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Protraction of the siege of Ostend - Spanish invasion of Ireland – Prince

Maurice again on the march – Siege of Grave - State of the archduke's

army -- Formidable mutiny State of Europe -- Portuguese expedition to

Jara - Foundation there of the first Batavian trading settlement - Exploits

of Jacob Heemskerk - Capture of a Lisbon carrack - Progress of Dutch

- Oriental and Germanic republics — Commercial embassy from

the King of Atsgen in Sumatra to the Netherlands -- Surrender of Grave

-- Privateer work of Frederick Spinola – Destruction of Spinola's fleet by

English and Dutch cruisers -- Continuation of the siege of Ostend --- Fearful



Death of Queen Elizabeth — Condition of Spain - Legations to James I. -

Union of England and Scotland – Characteristics of the new monarch

The English Court and Government – Piratical practices of the English

Audience of the States' envoy with King James — Queen Elizabeth's scheme

for remodelling Europe — Ambassador extraordinary from Henry IV. to

James — De Rosny's strictures on the English people — Private interview

of De Rosny with the States' envoy — De Rosny's audience of the king

Objects of his mission - Insinuations of the Duke of Northumberland

Invitation of the embassy to Greenwich – Promise of James to protect the

Netherlands against Spain - Misgivings of Barneveld - Conference at

Arundel House - Its unsatisfactory termination — Contempt of De Rosny

for the English counsellors -- Political aspect of Europe -- De Rosny's dis-

closure to the king of the secret object of his mission — Agreement of James

to the proposals of De Rosny – Ratification of the treaty of alliance — Re-

turn of De Rosny and suite to France - Arrival of the Spanish ambas-


.. 136


Siege of Ostend — The Marquis Spinola made commander-in-chief of the

besieging army -- Discontent of the troops -- General aspect of the opera-

tions — Gradual encroachment of the enemy

.. 181


Policy of the King of France — Operations of Prince Maurice - Plans for a

Flemish Campaign — Passage into Flanders — Fort St. Catharine — Flight

of its garrison, and occupation by Maurice — Surrender of Ysendyke and

Aardenburg -- Skirmish at Stamper's Hook Siege of Sluys by Prince

Maurice - Ineffectual attempt of Spinola to relieve the town – Its capitu-

lation and restoration to the States -- Death of Lewis Gunther of Nassau -

Operations at Ostend - Surrender of the garrison - Desolation of the scene

after its evacuation

... 199


General desire for peace – Political aspect of Europe - Designs of the kings

of England, France, and Spain concerning the United Provinces — Matri-

monial schemes of Spain --- Conference between the French ministers and

Peace deliberations in Spain - Unpopularity of the project – Disaffection of

the courtiers – Complaints against Spinola — Conference of the Catholic

party — Position of Henry IV. towards the republic - State of France --

Further peace negotiations — Desire of King James of England for the

restoration of the States to Spain - Arrival of the French commissioners -

President Jeannin before the States-General -- Dangers of a truce with

Spain -- Dutch legation to England - Arrival of Lewis Verreyken at the

Hague with Philip's ratification - Rejection of the Spanislı treaty -

Withdrawal of the Dutch fleet from the Peninsula — The peace project

denounced by the party of Prince Maurice - Opposition of Maurice to

the plans of Barneveld — Amended ratification presented to the States-

General — Discussion of the conditions - Determination to conclude a

peace — Iudian trade - Exploits of Admiral Matelieff in the Malay penin-

sula – He lays siege to Malacca – Victory over the Spanish fleet - En-

deavour to open a trade with China --- Return of Matelieff to Holland 362

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