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Ridgefield, Conn. 50 miles from New York, in the highlands of the Berkshires. All water sports, athletic fields, gymnasium. New boat house. One teacher to 6 boys gives each student individual attention. ROLAND Í MULFORD, Ph.D., Hoadmaster,

WATERBURY, CONN.. Founded 1875 Located in one of the most beautiful and healthful spots in New England. College Preparatory with certificate privileges. Courses in Music, Fine Arts. History, Languages, Domestic Science, Physical Culture and Swimming. School's 50-acre farm, I'mber. field." gives unusual opportunities for all sports, including tennis, basketball, skating, snowshoeing, etc. Girls here also put their Domestic Science teachings into actual practice. One hour from Hartford or New Haven

Send for catalog and views MISS EMILY GARDNER MUNRO, A.M., Principal


THE SANFORD SCHOOL Ridgewold, Redding Ridge, Conn. On a modern 800-acre farin. Varied life out-of-doors, as well

as athletics. Individual attention under experienced teachers. ('areful preparation for life as well as for all colleges. Lower School. D. S. SANFORD, A.M., Headmaster, Box E.

District of Columbia

The Thorpe School for a few. Boys. Specializes in

teaching vidual attention in any or all branches of college preparation. Instructors experienced in college requirements - school life amid homelike surroundings. Certificate privilege. Summer School opens July 17th - Fall term Oct. 2nd. Catalog, address CONNECTICUT, Stamford. EDW. 0. THORPE, M.A., Director.

National Cathedral School
For Girls. Fireproof building in Cathedral Close of 40 acres. 100
resident pupils. College certificate privilege. Music, Art, Ad-
vanced, and Special Courses.

President of the Board of Trustees.
JESSIE C. MeDONALD, M. S., Principal.
HELEN L. WEBSTER, Ph. D., Academie Hend.

Mount St. Alban, Washington, D. C.

D The Atlantic Monthly

Monthly 0010 mm Educational Directory i


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Miss Guild and Miss Evans' School

29 Fairfield St., and 200 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. 35th year. New commodious school building. Gymnasium. Domestic Science. Languages -- native teachers. Music, Art. College preparatory and general courses. Advanced courses for high school graduates.

Miss Mary Law McCLINTOCK, Principal,

4 Arlington Street,

Boston, Mass.

Announces the Second Year of his
Summer School for Teachers in Methods of Teaching

Music to Children
In Concord, Massachusetts June 12 to June 30 inclusive

Morning Class : Teaching Methods
Afternoon Class Music and Esthetics -

Symphonies, Chamber Music, etc.
Circular on application to Mr. SURETTE, 21 Lexington Road,
Concord, Massachusetts.


The Atlantic Monthly
my Educational Directory !


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stablished 1804. 15 miles from Springfield. An enowed school. Certificate privileges. Completely equipped

MASSACHUSETTS, Wollaston (Quincy) thletic field. Modern dormitory. Gymnasium. Rate Quincy Mansion School for Girls

In historic Quincy. Attractive estate, 6 miles from Boston. Ample 300. Fund for boys of proven worth. For catalog and grounds. Outdoor sports. Special and graduate courses. Advan

tages in Music, Art, Languages, Travel. Certiticates for college. ook of views, address THE PRINCIPAL, Monson, Mass.


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For Girls wanting college preparation a thorough
course is offered.
For Girls not going to college the school offers spe-
cial opportunities to pursue studies suited to their
tastes and needs.
For Girls desiring to specialize in Music or Art,
with Literature and Modern Languages, there are
well-known artists from New York and Philadelphia
as instructors for Piano, Singing, Violin, Violoncello,
Harp, Chamber Music, Painting, and Drawing.
Full advantage is taken, under careful supervision,
of Opera, Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony
Concerts, Theatre, Art Exhibits, and other educa-
tional opportunities of Philadelphia.
In Bryn Mawr, the beautiful college town, 10 miles
from Philadelphia. Stone building, sunny rooms,
home life, large grounds, hockey, tennis, basket
ball, riding. Catalog.

MOSES BROWN SCHOOL Upper School - Unique record for entrance preparation and for success of graduates in college. Studio, manual training, athletics, gymnasium, swimming pool Lower School - Special home care and training of younger boys. Graded classes. Outdoor sports. Catalog.

SETH K. GIFFORD, Ph.D., Principal, Providence, R.I.


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St. Hilda's Hall

GONTZ SCHOOL. Founded in 1850.

Charles Town,

W. Va. country school for young ladies. Near Philadelphia and A school for girls, near Washington, under auspices Bishope, Episcopal w York.' Jay Cooke estate, 65 acres.

Diocese. College Preparatory, Elective Courses, Music, Art, Athletics Miss ABBY A. SUTHERLAND, Principal.

under trained director. Rates $400. Catalog.

MARIAH PENDLETON DUVAL, Principal Entgomery Co., Penna.

(Former Principal Stuart Hall)

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