The Life of Pope Sixtus the Fifth

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W. Colles and L. Flin, 1779 - 620 pages

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Page 402 - When contracts are made it is just they should be fulfilled, as we intend this shall. Take a knife therefore, Secchi, and cut a pound of flesh from any part you please of the Jew's body. We would advise you, however, to be very careful ; for if you cut but a scruple or a grain more or less than your due, you shall certainly be hanged. Go and bring hither a knife and a pair of scales and let it be done in our presence.
Page 136 - ... Agatha; and, in 1570, was honoured with a cardinal's hat and A pension. During this reign he had likewise the chief direction of the papal councils, and particularly was employed to draw up the bull of excommunication against queen Elizabeth. Being now in possession of the purple, he began to aspire to the papacy. With this view " he became humble, patient, and affable ; so artfully concealing the natural impetuosity of his temper, that one would have sworn this gentleness and moderation was...
Page 204 - ... coughing and weeping, as if fome great misfortune had befallen him ; but he no fooner perceived, upon the fcrutiny, that there was a fufficient number of votes to fecure his election, than he threw his...
Page i - Sweden, and the Low Countries at that Time : With an Account of St. Peter's, the Conclave, and Manner of chufing a Pope ; the Vatican Library, the many grand Obelifks, Aqueducts, Bridges, Hofpitals, Palaces, Streets, Towns, and other noble Edifices, begun or finifhcd by him.
Page 408 - Another time, as he passed through the city, seeing the gates of that convent open, he suddenly got out of his chariot and went into the porter's lodge, where he found the porter, who was a lay brother, eating a platter of beans, with oil poured over them. As the meanness of the repast put him in mind of his former condition, he took a wooden spoon, and sitting down close to the porter, on a staircase, first eat one platter full with him, and then another, to the great surprise of those...
Page 401 - It was reported in Rome, that Drake had taken and plundered St. Domingo in Hispaniola, and carried off an immense booty. This account came in a private letter to Paul Secchi, a very considerable merchant in the city, who had large concerns in those parts, which he had insured. Upon receiving this news, he sent for the insurer...
Page 250 - Tufcany offered to confer titles of honour on his fifter, which he refufed ; however, he exprefled his fatisfaction with the behaviour of the Venetians, who ordered public rejoicings upon his exaltation, and admitted the family of Peretti to the honour of nobility in their ftate...
Page 205 - While the cardinals were putting on his pontifical robes, he ftretched out his arms with great vigour and activity ; upon which one of them faid to him, in a familiar way, " I perceive, " holy father, the pontificate is a fovereign medicine, fince " it can reftore youth and health to old fick cardinals : " To which he replied, in a grave and majeftic manner, " So I
Page 7 - ... was faid, he was charmed with him, and could not conceive whence a child that had no higher employment than looking after hogs, mould have fuch afliare of fenfe and good manners.
Page 244 - My sister !" replied Sixtus, with a frown, " I have but one sister, and she is a poor woman at Le Grotte : if you have introduced her in this disguise, I declare 1 do not know her ; and yet I think I should know her again, if I was to see her in such clothes as she used to wear.

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