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of such State is of (ii) the sum of such shall be equal to 75 percent of the cost of appointed for the remainder of such term allotment and the amount of 1954 State such project for the first biennium in such and except that, of the members first apfunds.

period, 50 percent of such cost for the second pointed, 3 shall hold office for a term of (D) The 1954 State funds for any State biennium in such period, and 25 percent of 3 years, 3 shall hold office for a term of 2 shall be the amount of State and other non- such cost for the last biennium in such years, and 3 shall hold office for a term of 1 Federal funds available for expenditures, period, except that, at the request of the year, as designated by the Secretary at the under such State's plan approved under this State, such payments may be less than such time of appointment. None of such 12 act, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, percentage of the cost of such project.

members shall be eligible for reappointment as estimated by the Secretary for purposes "(c) No payment may be made from an until a year has elapsed after the end of his of determining such State's allotment for allotment under this section with respect to preceding term. such year for such expenditures.

any cost with respect to which any payment “(2) The Council is authorized to review “(4) If in any State there is, during the is made under section 2.

applications for special projects submitted fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and during "(d) In the case of any State for which

to the Secretary under this section and any subsequent fiscal year ending prior to there is a separate State agency administer- recommend to the Secretary for grants unJuly 1, 1962, a separate State agency adminis- ing or supervising the administration of the der this section any such projects or any tering or supervising the administration of part of a State plan under which vocational projects initiated by it which it believes that part of the State plan under which rehabilitation services are provided for the show promise of making valuable contribuvocational rehabilitation services are pro- blind, the State's allotment under this sec

tions to the vocational rehabilitation of disvided for the blind, separate adjusted Fed- tion shall be divided between such agency abled persons. The Secretary is authorized eral shares shall be established for each such and the State agency administering (or su- to utilize the services of any member or subsequent fiscal year for such agency and pervising the administration of) the re

members of the Council in connection with for the State agency administering or super

mainder of the State plan in the same pro- matters relating to the administration of vising the administration of the remainder portion as the Secretary estimates at the

this section, for such periods, in addition of the State plan, and for purposes of para

beginning of the year State and other non- to conference periods, as he may determine. graph (2) of this subsectionFederal funds will be available, during the

"(3) Appointed members of the council, “(A) the 1954 Federal share for each shall fiscal year for which the allotment is made,

while attending meetings of the Council or be the percentage which (i) the portion of for meeting the cost of vocational rehabilita

while otherwise serving at the request of the State's allotment for the fiscal year endtion services under the two portions of the

the Secretary, shall be entitled to receive ing June 30, 1954, which was made availState plan.

compensation at a rate to be fixed by the able to each, is of (ii) the portion of the


Secretary, but not exceeding $50 per diem, sum of such allotment and the amount of

"SEC. 4. (a) From the sums available

and shall also be entitled to receive an al1954 State funds available to each for extherefore for any fiscal year, the Secretary

lowance for actual and necessary traveling penditures, under the State plan approved shall make grants to States, and public and

and subsistence expenses while so serving under this act, during such year; and other nonprofit organizations and agencies

away from their places of residence. “(B) the portion of the allotment referred for paying part of the cost of projects (in

(4) The Secretary shall transmit to the to in subparagraph (A) of such paragraph

cluding training and traineeships) which, Congress annually a report concerning the (2) for each shall be the portion of the

in the judgment of the Secretary, hold special projects initiated under this section, State's allotment allocated to each pursuant unique promise of making a substantial con

the recommendations of the National Adto clause (A) of subsection (a) (4) (or, in

tribution to the solution of vocational reha- visory Council on Vocational Rehabilitation, the case of any year ending after June 30,

bilitation problem's common to all or several and any action taken with respect to such 1959, the portion which would be allocated

States, and of projects or measures directed recommendations. to each upon application of such clause at meeting vocational rehabilitation prob

"STATE PLANS (A)). lems of special national significance or

"SEC. 5. (a) To be approvable under this "GRANTS TO STATES FOR EXTENSION AND


act, a State plan for vocational rehabilita(b) The Secretary shall be authorized to

tion services shall"SEC. 3. (a) (1) From the sums available cooperate in assisting with the financing of for any fiscal year for grants to States to a pilot demonstration rehabilitation center

(1) designate the state agency adminin the metropolitan Washington area to be assist them in initiating projects for the

istering or supervising the administration

of vocational education in the State, or a extension and improvement of vocational used as a guide for rehabilitation centers

State rehabilitation agency (primarily conrehabilitation services, each State shall be which may be set up later in other parts of

cerned with vocational rehabilitation), as entitled to an allotment of an amount bear

the country. Sums made available for such ing the same ratio to such sums as the popua pilot demonstration center in the Wash

the sole State agency to administer the lation of such States bears to the population ington area shall not exceed $1 million a

plan or to supervise its administration in a of all the States. The allotment to any State year to be expended for such services as

political subdivision of the State by a sole under the preceding sentence for any fiscal hospitalization, domiciliary care, and reha

local agency of such political subdivision, year which is less than $5,000 (or such other bilitation training, including costs of board

except that where under the State's law, the amount as may be specified as a minimum and room of trainees and other services es

