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The Catalogue of Historical Tracts (pp. 31–133) has been made from the title-pages by Mr. M. Williams TAYLOR, Assistant Librarian of McGill College.


127 vols.

Adair, James. The History of the American Indians. 4to. 1775.

Akerman, J. Y. Remains of Pagan Saxondom. 4to. 1855.

Alfred the Great. Life, by R. Pauli. 1853.

Alison, Sir A. History of Europe, with the Continuation to 1852. 23

vols. 1849—59.

America. Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in

North and South America. 2 vols. in i, folio. 1760.
Americus Vespucius. Life, by C. E. Lester and A. Foster. 1846.
Anderson, J. Scotland in Early Christian Times. 2 Series. The

Rhind Lectures in Archäology for 1879 and 1880. Edinb. 1881.
Scotland in Pagan Times: the Iron Age. The Rhind Lectures in

Archæology for 1881. Edinb. 1883.

Annual Register, from the beginning in 1758 to the year 1883. With


Anspach, Rev. L. A. History of the Island of Newfoundland. 1819.

Archaeologia. Vols. 1-45. 1770-1880. With Index to Vols. 1-

. I-

15 (1809), 16-30 (1844), and Catalogue of the Library of the

Society of Antiquities, 1816. 4to.

Aristotle's Ethics. Greek Text, with Notes by Jelf. Oxford, 1856.

English Translation, by R. W. Brown. 1853.
Metaphysics. Greek Text, ed. Bekker. Oxford, 1837.

English Translation, by J. H. McMahon. 1857.
Elementa Logicae. Trendelenburg. Berlin, 1862.
Arnold, Dr. Thomas. History of Rome. 3 vols. 1857-

. .
History of the later Roman Commonwealth. 2 vols. 1857.
Art (L') De Verifier les Dates des Faits Hist. des Inscriptions, des

chroniques, et autres anciens monuments avant l'Ere Chretienne.
ist series, 5 vols. ; 2nd series, 18 vols. ; 3rd series, 18 vols. : Tables,

I vol. 8vo. Paris, 1819.
Balfour, Sir James. Works. 4 vols. 1824.
Contents : Annals of Scotland, 1057—1640; Memorials of Scotland,


Berkeley, Bp. Works, ed. G. N. Wright.

2 vols. 1843

Bisset, A. History of the Commonwealth of England from the Death

of Charles I. to the Expulsion of the Long Parliament by Cromwell.

2 vols. 1867.

Struggle for Parliamentary Reform. 2 vols. 1877.

Blaauw, W. H. The Barons' War, including the Battles of Lewes and

Evesham. Second edition, with additions, ed. C. H. Pearson. 1871.

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