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hope, that this untoward event will not be followed by further hostilities, and will not impede that amicable adjustment of the existing differences between the Porte and the Greeks, to which it is so manifestly their common interest to accede.

In maintaining the national faith by adhering to the engagements into which His Majesty has entered, His Majesty will never lose sight of the great objects to which all His efforts have been directed-the termination of the contest between the hostile parties the permanent settlement of their future relations to each other-and the maintenance of the repose of Europe upon the basis on which it has rested since the last general Treaty of Peace.

His Majesty has the greatest satisfaction in informing you, that the purposes for which His Majesty, upon the requisition of the Court of Lisbon, detached a military force to Portugal, have been accomplished. The obligations of good faith having been fulfilled, and the safety and independence of Portugal secured, His Majesty has given orders that the forces now in that country should be immediately withdrawn.

We are commanded by His Majesty to acquaint you, that His Majesty has concluded Treaties of Amity and Commerce with the Emperor of Brazil, and with the United States of Mexico; copies of which will, by His Majesty's commands, be laid 'before you.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

His Majesty has ordered the estimates for the current year to be laid before you. They have been prepared with every regard to economy, consistent with the exigency of the public service.

We are commanded by His Majesty to recommend to your early attention, an enquiry into the state of the revenue and expenditure of the country. His Majesty is assured that it will be satisfactory

to you to learn, that notwithstanding the diminution which has taken place in some branches of the revenue, the total amount of receipt during the last year has not disappointed the expectations which were entertained at the commencement of it.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

His Majesty has commanded us to inform you, that a considerable increase has taken place in the export of the principal articles of British manufacture. This improvement of our foreign trade has led to a more general employment of the population, and affords a satisfactory indication of the continued abatement of those commercial difficulties which recently affected so severely the national industry.

His Majesty commands us to assure you, that He places the firmest reliance upon your continued endeavours to improve the condition of all classes of His subjects, and to advance the great object of His Majesty's solicitude, the prosperity and happiness of His people.

Court of King's-Bench, January 31, 1828.

The following Warrant, under the King's Sign Manual, having been issued under the authority of the Statute 3 George IVth, cap. 102, was this day openly and publicly notified and declared in this Court, in pursuance of the said Statute, viz.

Warrant authorising the Judges to hold a Special Sitting.


Whereas by an Act, passed in the session of Parliament holden in the third year of Our reign, intituled "An Act to repeal an Act, of the first and second year of His present Majesty, for facilitating the dispatch of business in the Court of


King's-Bench, and to make further provisions in lieu thereof," it is, among other things, enacted, that from and after the passing of the said Act, it shall and may be lawful to and for Us, Our heirs and successors, and We and They are thereby authorised, from time to time, as to Us or Them shall seem meet, by Warrant under Our or Their Sign Manual, directed to the Judges of Our said Court, to direct and require the Judges of Our said Court, or any two or more of them, to meet at SerjeantsInn-Hall, Westminster-Hall, or some other convenient place to be by them appointed, on such and so many days in the vacation or interval between any Terms as to Us, Our heirs and successors, shall seem fit and proper, for the dispatch of such matters, as at the end of the Term mentioned in such Warrant may be depending in Our said Court, whether on the Crown or Plea side thereof; and whereas We have been given to understand, that numerous matters are now depending in Our said Court, which cannot be dispatched during this present Hilary Term, and which ought to be dispatched with all convenient speed; now, therefore, We do hereby, in pursuance of the said Act, direct and require you the Lord Chief Justice, and the other Judges of Our said Court before Us, or any two or more of you, to meet at Serjeants-Inn-Hall, Westminster-Hall, or some other convenient place to be by you appointed according to the said Act, on Wednesday the thirteenth day of February next, and from thence daily until Thursday the twenty-first of the said month of February inclusive, for the dispatch of such matters as may be depending in Our said Court at the end of this present Hilary Term, whether on the Crown or Plea side thereof; provided always, that if the attendance of any one of you at the Session of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery for the county of Middlesex, or at any such Session or any Circuit, shall


be found requisite, during any part of the time herein mentioned, and another of you shall also, during such attendance, be sitting for the trial of causes at Nisi Prius, then it shall be in the discretion of the remaining two of you either to meet or not to meet, in obedience hereto, according to the nature of the business that may be likely to come before you during such attendance.

Given at Our Court at Windsor, the twenty-ninth day of January one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, in the ninth year of Our reign.

By His Majesty's command,


To the Lord Chief Justice and other the
Judges of Our Court before Us.



Whitehall, February 4, 1828.

THE King has been pleased to direct a letter to be passed under the Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be made use of, in the place of the Great Seal of Scotland, nominating and appointing His Grace George Duke of Gordon, G. C.B. to be Keeper of the said Seal.

The King has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, constituting and appointing the Right Honourable Robert Viscount Melville; the Right Honourable Robert Peel, the Right Honourable John William Earl of Dudley, and the Right Honourable William Huskisson, His Majesty's three Principal Secretaries of State; His Grace Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G. First Commissioner of His Majesty's Treasury; the Right Honourable Henry Goulburn, Chancellor of His Majesty's Exchequer; the Right Honourable Thomas Baron Wallace; the Right Honourable John Sullivan; Anthony Ashley Cooper, Esq. (commonly called Lord Ashley); the Right Honourable James Graham (commonly called Marquess of Graham); and Lawrence Peel, Esq. His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of India.

The King has been pleased to appoint Vice-Admiral Sir William Johnstone Hope, G. C. B.; ViceAdmiral the Right Honourable Sir George Cockburn, G. C. B.; Sir George Clerk, Bart.; and George Charles Pratt, Esq. (commonly called Earl of Brecknock); to be Members of the Council of His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom.

The King has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting to Colonel Sir Henry Hardinge, K. C. B. the office of Clerk of the Ordnance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

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