State blind commission, or other agency allotment in the act appropriating such sums sential to the program as in the discretion

which provides assistance or services to the for such year) shall be increased to that of the Secretary deems desirable. The serv

adult blind, is authorized to provide them amount, the total of the increases thereby ices of such a pilot demonstration rehabili

vocational rehabilitation services, such State tation center in the metropolitan Washing

blind commission or other State agency may required being derived by proportionately reducing the allotments to each of the reton area shall be made available to area civil

be designated as the sole State agency to maining States under the preceding senservice employees as well as to other patients.

administer the part of the plan under which tence, but with such adjustments as may

"(c) Payments under this section may be

vocational rehabilitation services are promade in advance or by way of reimburse

vided for the blind (or to supervise the adbe necessary to prevent the allotment of ment for services performed and purchases

ministration of such part in a political subany of such remaining States from being thereby reduced to less than that amount. made, as may be determined by the Secre

division of the State by a sole local agency “(2) From each State's allotment availtary; and shall be made on such conditions

of such political subdivision) and the State able for such purpose for any fiscal year, the as the Secretary finds necessary to carry out

vocational education agency or the State the purposes of this section.

rehabilitation agency shall be designated as Secretary shall pay to such State a portion of the cost of approved projects for the ex

(d) (1) There is hereby established in

the sole State agency with respect to the tension and improvement of vocational rethe Department of Health, Education, and

rest of the State plan; habilitation services (including their adminWelfare a National Advisory Council on Vo

“(2) provide for financial participation by istration) under the State plan. The Secrecational Rehabilitation, consisting of the

the State, and provide that the plan shall be tary shall approve any project for purposes Secretary, or his designee, who shall be

in effect in all political subdivisions of the of this section only if the plan of such State Chairman, and 12 members appointed

State; approved under section 5 includes such proj- without regard to civil-service laws by the (3) show the plan, policies, and methods ect or is modified to include it and only Secretary. The 12 appointed members

to be followed in carrying out the work unif he finds the project constitutes an exten- shall be leaders in fields concerned with vo- der the State plan and in its administration sion or improvement of vocational rehabili- cational rehabilitation or in public affairs,

and supervision; tation services under the State plan or will and 6 of such 12 shall be selected from “(4) provide such methods of administracontribute materially to such an extension leading medical, educational, or scientific tion, other than methods relating to the or improvement.

authorities who are outstanding for their establishment and maintenance of person(b) Payments under this section with work in the vocational rehabilitation of nel standards, as are found by the Secrerespect to any project may be made for a disabled persons. Three of the 12 ap- tary to be necessary for the proper and effiperiod of not to exceed 6 years beginning pointed members shall be persons who are cient administration of the plan; with the commencement of the first fiscal themselves physically handicapped. Each “(5) contain (A) provisions relating to year for which any payment is made with appointed member of the Council shall hold the establishment and maintenance of perrespect to such projects from an allotment office for a term of 4 years, except that any sonnel standards, including provisions relatunder this section. To the extent permitted member appointed to fill a vacancy occur- ing to the tenure, selection, appointment, by the State's allotments under this section, ring prior to the expiration of the term for and qualifications of personnel, and (B) such payments with respect to any project which his predecessor is appointed shall be provisions relating to the establishment and maintenance of minimum standards gove operators of vending stands within same Fed- for disabled individuals; and, in the case of erning the facilities and personnel utilized eral buildings.

any such individual found to require finanin the provision of vocational rehabilitation


cial assistance with respect thereto, after services;

full consideration of his eligibility for any

PAYMENTS (6) provide that, in addition to training,

similar benefit by way of pension, compensamaintenance, placement, and guidance,

"SEC. 7. The method of computing and

tion, and insurance, any other goods and physical restoration services will be propaying amounts pursuant to section 2 or 3

services necessary to render such individual vided under the plan; shall be as follows:

fit to engage in a remunerative occupation, “(7) provide that the State agency will

"(a) The Secretary shall, prior to the be

including the following physical restoration make such reports, in such form and conginning of each calendar quarter or other

and other goods and servicestaining such information, as the Secretary period prescribed by him, estimate the

(1) corrective surgery or therapeutic may from time to time reasonably require amount to be paid to each State under the

treatment necessary to correct or substanto carry out his functions under this act, provisions of such section for such period, tially modify a physical or mental condition and comply with such provisions as he may such estimate to be based on such records of

which is stable or slowly progressive and from time to time find necessary to assure the State and information furnished by it,

constitutes a substantial handicap to emthe correctness and verification of such and such other investigation, as the Secre

ployment, but is of such a nature that such reports; tary may find necessary.

