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26. Hudson, Hen. the Navigator, by G. M. Asher.


27. Early Voyages to Terra Australis, now called Australia, ed. R. H.



28. Expedition of Ursua and Aguirre in search of El Dorado, translated by Bollaert.


29. Life of Guzman, translated by Markham. 1862.

30. Discoveries of the World by Galvano, ed. Admiral Bethune. 1862. 31. Marvels described by Friar Jordanus, trans. and ed. Yule. 1863. 32. Travels of Ludovico di Varthema, transl. by Winter Jones, 1864. 33. Cieza de Leon, Pedro de. Travels, A.D. 1532-50, contained in the first part of his Chronicle of Peru, translated and edited by Markham. 8vo. 1864.

34. Narrative of Pascual de Andagoya, containing the earliest notice of Peru, translated by Markham. 1865.

35. Barbosa.

Coasts of East Africa and Malabar, translated by

Stanley. 1865.

36, 37. Cathay and the Road thither. A collection of all minor notices of China previous to the Sixteenth Century, translated by Yule. vols. 1866.

38. Frobisher's Three Voyages, ed. Admiral Colinson. 1867. 39. Morga, Ant. de. Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China at the close of the Sixteenth Century, translated from the Spanish by the Hon. Henry Stanley. 8vo. 1868. 40. Gayangos, Don P. de. The Fifth Letter of Cortes to the Emperor Charles V. 1868.

41, 45. Royal Commentaries of the Yncas, by the Ynca G. de la Vega, translated by Markham. 2 vols. 1869.

42. Vasco de Gama's Three Voyages and Viceroyalty, translated from the Lendas da India of Gaspar Correa by the Hon. H. (now Lord) Stanley of Alderley. 1869.

43. Columbus' Select Letters, ed. Major. Second edition, revised and improved. 1870.

44. History of the Imâms and Seyyids of 'Omân, by Salil-ibn-Razik, translated from the Arabic by Badger. 1871.

46. Bethencourt. The Canarian, or Conquest and Conversion of the Canaries, 1402, by Jean de Bethencourt, composed by P. Bontier and J. Le Verrier, transl. and ed. by R. H. Major. 8vo. 1872. 47. Reports on the Discovery of Peru, transl. by Markham. 1872. 48. Narrative of the Rites and Laws of the Yncas, translated from the Spanish MSS. by Markham. 1873.

49. Barbaro and Contarini. Travels to Tana and Persia, with Introduction by Lord Stanley of Alderley. 1873.

50. Voyages of the Zeni to the Northern Seas, edited and translated by Major. 1874.

51. Stade, Hans, of Hesse. Captivity, in A.D. 1547-55, among the wild tribes of Eastern Brazil, translated by Tootal, and annotated by (Captain) R. F. Burton. 1874.


52. Magellan's First Voyage Round the World, from Pigafetta, and others, by Lord Stanley of Alderley. 1874.

53, 55. Alboquerque. Commentaries of the Great Alfonso Dalboquerque, second Viceroy of India, from the Portuguese edition of 1774, with notes and introduction by W. de Gray Birch. Vols. I and 2. 1875-77.

54. The Three Voyages of William Barents to the Arctic Regions, 1594-96, by Gerritt de Veer. Second edition, with an Introduction by Lieut. Koolemans Beynen. 1876.

56. Voyages of Sir James Lancaster, Kt., to the East Indies, and the Voyage of Captain John Knight, 1606, to seek the North-West Passage, by C. R. Markham. 1877.


57. The Hawkins' Voyages during the reigns of Henry VIII., Elizabeth, and James I., ed. C. R. Markham. 58. The Bondage and Travels of Johann Schiltbeger, a native of Bavaria, in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396—1427. Translated by B. Telfer, with Notes by F. Bruun.


59. Voyages and Works of John Davis, the Navigator, by Capt. A. H. Markham, R.N. 1880.

60, 61. Acosta, Father Joseph de. Natural and Moral History of the Indies; edited, from translation of E. Grimston, 1604, by C. R. Markham. Vol. 1, Natural History, 1880. Vol. 2, Moral History, 1880. Map of Peru to Illustrate Nos. 33, 41, 45, 60, 61. 62. The Commentaries of the Great Alfonso Dalboquerque. Vol. 3. 1880.

