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Dec. 7.

Information of Robert Jennison at the Bar of Commons, Nov. 9.
Information of Edward Turbervil at the Bar of Commons, Nov. 9.
An Exact and True Narrative of the late Popish Intrigue, by Roderick

VOL. 77. 1680 (2). Folio.
The Tryal of William Viscount Stafford for High Treason, Nov. 30 to
The Execution of William Viscount Stafford for High Treason, Dec. 29.
No Faith or Credit to be given to Papists, with particular reference to

the perjury of William Viscount Stafford at his Trial and Speech on the scaffold in relation to Stephen Dugdale and Ed. Turbervill, by John Smith.

Vol. 78. 1680 (3). Folio. The Tryal of Roger Earl of Castlemaine for High Treason, June 23. Petition of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen to the King, Jan. 13. Examination of Edwd. Fitzharris relating to the Popish Plot, March 10. Answer to the Protestation of the Nineteen Lords against the Im

peachment of Mr. Fitz-Harris. Arraignment and Plea of Edw. Fitzharris. 1680-1. Proceedings in relation to the Tryal of Edw. Fitzharris, May 4 and 7. Tryals of Edw. Fitzharris and Dr. Plunket for High Treason, June 8 &

9. 1681. Relation of what passed between Dr. Hawkins and Edw. Fitzharris in

the Tower. Resentments and Indignation of Englishmen against the Duke of York,

or any Popish Successor. Petitions and Addresses from divers

Counties, Cities, and Boroughs of this realm. Reasons why a Popish Successor should not inherit the Crown. The Character of an Ill-Court-Favourite. (Trans. from the French.)

1681. Reasons for His Majestie's passing the Bill of Exclusion. A Word without doors concerning the Bill for Succession. The Character of a Popish Successor and what England may expect

from such a one. (Roger L'Estrange). An Answer to late pamphlet—“The Character of a Popish Succes

sor etc.” A Vindication of the Character of a Popish Successor. A Reply to Roger L'Estrange's Pamphlet. The Character of a Popish Successor compleat; in defence of the ist

Part against Two Answers, one by Mr. L'Estrange called “The Papist in Masquerade etc.,” and another by an unknown hand. The Character of a Popish Successor, and what England may expect

from such a One. 2nd Part. (Not by the author of ist Part.) The Debates in the House of Commons assembled at Oxford, Mar

Vol. 79. 1680 (4). Folio. The Great and Weighty Considerations relating to the Duke of York, or

Successor of the Crown. 1680.


The King's Prerogative, and the Subject's Privileges asserted according

to Law and Reason. The History of the Plot, compiled by Roger L'Estrange. Roger L'Estrange. Discovery upon Discovery in defence of Dr. Oates. North’s Examination of Captain Bedlow in his last Sickness, Aug. 16. The Popish Damnable Plot against our Religion and Liberties, dis

covered in the Breviato of Three Score and Four Letters. A Memorial of the late and present Popish Plots. Mr. Dugdale. Narrative of unheard of Popish cruelties towards

Protestants beyond the seas. Account of the Spanish Inquisition. The Loyal Protestant's Vindication. A Time-serving Speech spoken once in season. Heads of the Expedient in lieu of the Former Bill for Excluding the

Duke of York. Fiat Justicia et Ruat Cælum, or Somewhat offer'd in defence of the

Imperial Crown of England and its Successor. Semper ego Auditor tantum : or a Vindication of the Duke of York.