correction or modification may reasonably “(8) provide for cooperation by the State “(b) The Secretary shall pay, from the

be expected to eliminate or substantially agency with, and the utilization of the serv- allotment available therefor, the amount so

reduce such handicap within a reasonable ices of, the State agency administering the estimated by him for such period, reduced

length of time; State's public assistance program, and the

or increased, as the case may be, by any “(2) necessary hospitalization in connecBureau of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance sum (not previously adjusted under this

tion with surgery or treatment specified in (Department of Health, Education, and Wel- subsection) by which he finds that his esti

subparagraph (1); fare) and of other Federal, State, and local mate of the amount to be paid the State for

“(3) such prosthetic devices as are essenpublic agencies providing services relating

any prior period under such section was tial to obtaining or retaining employment; to vocational rehabilitation services; and greater or less than the amount which should

“(4) maintenance, not exceeding the esti“(9) provide for entering into cooperative have been paid to the State for such prior

mated cost of subsistence, during rehabilitaarrangements with the system of public em- period under such action. Such payments

tion; ployment offices in the State and the utili- shall be made prior to audit or settlement by

“(5) tools, equipment, initial stocks and zation of the services of such offices. the General Accounting Office, shall be made

supplies (including equipment and initial "(b) The Secretary shall approve any plan through the disbursing facilities of the

stocks and supplies for vending stands), which the Secretary finds fulfills the condi- Treasury Department, and shall be made in

books, and training materials, to any or all tions specified in subsection (a) of this such installments as the Secretary may

of which the State may retain legal title; section. determine.

and "(c) Whenever the Secretary, after reason


(6) transportation (except where necesable notice and opportunity for hearing to "SEC. 8. (a) In carrying out his duties un- sary in connection with determination of elithe State agency administering or supervis- der this act, the Secretary shall

gibility or nature and scope of services) and ing the administration of the State plan ap- “(1) make studies, investigations, demon- occupational licenses. proved under this section, finds that, strations, and reports with respect to abili

Such term also includes“(1) the plan has been so changed that it ties, aptitudes, and capacities of handicapped no longer complies with the requirements of

(7) the acquisition of vending stands or individuals, development of their potentiali

other equipment and initial stocks and supsubsection (a) of this section; or

ties, and their utilization in gainful and “(2) in the administration of the plan suitable employment;

plies for use by severely disabled persons in there is a failure to comply substantially

any type of small business the operation of

(2) cooperate with and render technical with any such provision;

which will be improved through manageassistance to States in matters relating to the

ment and supervision by the State agency; the Secretary shall notify such State agency vocational rehabilitation of disabled indi

and that no further payments will be made to viduals;

“(8) the establishment of public and other the State under section 2 or 3 (or, in his (3) provide short-term training and in- nonprofit rehabilitation facilities to provide discretion, that further payments will not be struction in technical matters relating to services for disabled individuals and the made to the State for projects under or vocational rehabilitation services, including establishment of public and other nonprofit parts of the State plan affected by such the establishment and maintenance of such workshops for the severely disabled. failure), until he is satisfied that there is no research fellowships and traineeships, with "(b) The term 'disabled individual' means longer any such failure. Until he is so satis- such stipends and allowances (including any individual who is under a physical or fied the Secretary shall make no further travel and subsistence expenses), as he may mental disability which constitutes a subpayments to such State under section 2 or 3 deem necessary; and

stantial handicap to employment, but which (or shall limit payments to projects under “(4) disseminate information as to the is of such a nature that vocational rehabilior parts of the State plan in which there is

studies, investigations, demonstrations, and tation services may reasonably be expected no such failure).

reports referred to in paragraph (1) and to render him fit to engage in a remunerative (d) (1) If any State is dissatisfied with other matters relating to vocational rehabili. occupation. the Secretary's action under subsection (c) tation services, and otherwise promote the "(c) The term

term 'rehabilitation facility' of this section, such State may appeal to the cause of rehabilitation of disabled individ- means a facility operated for the primary United States Court of Appeals for the cir- uals and their greater utilization in gainful purpose of assisting in the rehabilitation of cuit in which such State is located. The and suitable employment.

disabled personssummons and notice of appeal may be served

“(b) The Secretary is authorized to make "(1) which provides one or more of the at any place in the United States. The Sec

rules and regulations governing the adminis- following types of services: retary shall forthwith certify and file in the

tration of this act, and to delegate to any "(A) testing, fitting, or training in the use court the transcript of the proceedings and

officer or employee of the United States such of prosthetic devices; the record on which he based his action.

of his powers and duties, except the making "(B) prevocational or conditioning ther“(2) The findings of fact by the Secretary,

of rules and regulations, as he finds neces- apy; unless substantially contrary to the weight

sary in carrying out the purposes of this act. “(C) physical or occupational therapy; of the evidence, shall be conclusive; but the


“(D) adjustment training; or court, for good cause shown, may remand the

(E) evaluation or control of special discase to the Secretary to take further evi- "SEC. 9. Annual reports shall be made to

abilities; or dence, and the Secretary may thereupon the Congress by the Secretary as to the ad

