cheat-Cake..

The Kalevala. 202

Landing of the Pilgrims, The..

Felicia Hemans. 54

Land of Beulah, The.

..John Bunyan. 273

Last Leaf, The..

Oliver Wendell Holmes. 314


Thomas Babington Macaulay. 69


William Lloyd Garrison. 9


.John Milton. 272


Walter Scott. 85

Lord of Butrago, The.

· Spanish Ballad. 149

Lords of Thule....

From the German. 193

Love, Death, and Reputation.

Charles and Mary Lamb. 190

Marco Bozzaris ...

Fitz-Greene Halleck. 73

Marius amidst the Ruins of Carthage..

Winthrop M. Praed. 167

Mark Antony to the People on Cæsar's Death.. William Shakespeare. 163

Marseillaise, The ..

Rouget de L'Isle. 126


. Daniel Webster. 31


Edna Dean Proctor. 194

May-Day Song..

Old English. 370

Men always Fit for Freedom.

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 136

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