Vol. 80. 1680 (5). Folio. Information of Wm. Lewis given at Bar of Commons, Nov. 18. Address of the Commons to His Majesty to remove Sir Geo. Jeffreys. Address of the Commons to His Majesty to remove the Earl of Hali

fax, with His Majestie's Answer. His Majestie's Message to the Commons relating to Tangier, and

their reply, Nov. 29. Proclamation for a General Fast, Dec. 2. His Majestie's Gracious Speech to Parliament, Oct. 21. Speech of the Lord High Steward against Viscount Stafford, Dec. 7. Report of Committee for receiving informations concerning the Popish

Plot, on Complaint of Mr. Peter Norris, Dec. 9. His Majestie's Speech to both Houses, Dec. 15. Address of the Commons to His Majesty in Answer, Dec. 21. Resolutions for the Impeachment to Sir Wm. Scroggs, Dec. 23. Articles of Impeachment of Sir Wm. Scroggs for High Treason. The Bellowings of a Wild Bull, or Scroggs' roaring Lamentation for

being Impeached for High Treason. A Seaonable Corrective to the one Project for the Good of England. Further Discovery of the Plot from the narrative and depositions of

Dr. Oates. Stafford's Memoires, or a Brief Account of the Birth, Quality, Imprison

ment, Tryal, and Final End of Wm. Viscount Stafford.

VOL. 81. 1680 (6). Folio. A Collection of Letters etc., relating to the horrid Popish Plot, from the

originals in the hands of Geo. Treby, Chairman of the Secrecy Commission of the House of Commons. 1681.

A True Narrative of the Popish Plot against King Charles I. and the

Protestant Religion (in 1643). 1680. Mr. Dugdale's Narrative of unheard of Cruelties towards Protestants

beyond the seas, or an Account of the Spanish Inquisition.

Vol. 82. 1680. The Answer to the Appeal Expounded. The Power of Parliaments in the case of Succession. A Seasonable Memorial upon the liberty of Presse and Pulpit. The History of Self Defence in Requital to the History of Passive

Obedience. The Sovereign, or Office and Obligations of the Supreme Magistrate. A Word in Season for Christian Union. Some Considerations about Union among Protestants. Citt and Bumpkin, concerning Matters of Religion and Government. Citt and Bumpkin, concerning Swearing and Lying. Tom and Dick, concerning Matters of Religion and Government. A Serious Epistle to Hodge.

VOL. 83. 1681. Vox Populi, or the People's Claim to their Parliament to Redress

Grievances. 1681. Vox Populi, Fax Populi, or a Discovery of a Cheat and Forgery put

upon the People of England, by Elephant Smith and his Author of Vox Populi

Vox Regis, Difference of a King ruling by law and his own will.
A Voice from the Dead. Oration of Boetius to Emperor Theodoricus.
A Seasonable Address, concerning Succession.
No Protestant Plot, but the Papists against the King.
The 2nd Part of No Protestant Plot. 1682.
The 3rd Part of No Protestant Plot (by Robert Ferguson).
Andrew Yarrington. A Full Discovery of the ist Sham Presbyterian

Plot. 1681.
Thos. Dangerfield. More Shams Still

, or Discovery of the designs of Papists to throw the plot upon the Protestants or Presbyterians. The Impartial Protestant, shewing some great but less heeded Dangers

of Popery. An Argument for Toleration and Indulgence. The Two Great Questions, Peace and Safety of His Majestie's Person

and His Protestant subjects. A Seasonable Address to Parliament on the Succession. A Word Without Doors, concerning the Bill for Succession.

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Vol. 84. 1681 (1). Folio.

. The Informations of John Sergeant and David Maurice, relating to the

Popish Plot before Parliament, March 26.
His Majestie's Declaration, Reasons for dissolving Parliament.

His Majestie's Declaration Defended, An Answer to a Seditious

Pamphlet. His Majestie's Answer to Several Addresses, May 19. The Tryal and Condemnation of Stephen Colledge for High Treason. The Information of Capt. Hy. Wilkinson against the Earl of Shaftes

bury for High Treason. Animadversions on Capt. Wilkinson's Information. 1682. The Triumphs of Justice over Unjust Judges, delivered to Justice

Scroggs. 1681. Depositions against Roger L'Estrange, M. Prance, L. Mowbray etc. The Non-entity or Nullity of Popery, Demonstrated by undeniable Arguments etc.

Vol. 85. 1681 (2). Folio. Two Great Questions Determined by Reason and Divinity. Ist.

