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4 vols.

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Aberdeen. Registrum Episcopatus Aberdonensis: Ecclesiae Cathe-

dralis Aberdonensis Regesta, ed. Cosmo Innes. 2 vols. 1845. Beaugué, Jean de. Histoire de la Guerre d'Ecosse pendant les cam

pagnes, 1548 et 1549, ed. Joseph Bain. I vol. 1830. Blackwood, Adam. History of Mary Queen of Scots. A Fragment,

translated from the French, ed. Alex. Macdonald. I vol. 1834. Booke of the Universall Kirk of Scotland. Acts and Proceedings of

the General Assemblies, 1560-1618, ed. Th. Thomson.

1839-45. Caldwell Papers. Selections from Family Papers preserved at Cald

well, 1496—1853, ed. Col. Muir of Caldwell. 3 vols. 1854. Cameron, Sir Ewen, of Locheill, Chief of the Clan Cameron. Memoirs, ed. Jas. Macknight. I vol. 1842.

, Cartularium Comitatus de Levenax ab Initio Seculi Decimi Tertii

usque ad annum, 1398, ed. Jas. Dennistoun. I vol. 1833 Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland, from Fergus the First to James the Sixth in the


1611. I vol. 1830. Chronicle of Perth ; a Register of Remarkable Occurences, 1210

1668. i vol. 1831. Chronicon de Lanercost, 1201—1346, e Codice Cottoniano, ed.

Stevenson. I vol. 1839. Clariodus; a Metrical Romance; from a MS. of the Sixteenth Century, ed. D. Irving.

Cochrane Correspondence regarding the Affairs of Glasgow, 1745–46,

ed. Jas. Dennistoun. I vol. 1836.
Coltness Collections, 1608—1840, ed. Jas. Dennistoun. I vol. 1842.
Dalgarno, Geo., of Aberdeen. Works, ed. T. Maitland. 1 vol. 1834.
Dauney, W. Ancient Scottish Melodies from a MS. of the Reign of
James VI.

I vol. 1838.
Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents that have passed within the

Country of Scotland since the death of King James IV. till 1575,

ed. Thos. Thomson. I vol. 1833
Drummond, W., of Hawthornden. Poems, ed. Thos. Thomson.

I vol. 1832.
Dysart, Notices from Local Boards of, ed. Rev. W. Muir. I vol. 1853.
Glasgow. Burgh Records, 1573–81. I vol. 1832.

Inventory of the Ornaments, Reliques, Jewels, Vestments, Books,
etc., belonging to the Cathedral Church of Glasgow, 1432, ed. J.
Dillon. I vol. 1831.

Liber Collegii Nostre Domine: Registrum Ecclesie B. V. Marie et S. Anne infra Muros Civitativis Glasguensis, 1549, ed. Jos. Robertson. I vol. 1846.

Deeds instituting Bursaries, Scholarships, and other Foundations in the College and University of Glasgow, ed. Prof. W. Thomson.

I vol. 1850. uni

Monumenta Alme Universitatis Glasguensis, from its foundation until 1727, ed. Cosmo Innes and Jos. Robertson. 4 vols. 1854.

I vol.

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MAITLAND CLUB PUBLICATIONS—continued. Glasgow. Notices and Documents illustrative of the Literary History of Glasgow during last Century, ed. Rich. Duncan.

I vol.

1831. Registrum Episcopatus Glasguensis, ed. Cosmo Innes. 2 vols. 1843. Gray, Sir Thomas, of Heton, Knight. Scalachronica: a Chronicle of

England and Scotland, 1066—1362, ed. Jos. Stevenson. I vol. 1836. Hamilton, W. Descriptions of the Sheriffdoms of Lanark and

Renfrew, compiled about 1710, ed. J. Dillon and J. Fullarton.

vol. 1831. Henryson, Robert. The Moral Fables, ed. D. Irving. I vol. 1832. Illustrations of Scottish History from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth

Century, ed. J. Stevenson. i vol. 1834. Index to a Private Collection of Notices entituled, “ Memorabilia of

the City of Glasgow, 1587-1750." I vol. 1836. James I., King of Scotland. Life and Death, ed. Jos. Stevenson.

vol. 1837 Lamont, John, of Newton. Diary, 1649–71, ed. G. R. Kinloch. I

vol. 1830. Lancelot du Lak, The Scottish Metrical Romance of, ed. Jos. Steven

I vol. 1839. Letters to King James VI, from the Queen, Prince Henry, Prince

Charles, etc., ed. Alex. Macdonald. I vol. 1835. Letters to Argyll Family from Elizabeth Queen of England, Mary

Queen of Scots, James VI., Charles I., Charles II., and others, ed.