“(2) through which is provided an intemake new or modified findings of fact and ministration of this act.

grated program of medical, psychological, may modify his previous action, and shall

"AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATION FOR social, and vocational evaluation and serycertify to the court the transcript and rec


ices under competent professional superord of the further proceedings. Such new or modified findings of fact shall likewise be

"SEC. 10. There are hereby authorized to

vision: Provided, That the major portion of be included for each fiscal year in the appro

such evaluation and services are furnished conclusive unless substantially contrary to the weight of the evidence. priations for the Department of Health, Edu

within the facility and that all medical and cation, and Welfare such sums as are neces

related health services are prescribed by, or “(3) The court shall have jurisdiction to affirm the action of the Secretary or to set sary to administer the provisions of this act.

are under the formal supervision of, persons

licensed to practice medicine or surgery in it aside, in whole or in part. The judgment


the State. of the court shall be subject to review by "SEC. 11. For purposes of this act

“(d) The term 'workshop' means a place the Supreme Court of the United States upon (a) The term 'vocational rehabilitation where any manufacture or handiwork is certiorari or certification as provided in title services' means diagnostic and related serv- carried on and which is operated for the 28, United States Code, section 1254,

ices (including transportation) incidental to primary purpose of providing remunerative "SEC. 6. Preference for the installation the determination of eligibility for and the employment to severely disabled individuals and/or operation of vending machines within nature and scope of services to be provided; who cannot be readily absorbed in the comFederal buildings shall be given to blind training, guidance and placement services petitive labor market.

"(e) The term 'nonprofit', when used with "(k) The term 'Secretary', except when so as to promote and assist in the exrespect to a rehabilitation facility or a work- the context otherwise requires, means the tension and improvement of vocational shop, means a rehabilitation facility and Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

rehabilitation services, a workshop, respectively, owned and operated


provide for a “TRANSITION PROVISIONS by a corporation or association, no part of the

more effective use of available Federal net earnings of which inures, or may law

"SEC. 12. In the case of any State which, funds, and otherwise improve the profully inure, to the benefit of any private

immediately prior to July 1, 1954, was carry- visions of that act, and for other purshareholder or individual. ing on a vocational-rehabilitation program

poses, with House amendment thereto, (f) Establishment of a workshop or reunder a State plan approved under this

insist on the House amendment and ask habilitation facility meansact, such State plan shall be deemed to be

for a conference with the Senate. “(1) in the case of a workshop, the ex

a State plan approved under section 5 of

this act until (a) the Secretary finds, after pansion, remodeling, or alteration of exist

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to reasonable notice and opportunity for a hearing buildings, necessary to adapt such build

the request of the gentleman from ings to workshop purposes or to increase the ing to the State agency, that such plan has Pennsylvania? [After a pause.) The

] employment opportunities in workshops, and

been so changed that it no longer complies Chair hears none, and appoints the folthe acquisition of initial equipment neceswith any provision required to be included

lowing conferees: Messrs. MCCONNELL, in such plan under this act as in effect prior GWINN, SMITH of Mississippi, BARDEN, sary for new workshops or to increase the

to the enactment of the Vocational Rehabiliemployment opportunities in workshops;

and KELLEY of Pennsylvania. tation Amendments of 1954, or in the adminand “(2) in the case of a rehabilitation facility, comply substantially with any such proistration of such plan there is a failure to

Without objection, the proceedings

whereby the bill H. R. 9640 was passed the expansion, remodeling, or alteration of

vision, or (b) the plan is superseded by a will be vacated and that bill laid on the existing buildings, and initial equipment of

plan approved under section 5 of this act, or table. such buildings, necessary to adapt such buildings to rehabilitation facility purposes (c) July 1, 1955, whichever occurs first.

There was no objection. or to increase their effectiveness for such

"SHORT TITLE purpose (subject, however, to such limita- "SEC. 13. This act may be cited as the tion as the Secretary may by regulations 'Vocational Rehabilitation Act'."

CONVEYING CERTAIN LANDS TO prescribe in order to prevent impairment of


BOARD OF EDUCATION OF PRINCE the objective of, or duplication of, other Federal laws providing Federal assistance to

SEC. 3. The amendments made by section

GEORGES COUNTY, UPPER MARLStates in the construction of such facilities) 2 shall become effective July 1, 1954.

