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Materials for a History of Henry VII., ed. W. Campbell. Vols. I and 2.


Hist. Papers and Letters from the Northern Registers, ed. J. Raine. 1873.

Registrum Palatinum Dunelmense, ed. Sir T. D. Hardy. 4 vols. 1873-78.

Memorials of St. Dunstan, ed. W. Stubbs. 1874.

Chronicon Ang. ab Anno Dom. 1328 usque ad Annum 1388 auctore Monacho quodam Sancti Albani, ed. E. M. Thompson. 1874. Thomas Saga Erkibyskups. Life of Abp. Thomas Becket in Icelandic, with Translation, ed. M. Eiríkr-Magnússon. Vols. I and 2. 1875-84.

Radulphi de Coggeshall Chronicon Anglicanum, ed J. Stevenson. 1875.

Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, ed. J. C. Robertson. Vols. 1-6.


Radulphi de Diceto Decani Lundoniensis Opera Hist., ed. W. Stubbs. 2 vols.


Roll of the Proceedings of the King's Council in Ireland for a portion of the 16th year of Richard II.'s Reign, 1392—93, ed. J. Graves. 1877.

Henrici de Bracton de Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae, ed. Sir T. Twiss. Vols. 1-6. 1878-83.

Historians of the Church of York, ed. J. Raine. Vol. 1. 1879. Registrum Malmesburiense, ed. J. S. Brewer and C. T. Martin. 2 vols. 1879-80.

Gervase of Canterbury's Works, ed. W. Stubbs. Vols. 1 and 2. 1879-80.

Henrici Archidiaconi Huntendunensis Hist. Anglorum, ed. T. Arnold. 1879.

Historical Works of Symeon of Durham, ed. T. Arnold. Vol. 1. 1882.

Chronicles of the Reigns of Edward I. and Edward II., ed. W. Stubbs. Vols. 1 and 2. 1882-83.

Registrum Episc. Fratris Johannis Peckham Arch. Cant., ed. C. T. Martin. Vols. 1 and 2. 1882-84.

The Register of St. Osmund, ed. W. H. Rich Jones. Vol. 1. 1883.

Scottish Series. Vols. 1-19.

Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, ed. W. F. Skene. 1867.
Andrew Halyburton's Ledger, ed. C. Innes.


Documents Illustrative of the History of Scotland, ed. J. Stevenson. 2 vols.


Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, 1473-1498, ed. T. Dickson. Vol. 1. 1877.

Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, 1545–1597, ed. J. H. Burton and D. Masson. Vols. 1-5. 1877-84.


Rotuli Scaccarii Regum Scotorum. The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1264-1469. Ed. J. Stuart and G. Burnett. Vols. 1-7. 18781884.

Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, ed. J. Bain. Vol. 1. 1881. Register of the Great Seal of Scotland, 1424-1513, ed. J. B. Paul. 1882.

Irish Series. Vols. 1-7.

Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth, ed. J. Morrison. Vols. 1-3. 1861-63.

Ancient Laws of Ireland. Vols. 1- -4. 1865-80.

Churchill, Sir Winston. Divi Britannici: Being a Remark upon the Lives of the Kings of this Isle from the Year of the World 2855 unto the Yeare of Grace. Folio. 1675.

Clarendon, Edw. Hyde, Earl of. State Papers from 1621. 3 vols. royal folio. Oxford, 1767.

History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. 7 vols. Oxford, 1849.


Clavigero, Abbe D. F. History of Mexico. Translated from the
Italian by Charles Cullen. 2 vols. 4to.
Clinton, H. F. Fasti Romani.

2 vols. 4to. Oxf. 1845-50.

Cochran-Patrick, R. W. Records of the Coinage of Scotland from the earliest period to the Union. With Illustrations. 2 vols. 4to. Edinb. 1876.

Colden, Cadwallader. History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada. 1750.

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Collier, Jeremy. Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, chiefly of England, ed. by T. Lathbury. 9 vols. 1852.

Cooper, C. H., and Thompson. Athenae Cantabrigienses, 1500-1609. 2 vols. 1858-61.

Cotton, Rev. H. Typographical Gazetteer.

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2 vols. 1831-66.

Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae. 5 vols. 8vo.
5 vols. 8vo. 1851-60.