Hereditary Succession Negative. · 2nd. Divorce Affirmative. A Brief History of the Succession, from authentic Historians. The Great Point of Succession discussed. A True History of the Succession of the Crown of England. Some Observations upon the tickling question, Whether the Admitting

of a Popish Successor be the best way to preserve the Protestant

Religion. Multum in Parvo, aut Vox Veritatis. Transactions of English Parlia

ments, 1640, 1641, 1680, 1681. Observations upon a late libel called A Letter from a Person of

Quality concerning the King's Declaration, etc. A Specimen of a Bill for uniting the Protestants. A Short History of the Life and Death of the Act made the 25th

Elizabeth Cap. I.; as also the Act, “The Conventicle Act.” The French Intrigues discovered. The Complaint of Liberty against Arbitrary Government. The Character of a Rebellion, or the Designs of Dissenters. Robert Hearne. Loyaltie's Severe Summons to the Bar of Conscience.

VOL. 86. 1682. The Earl of Anglesey's Account of the state of the Kingdom, April 27.

1682. A New Year's Gift for the Anti-Prerogative Men. A Tory Plot Discovered in the Addressers and Abhorrers, to Alter the

Constitution of the Government and Betray the Protestant Religion. The Charge of a Tory Plot maintained. Popish Fables, Protestant Truths Displayed. (A Satyr.) An Address to Freemen and Freeholders. The 2nd Part of the Address to Freemen and Freeholders. The 3rd Part of the Address to Freemen and Freeholders. The Apostate Protestant. The Dissenting Casuist. Protestantism Its Present State in the World. The 2nd Part of the Growth of Popery,

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Vol. 87. 1682. Folio. The History of Whigism. (Mining and Countermining the Tory Plots

and Principles in the Reign of Charles I., Sad Fore-Runner of the

Fatal Year'41.) 1682. The 2nd Part of the History of Whigism. Plain Dealing is a Jewel and Honesty the Best Policy. A Gentle Reflection on the modest account and a Vindication of the

Loyal Abhorrers, from the calumnies of a factious pen. Letters from a Person of Quality about Abhorrers and Addressers, etc. A Model for the French King, or Henry VIII. extirpating Popery and

introducing the Protestant Religion. A Plea for Succession in opposition to Popular Exclusion. An Impartial Account of Richard Duke of York's Treasons and the

True Picture of a Popish Successor. Vox Angliæ. A Complete Collection of the Addresses presented to

His Majesty expressing thanks for his late Gracious Declaration. Remarques upon the New Project of Asssociation. The Address importing an abhorrence of an Association, said to have

been seized in the Earl of Shaftesbury's closet. The History of the Association, containing all the Debates in the

Commons. The Parallel, or the New Specious Association an Old Rebellious

Elymas the Sorcerer, or a Memorial towards the discovery of the bottom

of this Popish Plot, by Thomas Jones.
A Letter from an Ignoramus to his Correspondent, Dec. 6.
The Lord Keeper's Speech, Jan. 23.
John Zeale. A Narative of the Phanatical Plot.
Villainy Displayed, or the Information of John Zeale.

Vol. 88. 1683. Folio. The Speeches of Capt. Walcot, Jno. Rouse, and Will. Hone, July 20.


Rouse. His case written by himself in Newgate before his Execution.
Matchiavel Junior, or the Secret Arts of the Jesuits.
Complaint of Titus Oates against the Doctor of Salamanca and the same

Doctor against Titus Oates.
A Discourse concerning High Treason.
E. Settle, A Narrative by. (The Popish Plot.)
Remarks upon E. Settle's Narrative.
A Discourse concerning High Treason and of Misprision of Treason.
Some Remarks recommended unto Ecclesiastics of all Perswasions.

Vol. 89. 1683. Tam Quan, or an Attaint. Reflections on a pamphlet, A Defence of His Majesty's Declaration. Clarior e Tenebris, or A justification of Two Books :-“The Grand

Inquest,” and “The Royal Favorite Cleared.”

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