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The dignity of a Baronet of the United The office of Solicitor-General for Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Scotland granted to Andrew Rutherfurd granted unto the undermentioned Gentle- Clark, Esq., Advocate (now Sheriff of men, and the respective heirs male of Haddington and Berwick). their bodies lawfully begotten, namely :

23. The Right Hon. Austen Henry Thomas Bazley, of Tolmers, in the county Layard to be Her Majesty's Envoy Exof Hertford, and of Hatherop House, in traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary the county of Gloucester, Esq. ; Francis at Madrid. Seymour, Esq., C.B., Major-General in 25. The Queen has been pleased to Her Majesty's Army; James O'Connell, order a congé d'elire to the Dean and of Lakeview, Killarney, and of Bally. Chapter of the Cathedral Church of beggan, Tralee, both in the county of Exeter, empowering them to elect a Kerry, Esq. ; Titus Salt, of Saltaire, and Bishop of that See, the same being void of Crow Nest, in the parish of Halifax, by the death of Henry Phillpotts, D.D., both in the West Riding of the county late Bishop thereof; and Her Majesty of York, Esq. ; Joseph Whitworth, of has also been pleased to recommend to The Firs, in the parish of Rusholme, in the said Dean and Chapter the Reverend the County Palatine of Lancaster, and Frederick Temple, D.D., to be by them of Stancliffe, in the parish of Darley, in elected Bishop of the said See. the county of Derby, Esq.; William Letters Patent granting unto Albert Fairbairn, of Ardwick, in the parish of William Woods, Esq., Lancaster Herald, Manchester, in the County Palatine of the office of Garter Principal King of Lancaster, Esq. ; Hardman Earle, of Arms, with the name of Garter, and the Allerton Tower, Woolton, in the parish style, liberties, and pre-eminences beof Childwall, near Liverpool, in the longing to the said office, the same hav. County Palatine of Lancaster, Esq.; and ing become vacant by the decease of Sir William Jackson, of Birkenhead, in the Charles George Young, Knight, late County Palatine of Chester, Esq.

Garter. 9. The dignity of a Knight of the Alexander Wilson Moir, Esq., to be United Kingdom of Great Britain and President and Senior Member of the Ireland granted unto Sydney Smith Bell, Executive Council of the Virgin Islands ; Esq., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Edward John Cloke, David Cowie, David of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. Kennedy Porter, and Archibald Gerard,

John Robert Seeley, Esq., to be Pro- Esqs., to be Members of the Executive fessor of Modern History in the Univer. Council of the Island of St. Vincent; sity of Cambridge, in the room of the Joseph Gibson Gordon, Esq., to be a Rev. Charles Kingsley, resigned.

Member of the Executive Council of the 11. Alfred Austin, Esq., late Se- Virgin Islands; and George Campbell cretary to the Commissioners of Her Anderson, Esq., to be a Member of the Majesty's Works and Public Buildings, Legislative Council of the Bahama to be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Islands. Division of the Third Class, or Com- - 26. Acton Smee Ayrton, Esq., to panions of the Most Honourable Order be First Commissioner of Her Majesty's of the Bath.

Works and Public Buildings. 12. The Rev. Francis Synge, of 28. The Queen has been pleased to Trinity College, Cambridge, M.X., to be order a congé d'élire to the Dean and one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Car. Schools; and Andrew E. Scougal, Esq., lisle, empowering them to elect a Bishop of Aberdeen, to be one of Her Majesty's of that See, the same being void by the Inspectors of Schools in Scotland. death of Samuel Waldegrave, D.D., late

· 14. The Right Hon. James Mon. Bishop thereof; and Her Majesty has crieff, Her Majesty's Advocate for Scot- also been pleased to recommend to the land, to be Her Majesty's Justice Clerk said Dean and Chapter the Very Reverend and President of the Second Division of Harvey Goodwin, D.D., Dean of Ely, to the Court of Session in Scotland, and be by them elected Bishop of the said also one of the Senators of the College of See. Justice there.

29. Charles Watson Townley, Esq., The office of Her Majesty's Advocate to be Custos Rotulorum of the Isle of for Scotland granted to George Young, Ely, in the room of Henry John Adeane, Esq., Her Majesty's Solicitor-General for Esq., resigned. Scotland, in the room of the Right Hon. Nov. 4. The Rev. Charles Kingsley, James Moncrieff, appointed Her Majesty's M.A., to be Canon of the Cathedral Justice Clerk and President of the Second Church of Chester, vice the Rev. George Division of the Court of Session in Scot. Moberly, D.C.L., promoted to the See of land.


