Language Lessons

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American Book Company, 1903 - English language - 160 pages

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Page 147 - Little by little," an acorn said, As it slowly sank in its mossy bed, "I am improving every day, Hidden deep in the earth away." Little by little, each day it grew; Little by little, it sipped the dew; Downward it sent out a thread-like root; Up in the air sprung a tiny shoot.
Page 22 - I once had a sweet little doll, dears, The prettiest doll in the world; Her cheeks were so red and so white, dears, And her hair was so charmingly curled. But I lost my poor little doll, dears, As I played in the...
Page 152 - COME, little leaves," said the wind one day, — " Come o'er the meadows with me, and play; Put on your dresses of red and gold : Summer is gone, and the days grow cold." Soon as the leaves heard the wind's loud call, Down they came fluttering, one and all ; Over the brown fields they danced and flew, Singing the soft little songs they knew...
Page 28 - ONE step and then another, And the longest walk is ended ; One stitch and then another, And the largest rent is mended ; One brick upon another, And the highest wall is made ; One flake upon another, And the deepest snow is laid.
Page 148 - Little by little," said a thoughtful boy, " Moment by moment, I'll well employ, Learning a little every day, And not spending all my time in play. And still this rule in my mind shall dwell :' Whatever I do, I will do it well.' Little by little, I'll learn to know The treasured wisdom of long ago ; And one of these days perhaps we'll see That the world will be the better for me.
Page 117 - I SHOT an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where ; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where ; For who has sight so keen and strong, That it can follow the flight of song ? Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke ; And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.
Page 34 - Little Jack Frost went up the hill Watching the stars and moon so still, Watching the stars and moon so bright, And laughing aloud with all his might. Little Jack Frost ran down the hill, Late in the night when the winds were still, Late in the Fall when the leaves fell down, Red and yellow and faded brown. "Little Jack Frost walked through the trees. 'Ah,' sighed the flowers, 'we freeze, we freeze !' "Ah," sighed the grasses, 'we die, we die!
Page 152 - Dear little lambs, in your fleecy fold, Mother will keep you from harm and cold ; Fondly we've watched you in vale and glade : Say, will you dream of our loving shade?
Page 66 - kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Page 155 - Honor and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honor lies.

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