63. The Voyages of William Baffin, 1612-22, ed. C. R. Markham. 1881.

64. Alvarez, Father Francisco. Portuguese Embassy to Abyssinia, 1520-27, translated, with Notes and Introduction, by Lord Stanley of Alderley.


65. Historye of the Bermudaes or Summer Islands, ed. Gen. Sir J. H. Lefroy. 1882.

66, 67. Diary of Richard Cocks, Cape-Merchant in the English Factory of Japan, 1615-22, ed. E. M. Thompson. Vols. 1 and 2. 1883.

68. Second Part of the Chronicle of Peru, by Pedro de Cieza de Leon. Translated and edited by C. R. Markham. 1883.

Hallam, H. Constitutional History of England. 3 vols. 1854. - History of the Middle Ages. 3 vols.

Literary History of Europe.


3 vols. 1854.

Harrisse, H. Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. With Supplement. 2 vols. imp. 8vo. New York, 1866; Paris, 1872.

Hardwick, C. History of the Christian Church during the Middle Age. 1861.

History of the Christian Church during the Reformation. 1865.

Hardwick, C. Christ and other Masters. 2 vols. 1863.

1. Introduction. 2. Religions of India. 3. Religions of China, America, and Oceanica. 4. Religions of Egypt and Medo-Persia. Harleian Miscellany. A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in manuscript as in print. Selected from the Library of Edward Harley, second Earl of Oxford. Interspersed with Historical, Political, and Critical Annotations, by the late William Odys, Esq., and some additional Notes by T. Park. Io vols. 4to. 1808—13.

Haureau, B. De la Philosophie Scolastique.

2 vols. 8vo.


Hearne, S. A Journey from Prince of Wales' Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean, 1769–72. 4to. 1795.

Hennepin, L. Description de la Louisiane. 1688.

Hertslet, E.

The Map of Europe by Treaty, shewing the various Political and Territorial changes which have taken place since the General Peace of 1814. 3 vols. 1875.

Hook, Dean W. F. Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. 12 vols. 1861-77.

Contents: Vol. 1, Anglo-Saxon Period, 597-1070. Vol. 2, AngloNorman Period, 1070-1229. Vols. 3-5, Medieval Period, 1229-1503; Reformation Period. Vols. 6-7, 1503-1556, Warham, Cranmer. Vol. 8, 1556-1558, Cardinal Pole. Vol. 9, 1558-1575, Matthew Parker. Vol. 10, 1575-1633, Grindal, Whitgift, Bancroft, Abbott. Vol. 11, 1633-1663, Laud, Juxon. Vol. 12, Index.

Hosack, J. Mary Queen of Scots and her Accusers. 2 vols. 1870-74. Howell, T. B. A Complete Collection of State Trials from the earliest.

period to 1783, continued from 1783 to the present time, by T. J. Howell, with a General Index by D. Jardine. 34 vols. royal 8vo. 1809-28.

Humboldt, F. H. Alex. Baron de. Vues des Cordillieres, etc. Text, 2 vols. 8vo, 1816. Plates, I vol. folio, 1810.


1. What is an Index? A few Notes on Indexes and Indexers. By Henry B. Wheatley. 1879.

2. Index of the names of the Royalists whose estates were confiscated during the Commonwealth. By Mabel G. W. Peacock. 1879. 3. Index of Municipal Offices, 1835. By G. Lawrence Gomme. 1879. 4. Report of the First Annual Meeting, with Four Appendices: 1. Index to Books and Papers on marriage between near kin. By A. Huth. 2. Index of the Styles and Titles of English Sovereigns. By W. de Gray Birch. 3. Indexes of Portraits in the European Magazine, London Magazine, and Register of the Times. By E. Solly. 4. Index of Obituary Notices for 1878. 1879. 5. Index of Hereditary English, Scottish, and Irish Titles of Honour. By E. Solly. 1880.

INDEX SOCIETY-continued.

6. Index to Trevelyan's Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. By P. Clark. 1881.

7. Report of the Second Annual Meeting. With Three Appendices: 1. Index of Portraits in the British Gallery of Portraits, Jordan's Portrait Gallery, Knight's Gallery of Portraits, and Lodge's Portraits, by R. Bowes and James Douglas. 2. Index of Abridgements of Patents. 3. Index of Obituary Notices for 1879. 1880. 8. Guide to the Literature of Botany. By B. D. Jackson. 9. Index of Obituary Notices, 1880.