BORO, MD. and initial staffing thereof (for a period not VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION PROGRAM IN THE Mr. MCCONNELL. Mr. Speaker, I ask exceeding 1 year).


unanimous consent to take from the "(g) The term 'State' includes Alaska, the

SEC. 4. (a) The personnel, property, rec- Speaker's desk the bill (H. R. 4496) with District of Columbia, Hawaii, the Virgin Is

ords, and unexpended balances of appropria, Senate amendment thereto and concur lands, and Puerto Rico, and for purposes of tions, allocations, and other funds (available in the Senate amendment. section 4, includes also Guam. or to be made available), which the Director

The Clerk read the title of the bill. "(h) (1) The 'allotment percentage' for of the Bureau of the Budget determines reany State shall be 100 percent less that

The Clerk read the Senate amend. late primarily to the provision of vocational percentage which bears the same ratio to rehabilitation services in the District of

ment as follows: 50 percent as the per capita income of such Columbia or the performance of functions Page 2, line 12, after "America", insert State bears to the per capita income of the of a State licensing agency under the act “(a) all right, title, and interest in and to continental United States (excluding Alas- of June 20, 1936 (20 U. S. C., ch. 6A), shall any and all oil, gas, hydrocarbons, minerals, ka), except that (A) the allotment per)

be transferred, within 90 days after the en- or other ores, and source of fissionable matecentage shall in no case be more than 75 actment of this act, from the Department of rials and substance, together with the right percent or less than 3343 percent, and (B) Health, Education, and Welfare to the

to prospect for, mine, extract, and remove the allotment percentage for Hawaii shall be Municipal Government of the District of

the same, and (b).” 50 percent, and the allotment percentage for Columbia for use in providing such services Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands in the District of Columbia, but no funds

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to shall be 75 percent.

transferred hereunder shall be used for any the request of the gentleman from Penn“(2) The allotment percentages shall be purposes other than the purposes for which sylvania? promulgated by the Secretary between July they were appropriated.

Mr. BAILEY. Mr. Speaker, reserving 1 and August 31 of each even-numbered year, (b) The Board of Commissioners of the

the right to object, I would like to have on the basis of the average of the per capita District of Columbia is hereby authorized,

the distinguished gentleman explain incomes of the States and of the continental within available appropriations including United States for the three most recent con

these amendments. transferred funds, to take such action as secutive years for which satisfactory data may be necessary to secure for the District

Mr. MCCONNELL. Mr. Speaker, I will are available from the Department of Com- of Columbia the benefits of the Vocational

be glad to. Our colleague [Mr. SMALL] merce, Such promulgation shall be con- Rehabilitation Act, as amended by this act, of Maryland introduced this bill in clusive for each of the 2 fiscal years in and the act of June 20, 1936 (20 U. S. C., ch. April of this year. It is a bill to authorthe period beginning July 1 next succeeding 6A).

ize and direct the conveyance of certain such promulgation: Provided, That the Sec- (c) Notwithstanding anything to the con- lands to the Board of Education of retary shall promulgate such percentages as trary in section 2 or any other provision of

Prince Georges County, Upper Marlboro, soon as possible after the enactment of the this act, the Secretary of Health, Education, Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of

Maryland, so as to permit the construcand Welfare is authorized to continue the 1954, which promulgation shall be conclu- performance of functions relating to the pro

tion of public educational facilities ursive for the 3 fiscal years in the period ending vision of vocational rehabilitation services in gently required as a result of increased June 30, 1957.

the District of Columbia until completion of defense and other essential Federal (i) The 'Federal share' for any State for the transfer provided in subsection (a) in activities in that area. any fiscal year shall be 100 percent less that like manner as such functions were being This bill was considered thoroughly percentage which bears the same ratio to performed by such Secretary immediately

by our committee. The gentleman 45 percent as the per capita income of such prior to the enactment of this act.

from Texas [Mr. LUCAS] offered an State bears to the per capita income of the Mr. MCCONNELL. Mr. Speaker, I amendment to strike out the part which continental United States (excluding Alasoffer an amendment.

reserved to the Federal Government the ka), except that (A) the Federal share shall

The Clerk read as follows:

mineral rights under the land. I spoke in no case exceed 65 percent nor be less than 45 percent, and (B) the Federal share

Amendment offered by Mr. MCCONNELL:

to him today, and he informed me that for Hawaii and Alaska shall be 55 percent,

Strike out all after the enacting clause and he would not object to the mineral

insert the provisions of the bill H. R. 9640 reservation being in this particular bill. and the Federal share for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands shall be 65 percent. In as it passed the House.

He said he would not object to that at

this time because of the urgency for computing the Federal share of a State for The amendment was agreed to.

action. The school district wants to a fiscal year, the Secretary shall use the The bill was ordered to be read a third same figures for per capita incomes of the

construct additional facilities. In view time, was read the third time, and States and of the United States as he used passed, and a motion to reconsider was

of the Senate action, and the need for in computing the allotment percentage of

quick action by the school board, he laid on the table. such State for such year.

feels he would not wish to continue his “(j) The population of the several States

Mr. MCCONNELL. Mr. Speaker, I ask objection. Normally, Mr. Lucas disshall be determined on the basis of the latest

unanimous consent to take from the agrees with the insertion of a provision figures furnished by the Department of Speaker's desk the bill (S. 2759) to reserving mineral rights to the Federal Commerce.

amend the Vocational Rehabilitation Act Government when ground is sold for a

[ocr errors]

consideration to some purchaser, as in With the following committee amend- no degrees twenty-one minutes west a disthis case, a local board of education. ments:

tance of thirty feet to the southerly right-ofI have talked to the minority leader, and

way boundary of said county road; thence Page 1, line 5, strike out "thereof” and

along said southerly right-of-way boundary, have also talked to the gentleman from insert “of the first sentence.”

north eighty-nine degrees three minutes west North Carolina [Mr. BARDEN), the mi- Page 1, line 7, strike out "return" and

a distance of one hundred fifty-four and nority member of our committee, and insert "round trip."

six-tenths feet to the true point of begin. they have no objection.

