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War-Office, 12th January 182).

MEMORANDUM. His Majesty has been pleased to approve of the under-mentioned Regiments being permitted to bear on their colours and appointments, in addition to any other badges or devices which may have heretofore been granted to those Regiments, the following distinctions, viz. 45th Regiment of Foot, the words

-- Fuentes d'Honor," in commemoration of the distinguished services of the Regiment at Fuentes d'Honor, on the 3d May 1811. Rifle Brigade, the words

- Roliea,
" Vimiera,
« Busaco,"
« Barrosa,
" Fuentes d'Honor,"
Cuidad Rodrigo,"
* Salamanca,"

66 Nive,
Orthes," and

" Toulouse," in commemoration of the distinguished services of the Regiment at the battle of Roliea, on 17th August 1808 ; at Viiniera, on 21st August 1808 ; in the action of Busaco, on 27th September 1810; at the battle of Barrosa, on 5th March 1811; at Fuentes d'Honor, on 5th May 1811; at Cuidad Rodrigo, in the month of January 1812; at the


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siege of Badajoz, on 16th March 1812; at the battle of Salamanca, on 22d July 1812; at Vit. toria, on 21st June 1813; at Nivelle, on 10th November 1813; in the passage of the Nive, on 9th, 10th, and ilth December 1813; at Orthes, on 27th February 1814; and in the attack of the position covering Toulouse, on 10th April 1814.

War-Office, 12th January 1821.

GARRISONS. Captain Robert Simpson, of the 6th Royal Vete

ran Battalion, to be Town-Major ot Portsmouth, vice Ashburst, deceased Dated 4th January 1821.






India-Board, January 15, 1821. THE following are Copies and Extracts of *further Dispatches, Reports and General Orders concerning Military operations in India, which did not arrive in the regular course of the dates. Extracts from General Orders by the Governor in Council at Bombay, of the dutes undermentioned :

December 19, 1817. THE Governor in Council has received a report of the capture of the fort of Boputghur, a place of great natural strength, situated in the Noribern Concan, by a detachment under Lieut.-Col. Fallon ; and bas much pleasure in expressing bis approbation of the conduct of that Officer, and of the troops under bis command, in gallantly driving the enemy from that strong hold.

January 3, 1818. THE fort of Kobellaghur, situated in the Northern Concan, which a detachment of the Peishwa's troops had taken on the 30th of last niouth, garrisoned as it was by a party of police peons only, having been recaptured by a detail of the 1st battalian 9th regiment of Native Infantry, under the command of Captain Brooks, of the 7th Native Infantry, the Right Honourable the Governor in Council feels bimself called upon publicly to express the satistaction he has derived from the exertions of the Officers and men composing that detachment, in gaining possession of a fortress of no inconsiderable strength.

* See Supplement to the London Gazette, of Tuesday the 29th August 1820.


The advance, led on by Ensign Jopp, of the engineers, consisting of between thirty and forty Sepoys, and a detail of pioneers, under Ensign Siordet, compelled the enemy to fly from the fort, although opposed in their progress at every advantageous position, during an ascent of nearly three miles, which the gallantry and vigour of the attack, however, successfully overcame.

March 25, 1818. THE Right Honourable the Governor in Council has the pleasure to announce, that the fort of RusSaulghur has been surrendered to Lieutenant-Col. Kennedy, by capitulation, and the fort of Gunga taken possession of by the force in the Concan, while under the command of Major Hall, of His Majesty's 89th regiment.

April 30th 1818. THE Governor in Council is pleased to publish the following orders issued by Lieutenant Colonel Imlach, C. B. under date the 6th and 8th instant, in taking possession of the Forts of Ramglur and Dewghur, * and thus completing the

* The capture of these places was noticed in Dispatches from the Goveroment of Bombay and Lieut. Colonel Imlach, dated 25th and 5th April, 1818, published in the London Gazette of 28th September 1818, pages 1734 and 1735,


reduction of the Province of Salsee, and to express his approbation of the conduct of the Lieutenant Colonel, and of the Officers and men under his command, during their late operations in the vicinity of Malwan.

Camp, Comta, Monday April 6th 1818. Extract of F. M. 0. Lieutenant Colonel Imlach, C. B.

Lieutenant Colonel Imlach, has received a dispatch from Captain Pearson, announcing the capture of the fort of Ramghur, by the detach. ment under bis consmand ; the Lieutenant Colonel congratulates that Officer on his successs, and warmly expresses to him bis cordial thanks for the expeditious and prompt measures he adopted for its reduction,

The Commanding Officer with Captain Pearson, returns his sincere thanks to Lieutenants Bell and Thompson, of His Majesty's 89th regiment, Lieutenant Groundwater, of the artillery, Lieutenant Campbell, pioneers, and Lieutenant Dominiceti, of the Honourable Company's Marine, and to the men employed under their orders, and he will feel proud in having the honour to report to His Excellency the Commander in Chief, the steady conduct of the detachment under Captain Pearson, and under circunstances of no common undertaking from the nature of the country, so completely intersected with jungle and ravines, in making a road for the

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guns, &c.

Morning Field Detachment Orders by Lieutenant
Colonel Imlach, C. B.

April 8, 1818. THE Commanding Officer in announcing to the detachment under his commanil the abandonment by the enemy, of the strong fort of Dewghur, feels confident that had any stand been made, he would

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