Craik, G. L. Outlines of the History of the English Language. 1860.
History of the English Language. 2 vols. 1864.

Descartes' Meditations. [Translated by J. Veitch.] 1863.

Diaz, Bernel. True History of the Conquest of Mexico, written in 1658; translated by Maurice Keatinge. 4to. 1800.

Diez, F. Grammatik der Romanischen Sprachen. 3 vols. 1856.
Wörterbuch der Romanischen Sprachen. 2 vols.


Domesday Book, or the Great Survey of England by William the Conqueror, 1086. Facsimile by Photozincography under the superintendence of W. Basevi Sanders. 2 vols. folio. 1864.

Domesday. Inquisitio Comitatis Cantab. nunc primum e manuscripto
unico in Bibliotheca Cottoniana asservato typis mandata. Subjectur
Inquisitio Eliensis. cura N. E. S. A. Hamilton. 4to. 1876.
Douglas, Sir Robert. Peerage of Scotland. Second edition, revised by
J. P. Wood. 2 vols. folio. 1813.

Dryden, J. Works, ed. Warton. 1862.

Dugdale, Sir W. A Short View of the Late Troubles in England. Folio. 1681.

- Monasticon Anglicanum. Greatly enlarged by Caley, Ellis, and Bandinel. 8 vols. folio. 1817-30.

History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, from its first foundation untill these times. Folio. 1716.

Dunlop, John. History of Fiction.


Durham, Earl of. Reports and Despatches on Canada. Folio. 1839. Eden, Sir Fredk. Morton. State of the Poor; or, an History of the Labouring Classes in England from the Conquest to the Present Period. 3 vols. 4to. 1797.

Ellis, Sir Henry. Original Letters illustrative of English History. 3 Series. II vols.



29 vols. bound in 27:


Adami Murimuthensis Chronicon, ed. T. Hog.
Chronicon Florentii Wigorniensis, ed. B. Thorpe. 2 vols. 1848-49.
Chronicon Walteri de Hemingburgh, ed. H. C. Hamilton. 2 vols.

Chronicque de la Traison et Mort de Richart Deux, ed. B. Williams. 1846.

Codex Diplomaticus Anglo-Saxonum, ed. J. M. Kemble. 6 vols. 1839-40.

Henrici Quinti Gesta, ed. B. Williams. 1850.
Nennii Historia Britonum, ed. J. Stevenson.
Britanniae, ed. J. Stevenson. 1838.
Nicholai Triveti Annales, ed. T. Hog. 1845.
Ricardi Divisiensis Chronicon, ed. J. Stevenson.
ed. R. C. Jewell. 1846.

Gildas de Excidio

Gesta Stephani,

Rogeri de Wendover Chronica, ed. H. O. Coxe. 5 vols. 1844.
Ven. Bedae Historia Ecclesiastica, ed. J. Stevenson. 1838.
Ven. Bedae Opera Historica minora, ed. J. Stevenson. 1841.
Willelmi Malmesburiensis Gesta Regum Anglorum, ed. T. D. Hardy.
2 vols. 1840.

Willelmi de Newburgh Historia, ed. H. C. Hamilton. 2 vols. 1856.

Erasmus. Pilgrimages to St. Mary of Walsingham and St. Thomas of Canterbury. Translated by J. G. Nichols. 1875.

Faber, G. S. The Origin of Pagan Idolatry ascertained from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence. 3 vols. 4to. 1816.

Fairfax Correspondence during the Civil Wars and the Reign of Charles I. 4 vols. 1848-49.

Freeman, E. A.

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History of the Norman Conquest of England: its Causes and its Results. 6 vols. 1877, 77, 75, 76, 76, 79.

Historical Essays. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series. 1875, 80, 79. English Towns and Districts. A Series of Addresses and Sketches. 1883.

The Reign of William Rufus and the Accession of Henry I. 2 vols. 1882.

Historical Geography of Europe, with Maps. 2 vols. 1882. Froude, J. A. History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Armada. 12 vols. 8vo. 1862-70.

The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century. 3 vols. 1872. Fuller, Dr. T. Church History of Great Britain, ed. J. S. Brewer. 6 vols. 1845.

Worthies of England, ed. P. A. Nuttall. 3 vols.