Page 1, line 7, after “travel”, insert "of

ning; thence leaving said southerly boundary Mr. BAILEY. I appreciate having employee."

south no degrees twenty-one minutes west, a the explanation of the gentleman from

Page 1, line 8, strike out "including au

distance of five hundred and thirty-two feet Pennsylvania, and I withdraw my reserthorized dependents” and insert "of imme

to a point; thence north eighty-nine degrees diate family.”

three minutes west a distance of two hunvation of objection, Mr. Speaker.

Page 2, line 2, after "appointment", in

dred and thirteen feet to a point, thence The SPEAKER. Is there objection to sert "or transfer."

north no degrees twenty-one minutes east a the request of the gentleman from Page 2, line 7, after "same", insert "or

distance of five hundred and thirty-two feet Pennsylvania? some other."

to said southerly right-of-way boundary; There was no objection.

Page 2, line 10, strike out "and.”

thence along said southerly right-of-way The Senate amendment was

Page 2, line 13, strike out "at time of ap

boundary south eighty-nine degrees three curred in, and a motion to reconsider pointment.”

minutes east a distance of two hundred and

Page 2, line 14, insert "not in excess of one was laid on the table.

thirteen feet to the true point of beginning time."

and containing an area of two and sixty onePage 2, line 15, after “United States”, in

hundredths acres more or less, and shall be sert “including its Territories and possesADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES ACT

conveyed together with all buildings, imsions.” OF 1946 Page 2, line 18, strike out “dependents” provements thereon, and all appurtenances

and utilities belonging or appertaining thereand insert "immediate family." Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr.

to, and the General Services Administration Page 2, line 24, after “United States”, in

shall éxecute and deliver in the name of the Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that sert "including its Territories and posses

United States in its behalf any and all conthe proceedings whereby the bill (H. R. sions."

tracts, conveyances, or other instruments as 179) to amend section 7 of the Admin- Page 3, line 5, insert "therefor."

may be necessary to effectuate the said transistrative Expenses Act of 1946, as The committee amendments were fer: Provided, That there shall be reserved to amended, was passed be vacated. agreed to.

the United States all minerals, including oil The SPEAKER. Is there objection to

The bill was ordered to be engrossed

and gas, in the lands authorized for conveythe request of the gentleman from

ance of this section. and read a third time, was read the third Michigan?

There shall be reserved to the United time, and passed, and a motion to reconThere was no objection. sider was laid on the table.

States, in the conveyance of the above-deMr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr.

scribed lands, rights of ingress and egress

over roads in the above-described lands serySpeaker, I ask unanimous consent for the immediate consideration of the bill TRANSFER OF CERTAIN PROPERTY ing buildings or other works operated by the

United States or its successors or assigns in (H. R. 179) to amend section 7 of the OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERN

connection with the Klamath project. There Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, as MENT

shall be further reserved in said lands all amended.

rights-of-way for waterlines, sewer lines,

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr. There being no objection, the Clerk

telephone and telegraph lines, powerlines, Speaker, I ask unanimous consent for

and such other utilities as now exist, or may read the bill, as follows: the immediate consideration of the bill

become necessary to the operation of said Be it enacted, etc., That section 7 of the (H. R. 8020) authorizing the transfer Klamath project. Administrative Expenses Act of 1946 (60

of certain property of the United States Such conveyance shall contain a provision Stat. 806; 5 U. S. C. 736–3), as amended, is

Government-in Klamath Falls, Oreg.-- that said property shall be used primarily for further amended by changing the period at to the State of Oregon.

training of the National Guard or Air Nathe end thereof to a colon and adding the

tional Guard and for other military purfollowing: “Provided further, That expenses

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to

poses, and that, if the State of Oregon shall of return travel and transportation, includthe request of the gentleman from

cease to use the property so conveyed for the ing authorized dependents but excluding Michigan?

primary purposes intended, then title thereto household effects, from their posts of duty Mr. MCCORMACK. Mr. Speaker, re- shall immediately revert to the United States outside the continental United States to the

serving the right to object, I think the and, in addition, all improvements made by places of actual residence at time of appointrecord should show—and I will ask my

the State of Oregon during its occupancy ment to such overseas posts of duty, shall be friend, the gentleman from Michigan,

shall vest in the United States without payallowed in the case of persons who have satisfactorily completed an agreed period of

ment of compensation therefor. chairman of the committee, if I am not service overseas and are returning to their