- 6. Joseph Dalton Hooker, Esq., verton, of Wolverton, in the county of M.D., Director of the Royal Botanical Buckingham. Gardens at Kew, to be an Ordinary Fulke Southwell Greville-Nugent, of Member of the Civil Division of the Clonyn Castle, in the county of WestThird Class, or Companions of the Most meath, Esq., by the name, style, and Honourable Order of the Bath.

title of Baron Greville, of Clonyn, in the - 8. Anthony Musgrave, Esq., to be said county of Westmeath. Governor and Commander-in-Chief of 29. Colonel James Fraser, Commis. the Colony of British Columbia and its sioner of the Police of the City of Lon. dependencies.

don, to be an Ordinary Member of the 22. The Right Hon. Henry George Civil Division of the Third Class, or Com. Elliot, Her Majesty's Ambassador Extra- panions of the Most Honourable Order ordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Sub- of the Bath. lime Ottoman Porte, to be an Extra John Lucie Smith, Esq., C.M.G., to be Member of the Civil Division of the First Chief Justice of the Island of Jamaica. Class, or Knights Grand Cross of the Dec. 11.-At the Court at Windsor, Most Honourable Order of the Bath. the Queen, as Sovereign of the Most

26. The dignity of a Baron of the Noble Order of the Garter, was graciously United Kingdom of Great Britain and pleased, by Letters Patent under her Ireland granted to the following persons Royal Sign Manual and the Great Seal and the respective heirs male of their of the Order, bearing date respectively bodies lawfully begotten:

this day, to dispense with all the statutes James, Earl of Southesk, in that part and regulations usually observed in of the United Kingdom called Scotland, regard to installation, and to give and K.T., by the name, style, and title of grant unto Stratford, Viscount Stratford Baron Balinhard, of Farnell, in the de Redcliffe, Knight Grand Cross of the county of Forfar.

Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and William, Earl of Listowel, in that part George Frederick Samuel, Earl de Grey of the United Kingdom called Ireland, by and Earl of Ripon, Lord President of the name, style, and title of Baron Hare, the Council, Knights of the said Most of Connamore, in the county of Cork. Noble Order of the Garter, and duly

The Right Hon. Edward George Fitz- invested with the ensigns thereof, full alan Howard (commonly called Lord power and authority to exercise respecEdward George Fitzalan Howard) by the tively all rights and privileges belonging name, style, and title of Baron Howard, to a Knight Companion of the said Most of Glossop, in the county of Derby. Noble Order, in as full and ample a

The Right Hon. John Wilson Fitzpa- manner as if they had been formally in. trick, of Granstown Manor and Lisduff, stalled, any decree, rule or usage to the in Queen's County, by the name, style, contrary notwithstanding. and title of Baron Castletown, of Upper The honour of Knighthood conferred Ossory, in Queen's County.

on Joseph Causton, Esq., Alderman and Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg Sheriff of the City of London and Sheriff Acton, of Aldenham, in the county of of the county of Middlesex. Salop, Bart., by the name, style, and The honour of Knighthood conferred title of Baron Acton, of Aldenham, in on James Vallentin, Esq., Sheriff of the the said county of Salop.

City of London and county of Middlesex. Thomas James Agar Robartes, of Lan. The Rev. Charles Merivale, D.C.L., to hydrock, in the county of Cornwall, Esq., be Dean of the Cathedral Church of Ely, by the name, style, and title of Baron vice Dr. Harvey Goodwin, promoted to Robartes, of Lanhydrock, and of Truro, the Bishopric of Carlisle. in the said county of Cornwall.

- 13. William Henry Simpson, Esq., George Carr Glyn, of Stanmore-park, to be Collector of Customs for Her Ma. in the county of Middlesex, Esq., by the jesty's Settlement on the Gambia, on the name, style, and title of Baron Wol. Western Coast of Africa.



THE CABINET. First Lord of the Treasury, Right Hon.

William Ewart Gladstone. Lord High Chancellor, Right Hon. Lord

Hatherley. Lord President of the Council, Right

Hon. Earl de Grey and Ripon. Lord Privy Seal, Right Hon. Earl of

Kimberley: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Right Hon.

Robert Lowe. Secretary of State, Home Department,

Right Hon. Henry Austin Bruce. Secretary of State, Foreign Department,

Right Hon. Earl of Clarendon. Secretary of State, Colonial Department,

Right Hon. Earl Granville. Secretary of State, War Department,

Right Hon. Edward Cardwell.
Secretary of State, Indian Department,

His Grace Duke of Argyll.
First Lord of the Admiralty, Right Hon.

H. C. E. Childers.
President of the Board of Trade, Right

Hon. John Bright.
Chief Secretary for Ireland, Right Hon.