10. Index to Norfolk Topography. By Walter Rye. 1881.


11. Index to the Literature of Vegetable Technology, by R. D.


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12. Index of Obituary Notices for 1881. 1883.

13. Index to English-speaking Students who have graduated at Leyden University. By E. Peacock. 1883.

Inett, J. Origines Anglicanae; or, a History of the English Church from the Conversion of the English Saxons to the Death of King John, ed. J. Griffiths. 2 vols.


Ingulph. The Chronicle of Croyland Abbey, edited from the unique MS. in the British Museum, by Walter de Gray Birch. Wisbech, 1883. Ireland, Annals of, from the Earliest Times to 1616, ed. J. O'Donovan. 7 vols. in 4, 4to. 1856.

Facsimiles of National MSS. of Ireland, ed. by John T. Gilbert. Parts 1-4. 1874-83.

James, E. Expedition to the Rocky Mountains. 3 vols. 1823. Jamieson, J. Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, ed. J. Longmuir and D. Donaldson. 4 vols. 4to. 1879-82.

Johnson, Dr. S. Lives of the Poets, ed. P. Cunningham. 3 vols. 1854. Josephi, Flavii, Opera Omnia, Graece et Latine, ed. J. Hudson et F. Oberthur. 3 vols. 1772.

Keating, W. H. Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeck, etc. 2 vols. 1825.

Kemble, J. M. State Papers and Correspondence illustrative of the Social and Political State of Europe from the Revolution to the Accession of the House of Hanover. 1857.

The Saxons in England. 2 vols. 1849.

Kennett, Bp. Register and Chronicle, Ecclesiastical and Civil. Folio. 1728.

Kerr, Robert. History of Scotland during the Reign of Robert I., surnamed the Bruce. 2 vols. 1811.

Kingsborough, Lord. Antiquities of Mexico. 9 vols. folio. 1831-48. Early Jesuit Missions in North America.

Kip, W. J.

Kirk, J. F.


History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. 3 vols.

Klipstein, L. F. Anglo-Saxon Grammar. 1857.

Knox, John. Historical Journal of the Campaigns in North America, 1757-60. 2 vols. 4to. 1769.

Lafitau, J. F.

Moeurs des Sauvages Americains. 2 vols. 4to. 1724. Lappenberg, J. M. History of England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings. 2 vols. 1845.

History of England under the Norman Kings. I vol. 1857.

La Ville, l'Abbé de la, Silhouette et Galissonniere. Memoires de Commissaires du Roi, etc. 4 vols. 4to. 1755-57.

Le Neve, John. Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, ed. T. D. Hardy. 3 vols.
Lescarbot, Marc. Histoire de la Nouvelle France. 3 vols. Paris, 1866.
Lewis, G. Cornewall. An Inquiry into the Credibility of Early Roman

History. 2 vols.


Lewis, T. Origines Hebraeae: The Antiquities of the Hebrew Republic. 3 vols. 1835.

LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. Transactions and Proceedings: 1877. Conference, London.

1878. First Annual Meeting, Oxford.

1879. Second Annual Meeting, Manchester. 1880. Third Annual Meeting, Edinburgh.

Lloyd, D. Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings, and Deaths of those Noble, Reverend, and Excellent Personages that suffered by death, sequestration, decimation, or otherwise for the Protestant Religion in our late intestine wars from the year 1637 to 1666. With the Life and Martyrdom of King Charles I. Folio. 1668. Lodge, E. Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. 4 vols. folio. 1821-34.

Luttrell, Narcissus. A Brief Historical Relation of State Affairs from September, 1678, to April, 1714. 6 vols. 1857

Macaulay, T. B., Lord. History of England. 5 vols. 1863.

Mackenzie, Sir A. Voyage from Montreal through the Continent of
America in 1789 and 1793. 4to. 1801.
Mackintosh, Sir James. History of England from the Earliest Times
to the final establishment of the Reformation. 2 vols. 1853.

Ethical Philosophy, ed. W. Whewell.


Madox, T. The History and Antiquities of the Exchequer of the Kings of England from the Norman Conquest to the end of the Reign of King Edward II. 2 vols. 4to. 1769.

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