Such conveyance shall contain the fur. correct—that the Committee on Govern

ther provision, that whenever the Congress actual place of residence for the purpose of ment Operations unanimously intended

of the United States shall declare a state taking leave prior to serving another tour of that there should be no consideration

of war or other national emergency, or the duty at the same overseas post, under a new paid by the county or the political sub- President declares a state of emergency to written agreement entered into before de

division that will be the beneficiary if exist, and upon the determination by the apparting from the overseas post: Provided

this bill becomes law; is that correct? propriate Secretary that the property so confurther, That expenses of transportation and of the immediate family and shipment of

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. May I veyed is useful or necessary for military, air, household effects of any employee from the

or naval purposes, or in the interest of nasay to my very dear and distinguished

tional defense, the United States shall have post of duty of such employee outside confriend from Massachusetts, for whom

the right, without obligation to make paytinental United States to place of actual resi- I have the greatest admiration and af

ment of any kind, to reenter upon the propdence at time of appointment shall be al- fection, that he is correct.

erty and use the same or any part thereof, lowed, prior to the return of such employee The SPEAKER. Is there objection to including any and all improvements made to the United States, when the employee has the request of the gentleman from by the State of Oregon for the duration of acquired eligibility for such transportation Michigan?

such state of war or other national emeror when the public interest requires the return of the dependents for compelling per

gency and upon the cessation thereof plus

There was no objection, sonal reasons of a humanitarian or com

6 months said property is to revert to the The Clerk read the bill, as follows:

State of Oregon together with any or all passionate nature, such as may involve phys- Be it enacted, etc., That the General Serv- facilities and improvements, appurtenances, ical or mental health, death of any member ices Administration be, and is hereby, au

and utilities thereon or appertaining thereto. of the immediate family, or obligation im- thorized to transfer to the State of Oregon posed by authority or circumstances over certain property of the United States Gov- With the following committee amendwhich the individual has no control: And ernment situated in Klamath Falls, Oreg., ments: provided further, That when an employee and described as follows: returns his immediate family and household Commencing at the north quarter corner

Page 1, in the title of the bill, strike out

"Falls" and insert "County." goods to the United States, at his own ex- of said section 22, thence, leaving said north pense prior to his return and for other than quarter corner, south no degrees twenty-one

Page 1, line 5, strike out “Falls" and inreasons of public interest, the Government minutes west a distance of one thousand

sert "County." shall reimburse him for proper transporta- three hundred and forty-three feet to the Page 1, line 6, after the colon insert “All tion expenses at such time as he acquires center line of the county road known as the that portion of SW14 NW14 and the SE 14 eligibility."

Joe Wright Road; thence continuing south NW14 of Section 22, Township 39 South, open rule.

Range 9 East, Willamette Meridian, Klamath of the Whole House on the State of the understand. No doubt the committee County, Oregon, described as follows.” Union for the consideration of the bill

will have an explanation for it. That is Page 4, line 13, after "thereto”, insert a (H. R. 9580) to revise and extend the

the provision which will require the regcomma and the following: "other than those laws relating to espionage and sabotage,

istration of those persons who have hereinabove reserved to the United States. and for other purposes. After general de"SEC. 2. The property herein transferred bate, which shall be confined to the bill, and

knowledge of or have received an asshall, within the provisions of Title 40, U. S. shall continue not to exceed 1 hour, to be

signment in the espionage, counteresC. Supp., Chapter 10, titled 'Management equally divided and controlled by the chair- pionage, or sabotage service or tactics of and Disposal of Government property,' Sub- man and ranking minority member of the a foreign government or a foreign politchapter II, Section 484 (k) (2) (D) (40 Committee on the Judiciary, the bill shall be ical party. I doubt very seriously that U. S. C. Supp., 484 (k) (2) (D))." read for amendment under the 5-minute

you can accomplish any good by seeking rule. At the conclusion of the consideraThe committee committee amendments were

to require registration of alien saboteurs, tion of the bill for amendment, the Comagreed to. mittee shall rise and report the bill to the

or spies, or of alien Communists. The bill was ordered to be engrossed House with such amendments as may have

I want at this time to urge the suband read a third time, was read the been adopted, and the previous question

committee to report favorably my bill to third time, and passed, and a motion to shall be considered as ordered on the bill outlaw the Communist Party and its varreconsider was laid on the table.

and amendments thereto to final passage ious components or subsidiary, auxiliary, without intervening motion except one mo- and frontal organizations. As I have tion to recommit.

said upon previous occasions, there is SPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED Mr. LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I yield

no way to deal effectively with the ComMr. PHILLIPS. Mr. Speaker, because 30 minutes to the gentleman from Vir- munist conspiracy in the United States of the lateness of the hour and the fact ginia [Mr. SMITH), and at this time I as long as you recognize its legal entity. that there is still more business to be yield myself such time as I may consume.