Chichester Fortescue.
Postmaster-General, Right Hon. Marquis

of Hartington.
President of Poor Law Board, Right Hon.

G. Joachim Goschen.

Vivian, Marquis of Lansdowne, William

Henry Gladstone, Esq.
Joint Secretaries to the Treasury, George

Grenfell Glyn, Esq., Right Hon. James

Judge Advocate-General and Judge

Marshall, Right Hon. Sir Colman

Junior Lords of the Admiralty, Vice-

Admiral Sir S. C. Dacres, Vice-Admiral
Sir R. S. Robinson, Capt. Lord John

Hay, G. Otto Trevelyan, Esq.
Secretary to the Admiralty, W. E. Baxter,

Parliamentary Secretary to Poor Law

Board, Arthur Wellesley Peel, Esq.
Under Secretary of State, Home Depart.

ment, E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen,

Under Secretary of State, Foreign Depart.

ment, Arthur J. Otway, Esq.
Under Secretary of State, Colonial Depart.

ment, Right Hon. William Monsell. Under Secretary of State, War Depart.

ment, Lord Northbrook. Under Secretary of State, Indian Depart.

ment, M. E. Grant Duff, Esq.
Attorney-General, Sir Robert Porrett

Solicitor-General, Sir John Duke Cole.

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl Spencer,

Viceroy of India, Earl of Mayo.
Earl Marshal, Duke of Norfolk.
Lord Great Chamberlain, Lord Willough.

by D’Eresby.
Lord Steward of the Household, Earl of

Lord Chamberlain of the Household, Vis.

count Sydney.
Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Right Hon.

T. O'Hagan.
Lord Advocate for Scotland, Right Hon.

George Young.

Commander-in-Chief, Field-Marshal His

Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,

Right Hon. Lord Dufferin and Clande-
Works and Public Buildings, Right Hon.

Acton S. Ayrton.
Vice-President of Committee of Council of

Education, Right Hon. William E.

Junior Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury,

W. Patrick Adam, Esq., Capt. Hon. J.


ENGLAND. BEDFORDSHIRE.—Henry Francis Cockayne Cust, of Cockayne Hatley, Esq. BERKSHIRE.—Henry Tucker, of Bourton House, Shrivenham, Esq. BUCKS.-Abraham John Robarts, of Lillingston Dayrell, Esq. CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTINGDONSHIRE.-George Thornhill, of Diddington, Esq. CHESHIRE.-Samuel Woodhouse, of Norley Hall, Frodsham, Esq. CORNWALL.-John Whitehead Peard, of Trenython, Esq. CUMBERLAND.-John Ewart of Kingfield House, Esq. DERBYSHIRE.-George Henry Strutt, of Bridge-hill, Belper, Esq. DEVONSHIRE.—John Garratt, of Bishop's-court, Esq.

DORSETSHIRE.--Sir Richard George Glyn, of Gauntz House, Bart.
DURHAM.—Thomas Charles Thompson, of Sherburn Hall, Esq.
Essex.—John Wright, of Hatfield Priory, Hatfield Peverel, Esq.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-James Fenton, of Norton Hall, Mickleton, near Chipping

Campden, Esq.
HEREFORDSHIRE.—John Morley, of Moreton Jeffries, near Bromyard, Esq.
HERTFORDSHIRE.—Robert Smith, of Goldings, Hertford, Esq.
KENT.-Joseph Ridgway, of Fairlawn, Shipbourne, Esq.
LANCASHIRE.-Benjamin Heywood Jones, of Lark-hill, Esq.
LEICESTERSHIRE.—Thomas Tertius Paget, of Humberstone, Esq.
LINCOLNSHIRE.-Augustus Charles Johnson, of Ryhall, Stamford, Esq.
MONMOUTHSHIRE.-John Lawrence, of Crick House, near Chepstow, Esq.
Norfolk.—Sir Thomas William Brograve Proctor Beauchamp, of Langley.

park, Bart. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.—Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Frederick William Child

