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SURTEES SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONScontinued. 49. The Survey of the various Fees and Manors within the County

of York, taken by John de Kirkby in the Reign of Edward I., ed.

R. H. Skaife. 1868. 50. The Diary of Ambrose Barnes, an Alderman of Newcastle-on

Tyne in the Seventeenth Century, ed. W. H. D. Longstaffe. 1868. 51. Symeonis Dunelmensis Opera et Collectanea, edited, with English

preface and notes, by J. Hodgson Hinde. 1868. 52. The Correspondence of John Cosin, Bishop of Durham, ed. G.

Ornsby. Vol. 1. 1868. 53. Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. 4, 1485—1509, ed. J. Raine. 1869. 54. De la Pryme's Diary, ed. C. Jackson. 1871. 55. Cosin's Correspondence, ed. G. Ornsby. Vol. 2.

1872. 56. Gray, Walter, Archbishop of York. Register or Rolls, 1215—55,

ed. J. Raine. 1872. 57. Register of the Guild of Corpus Christi in York, ed. R. H.

Skaife. 1872. 58. Feodarium Prioratus Dunelmensis : a Survey of the Estates of

the Prior and Convent of Durham, ed. W. Greenwell. 1872. 59, 60. Missale ad Usum Insignis Ecclesiae Eboracensis, ed. Dr.

Henderson. 2 vols. 1874. 61. The York Pontifical. Liber Pontificalis Chr. Bainbridge Archie

piscopi Eboracensis, ed. Dr. Henderson. 1875. 62. Thornton, Mrs. Alice, of East Newton, co. York. Autobio

graphy, ed. C. Jackson. 1875. 63. Manuale et Processionale ad usum Insignis Ecclesiae Eboracensis,

ed. Dr. Henderson. 1875. 64. Ripon Charter Acts : Acts of Chapter of the Collegiate Church

of SS. Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, 1452-1506, ed. J. T. Fowler. 1875. 65. Yorkshire Diaries and Autobiographies in the Seventeenth and

Eighteenth Centuries, ed. C. Jackson. 1877. 66. Cartularium Abbatiae de Novo Monasterio, ed. J. T. Fowler. 1878. 67. Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains, comprising

the Royal Charters and some of the Royal Grants, etc., ed. J. R. Walbran and J. Raine.

Part 1.

1878. 68. Selections from the Household Books of the Lord William

Howard of Naworth Castle, with Appendix containing some of his

Papers and Letters and other Documents, ed. G. Ornsby. 1878. 69. The Whitby Chartulary, ed. J. C. Atkinson. Vol. 1.

1879. 70. Lawrence of Durham. Historical Poems, ed. J. Raine. 1880. 71. The York Breviary, ed. S. Lawley. Vol. 1. 1880. 72. The Whitby Chartulary, ed. J. C. Atkinson. Vol. 2. 1881. 73. Stukeley, Rev. W., M.D. Family Memoirs, and the Antiquarian and other Correspondence of William Stukeley, Roger, and Samuel

Gale, etc., ed. W. C. Lukis. Vol. I. 1882. 74. Memorials of the Church of SS. Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon, ed.

J. T. Fowler. Vol. 1. 1882. 75. The York Breviary, ed. S. Lawley. Vol. 2. 1883.

Vol. 2.

Sydenham, Lord. Life and Administration in Canada. 1844.
Thirlwall, Bp. C. History of Greece. 8 vols. 1845–52.
Thorpe, B. Analecta Anglo-Saxonica. 1846.

Diplomatarium Anglicum Aevi Saxonici. A Collection of English
Charters from the Reign of King Ethelbert of Kent, A.D. DCV., to

that of William the Conqueror. 1865. Thurloe, John. State Papers, 1638, to the Restoration of Charles II. 7 vols. folio.