Alex. Macdonald. I vol. 1839. Mackay, Major-Gen. H. Memoirs of the War carried on in Scotland

and Ireland, 1689-91, ed. P. F. Tytler and A. Urquhart. 1 vol. 1833. Maitland Club Miscellany, ed. Alex. Macdonald and Jas. Dennis

toun. 4 vols. in 6. 1833-47. Maitland Club. Catalogue of the Works printed, with lists of Mem

bers and Rules. I vol. 1836. Maitland, Sir Rich., of Lethington, Kt. Poems, ed. Joseph Bain. I

vol. 1830. See also “Seytoun." Maxwell, Jas., of Kirkconnell. Narrative of Charles, Prince of Wales',

Expedition to Scotland in 1745. I vol. 1841. Melville, Sir James, of Halhill

. Memoirs of his own Life, 1549-93, ed. Th. Thomson. I vol. 1833 . Miscellaneous Papers, principally illustrative of the Events in the

Reigns of Mary and James VI., ed. W. J. Duncan. I vol. 1834. Montrose and his Times, Memorials of, ed. Mark Napier. 2 vols.

1848-50. Moysie, David. Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, 1577-1603, ed.

Jas. Dennistoun. I vol. 1830. Naperi, Joannis, Merchistonii Baronis, De Arte Logistica, ed. Mark

Napier. I vol. 1839. Notices of Original Unprinted Documents preserved in the Office of

the Queen's Remembrancer and Chapter House, Westminster, illustrative of the History of Scotland, ed. Jos. Stevenson. I vol. 1842.


I vol.

Orkney and Zetland, Oppressions of the Sixteenth Century in, ed. D.

Balfour. I vol. 1859.
Papers illustrative of the Political Condition of the Highlands of

Scotland, 1689-96, ed. Jas. MacConnechy. I vol. 1845. Papers relative to the Royal Guard of Scottish Archers in France.

I vol. 1835 Pitcairn, R. Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland, 1488—1624. 10

parts in 7 vols. 1833. Pitcairne, A. Babell ; a Satirical Poem on the Proceedings of the

General Assembly in the year 1692, ed. G. R. Kinloch. I vol. 1830. Pont, Timothy. Topographical Account of the District of Cunningham, 1600, ed. John Fullarton.

I vol. 1858. Prestwick, Records of, 1470—1782, ed. J. Fullarton. I vol. 1834 Register of Ministers, Exhorters, and Readers, and of their Stipends, 1567, ed. Alex. Macdonald.

1830. Registrum Metallanum I. 1 vol. 1831. [No more of this published.] Registrum Monasterii de Passelet, 1163-1529, ed. Cosmo Innes.

vol. 1832. Reports on the State of certain Parishes of Scotland, April 12, 1627.

ed. Alex. Macdonald. I vol. 1835. Rob Stene's Dream, ed. W. Motherwell. I vol. 1836. Row, Rev. J. History of the Kirk of Scotland, 1558—1637, and

the Coronis, a continuation by Rev. W. Row, ed. Rev. Dr.

Fleming. 2 vols. 1842. Scon, Liber Ecclsiae de, ed. Cosmo Innes. I vol. 1843. Seals. Descriptive Catalogue of Impressions from Ancient Scottish

Seals, ed. H. Laing. I vol. 1850. Selections from unpublished MSS. in the College of Arms and the

British Museum illustrating the Reign of Mary Queen of Scotland,

1543–68, ed. Jos. Stevenson. I vol. 1837. Seytoun, House of. History to the year 1559, by Sir Richard Mait

land of Lethington, Kt., with continuation to 1687, ed. J. Fullarton,

I vol. 1829. Sir Beves of Hamtoun. A Metrical Romance, ed. W. B. D. D.

Turnbull. I vol. 1838. Spalding, John. History of the Troubles and Memorable Transactions

in Scotland and England, 1624-45, ed. J. Skene. 2 vols. 1828–29. Urquhart, Sir Thos., of Cromarty, Kt. Works. I vol. 1834. Wallace, Sir William, Documents illustrative of the Life and Times

of, ed. Jos. Stevenson. I vol. 1841. Winzet, N. Certane Tractatis for Reformation of Doctryne and

Maneris in Scotland, 1562–63. Preface by D. Laing. I vol. 1835. . Wodrow, Rev. R. Analecta; or, Materials for a History of Remarkable Providences, ed. Rev. Dr. Leishman. 4 vols. 1842–43.

Collections upon the Lives of the Reformers and most eminent ministers of the Church of Scotland, ed. W. J. Duncan, Jos. Robertson, and Rev. Dr. Leishman. 2 vols. in 4. 1834–45.