Villiers, of Sulby Hall. NORTHUMBERLAND.—Matthew Tewart Culley, of Coupland Castle, Esq. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.—John Handley, of Newark-upon-Trent, Esq. OXFORDSHIRE.-James Mason, of Eynsham Hall, Esq. RUTLAND.--Richard Septimus Wilkinson, of Manton, Esq. SHROPSHIRE.-John Rocke, of Clungunford, Esq. SOMERSETSHIRE.—-William Blake, of Bridge House, Esq. COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON.—John Morant, of Brockenhurst-park, near Lyming

ton, Esq.
STAFFORDSHIRE.—Colin Minton Campbell, of Wood Seat, Uttoxeter, Esq.
SUFFOLK.-Frederick William Schreiber, of Melton, Esq.
SURREY.—Robert Hay Murray, of West End Lodge, Byfleet, Esq.
Sussex.—Colonel George Kirwan Carr Lloyd, of Lancing.
WARWICKSHIRE.-Edward Wood, of Newbold Revel, near Rugby, Esq.
WESTMORELAND.—James Christopher Wilson, of Low Nook, Ambleside, Esq.
WILTSHIRE.—Ralph Ludlow Lopes, of Sandridge-park, Melksham, Esq.
WORCESTERSHIRE.—John Vincent Hornyold, of Blackmore-park, Upton-on-

Severn, Esq.
YORKSHIRE.—Sir Tatton Sykes, of Sledmere, near York, Bart.

ANGLESEY.—Thomas Lewis Hampton, of Henlyss, Esq.
BRECONSHIRE.—William Powell, of Chapel House, Alltmawr, Esq.
CARDIGANSHIRE.--Caulfield Tynte Lloyd Williams, of Gwernant-park, Esq.
CARMARTHENSHIRE.—Henry James Bath, of Altyferin, Esq.
CARNARVONSHIRE.—Rice William Thomas, of Coed Helen, Esq.
DENBIGHSHIRE.—Charles Winne-Finch, of Voelas, Esq.
FLINTSHIRE.-John Scott Bankes, of Soughton-hall, Esq.
GLAMORGANSHIRE.—Edward Romilly, of Porthkerry, Esq.
MERIONETHSHIRE.—Henry Robertson, of Crogen, Esq.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE.—John Pryce Davies, of Fronfelen, Esq.
PEMBROKESHIRE.---Robert Pavin Davies, of Ridgway, Esq.
RADNORSHIRE.-James Beavan, of Presteign, Esq.



Term Trin. 1869.
In Literis Humanioribus.

In Scientiis Math. et Phys.

Armstrong, Edward, Exeter.

Donkin, Arthur E., University.
Browne, James W., University.
Dill, Samuel, Lincoln.
Edgeworth, Francis Y., Balliol.
Ingham, Robert W., Corpus.
Lock, Walter, Corpus.
Pelham, Henry F., Trinity.
Reid, John M., Exeter.


Batson, Thomas, Lincoln.

Hughes, Geoffrey, Exeter.
Craik, Henry, Balliol.
Doble, Charles E., Worcester.
Fletcher, John W., Pembroke.
Glehn, Ernest G. Von, Ch. Ch.
Hervey, Lord Francis, Balliol.
Marsden, Reginald G., Merton.
Nettleship, Richard L., Balliol.

Deedes, Philip, Lincoln.

Brittan, George, Merton. Hawtrey, George P., Pembroke.

Chisholm-Batten, Jas. F. C., Exeter. Ludlam, Edward T., Worcester. Morshead, John Y. A., University. Sneyd, George E., Trinity. Woodhouse, Fletcher J., St. John's. CLASSIS IV.

CLASSIS IV. Malaher, William E., All Souls.

Bittleston, Thomas G., Pembroke. North, Walter M., Brasenose. Smith, Oliver, St. John's.

One hundred and twelve others passed.

G. Rawlinson.
G. E. Thorley.
T. Fowler.
W. W. Capes.

Eighty-six others passed.

D. Thomas.
W. Esson.
H. Deane.

In Scientia Naturali.

CLASSIS I. Jacobson, Walter H. A., Corpus.

CLASSIS II. Howell, Frederick B., Merton.

In Jurisprudentia et Hist. Mod.

Curtis-Hayward, Arthur C. Merton.
Worcester, John B., Magdalen Hall.

Adams, William P. C., Exeter.
Cartwright, Hy. A., St. Mary Hall.
Dick, Charles G. C., Worcester.
Harvey, Clement F., Trinity.
Liddell, Edward T., Ch. Ch.
Phipps, William W., Exeter.
Primrose, Henry W., Balliol.

Armishaw, William, Magdalen Hall.
Bertie, Hon. Alberic E., Merton.
Heurtley, Charles A., Oriel.
Moberly, John C., New College.
Pongonby, Hon. M. J. G., Ch. Ch.
Pound, Alfred J., Exeter.
Scott, John A., Balliol.
Williams, David J., Jesus.


CLASSIS III. Woodforde, Francis C., Exeter.


Two others passed.

R. B. Clifton.
E. Chapman.
J. F. Payne.

Thirty-two others passed.

J. H. Ramsay.
R. Laing.
C. L. Shadwell.

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