1742. Trench, Abp. R. C. On the Study of Words. 1864.

English Past and Present. 1862. - Select Glossary of Old English Words. 1859. United States. Exploring Expedition round the World, by C. Wilkes.

5 vols, royal 8vo. 1845. Vacherot, E. Histoire de l'Ecole d'Alexandrie. 3 vols. 1846. Winthrop, John. Journal of Transactions in the Settlement of Massa

chussets, 1630—41. 1790. Winwood, Sir R. State Papers during the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I. 3 vols. folio. 1725.

. WODROW SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS. For the Publication of the Early

Writers of the Reformed Church of Scotland :
Blair, Robert. Autobiography, ed. T. McCrie. 1848.
Bruce, R. Sermons, with Collections for his Life, by R. Wodrow, ed.

W. Cunningham. 1843.
Calderwood, Đ. History of the Kirk of Scotland, ed. T. Thomson.

8 vols. 1842—49. Ferme and Melville's Commentary on the Romans, ed. W. L.

Alexander. 1850. Knox, J. History of the Reformation, and other Works. 6 vols. 1846. Melvill, James. Autobiography, ed. R. Pitcairn. 1842. Rollock, R. Select Works, ed. W. M. Gunn. 2 vols. 1849—54. Row, John History of the Kirk of Scotland, 1558—1637, and

. Continuation to 1639, ed. D. Laing. 1842. Scot, W. Government of the Kirk of Scotland since the Reforma

tion. Forbes, J. Records concerning the Kirk. 1846. Select Biographies, by W. K. Tweedie. 2 vols. 1845–47. Wodrow, R. Correspondence, ed. J. M'Crie. 3 vols. 1842–43.

Wodrow Society. Miscellany, ed. D. Laing. 1844. Wolsey, Cardinal, Life of, by R. Fiddes. Folio. 1724. - Life, by G. Cavendish. 4to. 1852.

. Wood, A. Athenae Oxonienses. 4 vols. 4to. 1813–20.


Historical, Ecclesiastical, and Political Tracts.

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VOL. I. 1624-31. Isaac Bargrave. Sermon preached before Parliament, Feb. 28, 1623.

1624. Remonstrance of the Duke of Buckingham. 1627. Sir Benj. Rudierd. Speech in behalfe of the Clergie. Oxf. 1628. A Conference desired by the Lords. Bp. of Sarum (J. D'Avenant), A Sermon by. Orders and Directions. (Reliefe of the Poore.) 1630. istorical Relation, by Godly English Bishops and Martyrs. 1631.

VOL. 2. 1632—35.
Caleb Dalechamp. Christian Hospitalitie. Cantab. 1632.

Harrisonus Honoratus. Cantab.
On State Ecclesiasticall.

Oxf. 1634.
Baptista Manzini. Political Observations fall of Seianus.
Dr. Turner. A Sermon preached before the King. 1635.

VOL. 3. 1636–37.
Church Customes Vindicated. 1636.
Samuel Hoard. The Churches Authority Asserted.
Concerning Publike Prayer. Six Sermons.
Christopher Dow. Innovations in Church and State. 1637.

VOL. 4. 1638–39. A Short Relation of the State of the Church of Scotland. 1638. Thos. Gataker. St. Stephen's Last Will and Testament. The Declinator and Protestation of Archbishops and Bishops of Church

of Scotland in Glasgow, Nov. 21, 1638. 1639. His Majestie's Proclamation in Scotland. Sir R. Hutton, Sir Geo. Croke, and Certificate of Sir John Denham

against John Hampden.
An Explanation of the Meaning of the Oath and Covenant. 1639.
God's Good Servant. A Sermon.
George Downame. An Apostolicall Injunction to Unity.
John Jones. The Conquest of the Saints.

Vol. 5. 1640–43.
A Remonstrance concerning the Present Troubles. 1640.
The King's Speaches. Nov. 3 and Nov. 5, 1640.

Nov. 16 and Jan. 25, 1640.

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