Mansel, H. L. Prologomena Logica. 1860.
- Artis Logicae Rudimenta, from the Text of Aldrich. 1849.
Marlowe, C. Works, ed. A. Dyce. 1859.
Marsh, G. P. Lectures on the English Language, ed. Dr. W. Smith.

1862. Martineau, H. History of England during the Thirty Years' Peace,

1800—46. 3 vols. 1849. May, Sir T. Erskine. Constitutional History of England, 1760—1860. 3 vols. Seventh edition. 1882,

Parliamentary History of England, 1760-1860. 2 vols. 1863May, Thos. History of the Long Parliament. 8vo. 1854. Merivale, C. History of the Romans under the Empire. 7 vols. 8vo.

1854–62. Metcalfe, Charles, Lord (late Governor-General of Canada). Life, by

J. W. Kaye. 2 vols. 1854. Michaux, Francois-André. North American Sylva. 3 vols. 1850–51.

Nuttall's Supplement. 3 vols. 1849–52. Miller, W. Biographical Sketches of British Characters, from the

Accession of George IV. 2 vols. 4to. 1826. Milman, Dean. History of Christianity from the Birth of Christ to the abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire. 3 vols. 1863. History of Latin Christianity. 9 vols. 1864.

History of the Jews. New edition. 3 vols. 1863. Mitchell, A. The Past in the Present: What is Civilisation ? Ten of

the Rhind Lectures, 1876 and 1878. 1880. Mommsen, T. The History of Rome. Translated by Rev. W. P. Dickson, preface by Dr. L. Schmitz.

1868. Morton, S. G. Crania Americana. 78 plates, folio. Philadelphia, 1839. Motley, J. L. History of the Rise of the Dutch Republic. 3 vols. 1864

History of the United Netherlands from the Death of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort. 4 vols. 1860—69. .

Life of John of Barnevelde. 2 vols. 1874. Nalson, John. An Impartial Collection of the great Affairs of State

from the beginning of the Scotch Rebellion in 1639 to the Murder of

King Charles I. 2 vols. folio. 1682–83. Napier, Sir W. F. P. History of the Peninsular War, 1807–14. 6

vols. 1862. Nicholl, John. Recollections and Reflections during the Reign of

George III. 2 vols. 8vo. 1822. Nau, Claude (her Secretary). History of Mary Stewart from the murder

of Riccio until the flight into England. Now first printed from original MSS., ed. J. Stevenson. Edinb. 1883.

4 vols.


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3 vols.

Nichols, J. G. Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth. 3 vols. 4to. 1823. Progresses and Processions of James I. 4 vols. 4to. 1828. . Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, and many of his learned friends.


vols. 1812–15. Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century, consisting of Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of Eminent

Persons. 8 vols. 1817-58. Nicolas, N. H. Observations on the State of Historical Literature,

and on the Society of Antiquaries, etc. 1830. Norman, B. M. Rambles in Yucatan. Notes of Travels through the

Peninsula. 1843. Northcote, Sir John, Note Book of, ed. A. H. A. Hamilton 1877. Nova Scotia. Memorials of English and French Commissioners, concerning the limits of Nova Scotia or Acadia.

2 vols. 4to.

1755. O'Curry, E. Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish.

1873. Ormonde, James Butler, ist Duke. Life, by T. Carte. 6 vols. 1851. Palgrave, Sir F. Rise and Progress of the Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth. 2 vols. 4to. 1832.

History of Normandy and England. 4 vols. 1851–64. Pamphlets. Historical and Political ; a Collection of 3376, between the

years 1624 and 1860, bound into 308 volumes. See p. 31 to end. Parker, M. De Antiquitate Britannicae Ecclesiae et Privilegiis Eccle

siae Cantuariensis, cum Archiepiscopis eiusdem LXX. Folio. 1605. Penn, William. By W. Hepworth Dixon. 1851. Perth, the Book of. By John Parker Lawson. 1847. Petit, Prof. History of Mary Queen of Scots, translated by C. de

Flandre. 2 vols. 4to. 1873. Pictorial History of England, by Craik, Macfarlane, and others, ed. by

Charles Knight. 8 vols. imp. 8vo. 1849. Pinkerton, John. Collection of Voyages and Travels. 17 vols. 4to.

1808. Plato's Republic. Greek Text, with Notes by G. Stallbaum.

2 vols. 1858–59. Pocock, N. Records of the Reformation, 1527—33. 2 vols. 1870. Pope, A. Poetical Works, ed. H. F. Cary. 1863. Rafn, C. C. Antiquitates Americanae, with Supplement. 2 vols. in 1,

4to. 1837-45. Ralph, J. History of England during the reigns of King William, Anne, and George I. 2 vols. folio.

1744. Ramusio, J. Bte. Della Navigazioni. 3 vols. folio. 1563-65.

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