I call your attention to a very signifitransacted, I ask unanimous consent that Mr. Speaker, this rule makes in order

cant fact that has been overlooked. I may vacate the special order reserved H. R. 9580. The resolution provides for When President Roosevelt agreed to recfor today and make the same reserva- 1 hour of general debate. This is an

ognize the Soviet Union in 1933 he tion for Monday.

had an agreement with Litvinov, an The SPEAKER. Is there objection to The bill, H. R. 9580, was reported unan

agreement that was binding on the So

viet Union. the request of the gentleman from Cali- imously from the Committee on the Ju

Under the terms of that fornia ? diciary. While this measure contains

agreement it was agreed “not to permit There was no objection. quite a few pages, it is a relatively sim

the formation or residence on its terriMr. COOPER. Mr. Speaker, I ask ple bill. Much of the language in the

tory—that is, the territory of the United unanimous consent that the special or- bill is a repetition of existing law.

States—of any organization or group, der I have fcilowing the gentleman from Briefly, here is what the bill purports

and to prevent the activities on its terCalifornia may be vacated for today and to do. It brings up to date the termi

It brings up to date the termi- ritory of any organization or group of renewed for Monday next, immediately nology in our espionage and sabotage

representatives or officials of any organfollowing the gentleman from Cali- statutes, to include what we might call

ization or group which has as an aim the fornia. the more modern techniques of war;

overthrow or the preparation for the The SPEAKER. Is there objection to germ warfare, atom warfare, hydrogen

overthrow or the bringing about by force the request of the gentleman from Ten- warfare, and so forth. Language is

of a change in the political or social ornessee? added to the existing law which would

der of the whole or any part of the There was no objection. make the statute applicable in the more

United States, its Territories or posMr. VURSELL. Mr. Speaker, I ask modern phases of war and espionage

sessions." unanimous consent to address the House activity.

In other words, Mr. Speaker, the for 15 minutes on Monday next, fol- It also makes the espionage statutes

agreement was to outlaw the Communist lowing any special orders heretofore applicable both in war and in peace.

conspiracy in the United States. That entered. At present the distinction between a war

agreement was made by the Soviet The SPEAKER. Is there objection time and a peacetime state of affairs is

Union. It seems to me, therefore, that to the request of the gentleman from rather shadowy. Sometimes it is a very

we have a perfect right to pass legislation Illinois ? close proposition as to whether we are at

for the purpose of carrying out that unThere was no objection.

war or peace. So it was felt that these
statutes should be made applicable in

Our committee made a very careful peacetime. Sabotage committed a week

study of the period from 1919 until 1924, CHIEF JOSEPH DAM

when the Communist Party and its afbefore we are in a war might be just as

filiated organizations were outlawed in Mr. MILLER of Nebraska. Mr. serious as if it were done a week after.

the United States under wartime legisSpeaker, I ask unanimous consent to Also, this bill would eliminate the

lation. We had before us various wittake from the Speaker's table the bill statute of limitations in espionage cases,

nesses who testified with respect to the (H. R. 4854) dealing with the construc- which is now 10 years. It would make

effect which the outlawry had upon the tion of the Foster Creek Division of Chief possible the death penalty in these cases,

Communist activities in

activities in the United Joseph Dam, with Senate amendments but does not make it mandatory.

States. We had some former Commuthereto, disagree to the Senate amend- The one other thing which this bill

nist leaders, and they testified that durments, and ask for a conference with purports to do is to make applicable the

ing that period the Communist Party the Senate. Alien Registration Act to people who are

was innocuous and ineffective, that they The SPEAKER. Is there objection to trained in espionage in foreign coun

could not accomplish anything in the the request of the gentleman from Ne- tries who come to this country. They braska? (After a pause.]

United States, and that it was only after The Chair would be required under this bill to

the wartime restrictions were lifted that hears none, and appoints the following register as if they were alien agents who

the Party began its progress and growth conferees: Messrs. D’EWART, RHODES of are covered under the existing law.

in this country. It seems to me that the Arizona, HOSMER, ENGLE, and ASPINALL. This bill, then, brings up to date, mod.

experiences of those 4 years should conernizes, and tightens up the laws provid

vince us that the only way you can deal ing for the internal security of this ESPIONAGE AND SABOTAGE ACT

with the Communist menace is by decountry.

claring it unlawful and criminal. OF 1954

I trust the resolution will be adopted. We have spent 25 years investigating Mr. LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I call up Mr. SMITH of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, communism. We now have some 4 or 5 House resolution (H. Res. 619) and ask I yield 10 minutes to the gentleman from committees dealing with it. We have, for its immediate consideration. Texas [Mr. DIES).

perhaps, obtained and made public more The Clerk read the resolution, as fol- Mr. DIES. Mr. Speaker, this bill seeks information on communism than any lows:

to tighten up existing law with reference subject in the history of our Nation. It Resolved, That upon the adoption of this to espionage and sabotage. It is on the has occupied more time; we have spent resolution it shall be in order to move that whole a good bill. However, there is a more money and there has been more the House resolve itself into the Committee provision in the bill that I do not quite discussion and more controversy and

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