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tion 1071 of title 18, United States Code, Fulbright

relating to the concealing of persons



Lehman Robertson from arrest, so as to increase the penal


Russell THURSDAY, JULY 8, 1954 ties therein provided, in which it re- Hayden



Hendrickson quested the concurrence of the Senate.

Magnuson Schoeppel (Legislative day of Friday, July 2, 1954)

Hickenlooper Malone

Smathers The message also announced that the


Mansfield Smith, Maine The Senate met at 12 o'clock meridian, House had agreed to a concurrent reso- Holland


Smith, N. J. on the expiration of the recess.

lution (H. Con. Res. 250) authorizing Humphrey Maybank Sparkman The Chaplain, Rev. Frederick Brown the printing of additional copies of the


McCarran Stennis

Symington Harris, D. D., offered the following slip law for the Internal Revenue Code


Monroney Thye
of 1954, in which it requested the con- Johnson, Colo. Morse

Johnson, Tex. Mundt

Watkins Our Father God, whose love passeth currence of the Senate.

Johnston, S. C. Murray

Welker our understanding and whose mercy is

Kennedy Neely

Young wider than the sea, we turn to Thee



Pastore realizing that Thy purpose for us is

Knowland Payne vaster than any possible prayer we may

The message further announced that

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I announce lift to Thee. We thank Thee for all the Speaker had affixed his signature to

that the junior Senator from Wisconsin the disciplines which have been shaping the following enrolled bills, and they our lives across these pilgrim years, were signed by the Vice President:

[Mr. MCCARTHY] is absent on official

business. The senior Senator from Confor the mingled loss and pain, the de- H. R. 6412. An act to preserve the eligi

necticut [Mr. Bush], the junior Senator feats and triumphs, the shadows and bility of certain veterans to dental outpasunshine, which have combined to teach tient care and dental appliances;

from Connecticut [Mr. PURTELL], the us that all is dross and vanity save

H. R. 6893. An act to credit the Shoshone senior Senator from Wisconsin [Mr. faith and hope and love and the divine Irrigation District with a share of the net WILEY], and the Senator from Delaware

revenues from the Shoshone powerplant, discontent which lures us on to beckon

[Mr. WILLIAMS] are necessarily absent. and for other purposes; ing ethical heights.

H. R. 9008. An act to provide for the deposit

Mr. CLEMENTS. I announce that the In all the plans here made for the of savings of enlisted members of the Army,

Senator from Tennessee [Mr. GORE), governance of the Nation in these times Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and for the Senator from Missouri (Mr. HENthat are trying our souls, may Thy wis- other purposes; and

NINGS], the Senator from Tennessee dom prevail at last over all our fallible

H. R. 9232. An act to amend the Federal [Mr. KEFAUVER], the Senator from judgments; where there is anything Property and Administrative Services Act of

Oklahoma (Mr. KERR], and the Senator corrupt, purify it; where there is error,

1949, as amended, to extend until June 30,
1955, the period during which disposals of

from Arkansas [Mr. MCCLELLAN] are correct it; where there is right, estab- surplus property may be made by negotia- absent on official business. lish it; where there is division, unite it. tion.

The VICE PRESIDENT. A quorum is And as Thy servants here in the min.

present. istry of public affairs wrestle with

ORDER FOR TRANSACTION OF Morning business is in order. thorny problems that are pressing for solution, keep their hearts, we pray

ROUTINE BUSINESS Thee, from all envy, hatred, and malice, Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I REPORT ON INCLUSION OF ESCAPE so that in their thoughts and words and ask unanimous consent that immediately actions they may constantly reveal to

CLAUSES IN EXISTING TRADE following the quorum call there may be each other only the spirit of courtesy the customary morning hour for the

AGREEMENTS—MESSAGE FROM and understanding kindness. We ask it transaction of routine business, under

THE PRESIDENT (H. DOC. NO. 470) all in the dear Redeemer's name. Amen. the usual 2-minute limitation on The VICE PRESIDENT laid before speeches.

the Senate the following message from The VICE PRESIDENT. Without ob- the President of the United States, THE JOURNAL jection, it is so ordered.

which was read, and, with accompanyOn request of Mr. KNOWLAND, and by

ing report, was referred to the Comunanimous consent, the reading of the

mittee on Finance: Journal of the proceedings of Wednes

CALL OF THE ROLL day, July 7, 1954, was dispensed with.

Mr. KNOWLAND. I suggest the ab

To the Congress of the United States: sence of a quorum.