History of Cambridge and Waltham Abbey, ed. J. Nichols. 1840. Holy and Profane State, ed. James Nichols. 1841. Gardiner, S. R. History of England, 1603-42.

Io vols.


Gibbon, E. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. With Notes by Guizot and Milman, ed. Smith.

3 vols. 1862.

Godkin, J. Religious History of Ireland. 1873.

Gordon, J. F. S.

Glasgow, 1867.

Ecclesiastical Chronicle of Scotland. 4 vols. 4to.

Vols. 1, 2, Scotichronicon, comprising Keith's Catalogue of Scottish Bishops, etc. Vol. 3, Monasticon: Account of Abbey Churches, etc., at the Reformation, based on Spottiswoode. Vol. 4, Journal and Appendix.


Eusebius, ed. Heinichen. 3 vols. 8vo. 1827.

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Green, J. R. History of the English People. 4 vols. 1878-80.

[blocks in formation]

The Conquest of England. With Portrait and Maps. 1883. Green, Mrs. M. A. E. Lives of the Princesses of England. 6 vols. 1849-55.

Grote, G. History of Greece, from the Earliest Period to the close of the generation contemporary with Alexander the Great. 8 vols. 1862.

HAKLUYT SOCIETY. Publications of the Hakluyt Society from the commencement in 1847 to 1879. 68 vols. 8vo. 1847-83:

1. Hawkins, Sir Richd. Observations on his Voyage into the South Sea in 1593, 1622, ed. Capt. C. R. Bethune. 1847.

2. Columbus. Select Letters, with other original documents relating to his Four Voyages, translated and edited by R. H. Major. 1847.

3. Raleigh's Discovery of Guiana in 1595, 1596, ed. Sir R. N. Schomburgk. 1848.

4. Sir Francis Drake, his Voyage, 1595, by Thos. Maynarde, edited from the original MSS. by W. D. Cooley. 1849.

5. Rundall, Thos. Narrative of Voyages towards the North-West in search of a Passage to Cathay and India, 1496-1631. 1849.

6. Strachey, Wm. Historie of Travaile into Virginia Britannia, edited from the MS. by R. H. Major. 1849.

7. Hakluyt, Ed. Divers Voyages touching the discovery of America and the Islands adjacent, 1582, ed. J. Winter Jones. 1850. 8. Rundall's Collection of early Documents on Japan. 9. Coats' Geography of Hudson's Bay, ed. Jno. Barrow.



10. Hakluyt, Rd. Discovery and Conquest of Terra Florida by Don Ferdinando de Soto, 1611, ed. W. B. Rye. 1851.

11, 12. Herberstein. Rerum Moscovitarum Commentarii: Notes upon Russia. Translated and ed. by R. H. Major. 2 vols. 1851-52.

13. De Veer, Gerrit. Three Voyages by the North-East to China, 1524-26, ed. C. Beke. 1852.

14, 15. Mendoza, Juan Gonzalez de. Historie of China, translated by Parke, 1588, ed. Sir G. T. Staunton. 2 vols. 1853—54. 16. D'Orléans, Pierre Joseph. History of the Tartar Conquerors of China. Paris, 1688. Translated and edited by the Earl of Ellesmere. 1854.

17. Fletcher, Francis. The World encompassed by Sir Francis Drake. ed. W. S. W. Vaux. 1854.

18. White, Adam. Collection of early Documents on Spitzbergen and Greenland. 1855.

19. Middleton, Sir Hen. Voyage to Bantam and the Maluco Islands, 1606, ed. B. Corney. 1855.

20. Bond, Edwd. A.


21. Benzoni, Girolamo. 56. Venice, 1572. Smyth. 1857.

Russia at the close of the Sixteenth Century,

History of the New World: Travels, 1541—
Translated and edited by Admiral W. H.

22. Major, R. H. India in the Fifteenth Century. 1857. 23. Champlain. Voyage to the West Indies, 1599-1602, translated by A. Wilmere, edited by N. Shaw.


24. Expeditions into the Valley of the Amazons, 1539, 1540, 1639, translated and edited by C. R. Markham. 1859.

25. Gonsalez de Clavijo, Embassy to the Court of Timour at Samarcand, 1403-6, by R. Markham. 1859.

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