Pursuant to the provisions of subsecMESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Secre- tion (b) of section 6 of the Trade Agreetary will call the roll.

ments Extension Act of 1951 (65 Stat. Messages in writing from the Presi

The Chief Clerk called the roll, and 72, 73), I hereby submit to the Congress dent of the United States were commu

the following Senators answered to a report on the inclusion of escape nicated to the Senate by Mr. Hawks, their names:

clauses in existing trade agreements. one of his secretaries.


This report was prepared for me by
Anderson Capehart Douglas

the Interdepartmental Committee on Barrett Carlson



Trade Agreements.

DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER. A message from the House of Repre- Bowring Clements Ellender sentatives, by Mr. Maurer, its reading


THE WHITE HOUSE, July 8, 1954.

Flanders clerk, announced that the House had

(Enclosure: Report on trade agreeBurke Crippa

Ferguson passed a bill (H. R. 7486) to amend sec- Butler


ment escape clauses.) C-628






EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS, Whereas Public Law 920 and the Minne- H. R. 9561. A bill to correct typographical ETC.

sota Civil Defense Act of 1951 have made errors in Public Law 368, Eighty-third Con

civil defense a governmental responsibility; gress (Rept. No. 1758). The VICE PRESIDENT laid before and

By Mr. SALTONSTALL, from the Committhe Senate the following letters, which Whereas the degeneration of the interna

tee on Armed Services, with amendments: were referred as indicated: tional situation emphasizes the increasing

H. R. 9006. A bill to amend the act of May LAWS ENACTED BY MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF ST. need for preparedness; and

22, 1896, as amended, concerning the loan Whereas the development of destructive or gift of works of art and other material CROIX, V. I.

weapons the enemy is capable of delivering (Rept. No. 1759). A letter from the Assistant Secretary of

to American cities can cause conflagrations the Interior, transmitting, pursuant to law,

and fire storms far exceeding anything herecopies of laws enacted by the Municipal tofore experienced in our history; and

BILLS INTRODUCED Council of St. Croix, V. I. (with accompany

Whereas a complete inventory and analysis Bills were introduced, read the first ing papers); to the Committee on Interior

of every piece of fire-fighting equipment, and Insular Affairs.

time, and, by unanimous consent, the including State-owned equipment, operated

second time, and referred as follows: REPORT OF FEDERAL MEDIATION AND CON- by local fire departments in Minnesota has CILIATION SERVICE given only an inadequate amount of fire

By Mr. POTTER: A letter from the Director, Federal Mediaapparatus for the direct support of the criti

S. 3715. A bill for the relief of Edward tion and Conciliation Service, Washington, cal target areas of St. Paul and Minneapolis

White; to the Committee on the Judiciary. D. C., transmitting, pursuant to law, a reand the target area of Duluth: Now, there

By Mr. FERGUSON: port of that Service for the fiscal year ended fore, be it

S. 3716. A bill to amend the act of June June 30, 1953 (with an accompanying re

Resolved, That we the undersigned, the

30, 1948, so as to extend for 5 additional port); to the Committee on Labor and State civil defense fire defense board,

years the authority of the Secretary of the established under the authority of the Min

Interior to issue patents for certain public Public Welfare. nesota civil defense plan, meeting in the

lands in Monroe County, Mich., held under CIVIL DEFENSE COMPACT ENTERED INTO BY State civil defense control center, 1643 Rice

color of title; to the Committee on Interior STATES OF IDAHO AND UTAH

and Insular Affairs. Street, St. Paul, Minn., on the 25th day of A letter from the Administrator, Federal June, 1954, respectfully request congressional

S. 3717. A bill for the relief of George J. Civil Defense Administration, Washington, representatives of the people of Minnesota

Athanassopoulos; to the Committee on the D. C., transmitting, for the consent of Con- and other States to appropriate Federal

Judiciary. gress, copies of a civil defense compact en- moneys for the purpose of matching local

By Mr. MARTIN (for himself, Mr. tered into between the States of Idaho and and State funds for the purchase of fire

DUFF, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, and

Utah (with accompanying papers); to the fighting equipment to strengthen the opera-
Committee on Armed Services.
tional effectiveness of the fire-fighting serv-

S. 3718. A bill granting the consent of ices in Minnesota.

Congress to a supplemental compact or

agreement between the Commonwealth of Frank Everett, Rochester, Fire Defense

Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey APPROPRIATIONS FOR PURCHASE

Chief, MSU I, 20 Counties Southeast
Minnesota; Percy Burns, Keewatin, Bridge Commission, and for other purposes;

concerning the Delaware River Joint Toll OF FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT

Fire Defense Chief, MSU II, 8 Coun

to the Committee on Public Works. LETTER AND RESOLUTION

ties Northeast Minnesota; William A.

By Mr. COOPER (by request): Mr. THYE. Mr. President, I present . Herbert, Crookston, Fire Defense Chief,

S. 3719. A bill to amend section 2. of the

MSU III, 15 Counties Northwest Mina letter from Col. E. B. Miller, Director,

nesota; Conrad Lund, Alexandria, Fire

Missing Persons Act, so as to provide that Civil Defense, State of Minnesota, trans

benefits thereunder shall be available to

Defense Chief, MSU IV, 24 Counties mitting a resolution adopted by the State

Central Minnesota; Ben Bangerter,

certain members of the Philippine Scouts;

to the Committee on Armed Services. Civil Defense Fire Defense Board, at St.

Mankato, Fire Defense Chief, MSU V,
20 Counties Southwest Minnesota;

(See the remarks of Mr. COOPER when he Paul, Minn., relating to appropriations

introduced the above bill, which appear unof Federal moneys for the purpose of

Leonard C. Lund, Deputy Commis-
sioner, Fire Marshal Division, State of

der a separate heading.) matching local and State funds for the

By Mr. FERGUSON: purchase of fire-fighting equipment. I

Minnesota; R. C. Malmquist, Fire Chief,

S. 372ő. A bill to prohibit the payment of ask unanimous consent that the letter

City of Minneapolis; W. H. Mattocks,
Fire Chief, City of St. Paul; A. E. Pim-

annuities, retired pay, and other benefits, to and resolution be appropriately referred

ley, Fire Protection, Forestry Division,

persons convicted of certain offenses, and and printed in the RECORD.

State Department of Conservation.

for other purposes; to the Committee on

Post Office and Civil Service. There being no objection, the letter

(See the remarks of Mr. FERGUSON when and resolution were referred to the

he introduced the above bill, which appear Committee on Armed Services, and or

REPORTS OF COMMITTEES under a separate heading.) dered to be printed in the RECORD, as

The following reports of committees follows:

were submitted: STATE OF MINNESOTA,


By Mr. MILLIKIN, from the Committee MISSING PERSONS ACT TO INSt. Paul, Minn., June 28, 1954. on Interior and Insular Affairs:


S. 964. A bill to authorize the construcHon. EDWARD J. THYE,


tion, operation, and maintenance by the Washington, D.C.

Secretary of the Interior of the Fryingpan- Mr. COOPER. Mr. President, by re

Arkansas project, Colorado; with amendDEAR SENATOR THYE: Enclosed herewith is

quest, I introduce for appropriate referments (Rept. No. 1754). copy of a resolution adopted by the Minne

ence a bill to amend section 2 of the sota State Civil Defense Fire Board, as estab

By Mr. CARLSON, from the Committee

Missing Persons Act, so as to provide that lished under the Minnesota civil defense on Post Office and Civil Service:

benefits thereunder shall be available to plan, unanimously passed at a fire confer

S. 2634. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Wilence on June 25, 1954. liam A. Curran; with amendments (Rept.

certain members of the Philippine No. 1755).

Scouts. I ask unanimous consent to It should be explained that the board is representing the entire State of Minnesota

By Mr. AIKEN, from the Committee on

have printed in the RECORD an explanain fire matters pertaining to civ'l defense. Agriculture and Forestry:

tion of the bill prepared by the American The individuals noted as fire defense chiefs

S. 3697. A bill to amend the act of April Legion.

6, 1937, as amended, to include cooperation The VICE PRESIDENT. The bill will of the five mobile support units are them

with the Governments of Canada or Mexico selves local fire chiefs who have been se

be received and appropriately referred; or local Canadian or Mexican authorities lected by all local fire chiefs in their particu

and, without objection, the statement for the control of incipient or emergency lar areas of jurisdiction to represent those

will be printed in the RECORD. outbreaks of insect pests or plant diseases;

The bill (S. 3719) to amend section 2 of areas.

without amendment (Rept. No. 1756). May I request that you give the matter

the Missing Persons Act, so as to provide

By Mr. SALTONSTALL, from the Commityour immediate and urgent personal atten

that benefits thereunder shall be availtee on Armed Services, without amendment: tion.

able to certain members of the Philip

H. R. 6422. A bill to authorize the Secretary Thanking you, I am,

of the Army to convey to the Government's pine Scouts, introduced by Mr. COOPER, Sincerely yours,

grantors certain lands erroneously conveyed by request, was received, read twice by Col. E. B. MILLER,

by them to the United States (Rept. No. its title, and referred to the Committee Director, Civil Defense, State of Minnesota. 1757); and

on Armed Services.

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