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bestowed to such persons as Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, and others, who have come to this country not as the représentatives of civil governments, but of the moral character of society, and the sacred principles of freedom. In such a case there must be called into requisition that grand element moral principle, as illustrated in their own experience and example, and in the parties whom they represent, or the cause which both parties profess to cherish and honour, suffers at their hands. Thus immense injury is done, or great good derived. Now what moral principle did Mrs. Beecher Stowe ever represent in the cause of freedom, in the mantle of piety which she provides in her Key to Uncle Tom for "lady pious slaveholders," or in the class of men whom she introduces to our notice in the same Key as "christian slave-traders ;" and yet on one occasion a select circle met in an elegant mansion in the neighbourhood of Headingley, Leeds, where, three or four circle deep, Mrs. Stowe became the cynosure of all eyes, whilst one of those vehement denunciators of the Lord Mayor of London, in the name of the fluttering fashionables of beauty, put a beautiful purse, containing two hundred guineas, into her hands? There has been the same forgetfulness of principle by these men in their reception of American missionaries and endorsement of the American Board of Missions-a society supported by its twin sister, the Turkish Aid Missions, since the latter is only a blind to get aid for the former society-a society

which has never rejected those charming specimens ofhumanity, called Christian slaveholders and slavebreeders, as directors and life members-never refused to take unhallowed gains, extracted by the lash of the whip and thumb-screw, from the slave, to send ' the Gospel to the far-off heathen, etc., etc.; still the same meek rcprovers of the Lord Mayor of London are the chief apologists and warmest defenders of the above Board and their missionaries. They put on "dark spectacles" when those terrible delinquencies are spread before their vision, and stuff their ears with the "cotton" of a false charity whilst Christ's name is blasphemed through their monstrous evil practices, and shout "mad dog," fanatic, fool, madman, to the man who lays them bare; but when they dwell on the "good they do," they brush away their "specs," and, inspired with the nectar of honeyed delight, point to new translations of the Bible, Arabs converted, &c., &c.

Recently, pulpit, platform, and press, have justly thundered their anathemas against Bishop Colenso for subverting the authority of Jehovah, in connexion with the historical records of the Bible a man who has laid himself open to the severest censurebut scarcely a whisper has been heard concerning the corrupters and defilers of God's heritage, who have come into your midst, transformed like Satan into angels of light, to tell of the wonderful works they have done in the name of Christ-and yet hide the black deeds of shame, in the robbery of Christ's little

ones which has been constantly perpetrated in America, to make up their own salaries, and to furnish them with the machinery of missionary evangelization! Where is the thunder, lightning and earthquake in the latter case-and yet, is it not as dangerous and mischievous to pervert the fellowships of God's family, as it is to destroy the authority of God in his inspired book?

Recently there has been a tremendous philippic made by the Rev. Dr Candlish against the advisers of the Queen, for causing to be inscribed a quotation from the Apocrypha on a Highland "Cairn," in honour of the late Prince Albert; this by the Dr. is considered to be a great insult to "Bible loving Scotland," but it is no insult in the Rev. Dr. and his coadjutors to introduce men who represent Boards of Missions in America, which are a hissing and byeword, and reproach to civilization, christianity, and to the age in which we live!

The same dishonour is done to the cause of Christ in the introduction of books written by authors who have been the chief instruments of turning our American churches into "synagogues of Satan," by expurgating from the gospel and the churches that supreme love of liberty which in itself constitutes their greatest excellence and glory. In another place we have given an illustration of the above, in the case of the Rev. Dr. Candlish, and "Good, Better, and Best," a book written by the Rev. J. W. Alexander of New York!

This is also shown in the introduction given by Professor Smeaton of the New College, Edinburgh, to the "Closer Walk; or Believer's Sanctification," written by the Rev. Henry Darling, D.D. of Philadelphia; a book which discourses sweetly and eloquently on fellowship with Christ, but contains. not a syllable about fellowship with Christ's "black little ones"-speaks fluently of the saints' "meetness" for heaven-but not a word on the "pious slaveholders" of America, and our "pious negrohaters" so called, being made meet to declare deliverance to their slaves, or to lift up the negro to an equality with themselves! And yet, in his prefatory note, Mr. Smeaton asks for Darling's book a kind reception amongst the christians of this country!

The same grievous and lamentable blunder has been made by the Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon, in giving an introduction to a "History of the Translation of the Bible" by Mrs H. Conant, a History which records the doings and sayings of the "Bible Union," New York-a society which has done more than all other societies in its brief history, to propagate a slave-holding and negro-hating christianity-a society which contains the blackest list of slaveholders and pro-slavery divines of any society in America, and amongst its "Black Constellation" of worthies, so called, we find that the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon's name figures conspicuously as a VicePresident! Moreover, in the above introduction referred to, Mr. Spurgeon has classified the Rev. R.

Fuller of Baltimore, one of the greatest defilers and corrupters of God's heritage in America with his pro-slavery theories and practices, with such men as the Revs. Daniel Waterland, D.D., Robert Lowth, D.D., and other great biblical celebrities! Could they arise from the dead, most assuredly they would protest against the unhallowed association!

As Mr Spurgeon has frankly avowed in his review of a book written by Mr. Mitchell, a coloured preacher, "that he would fling his most vehement testimony into the hypocritical faces of men-owning professors of Christianity," by turning to the "Bible Union Quarterly" for November 1859, and February 1860, he will find urgent claims on him for the above kind of work amongst his brother Bible Union VicePresidents!

But the most ludicrous mistake made by the divines of this country is to be found in the introduction given by the Rev. Thomas Binney, to a book called the “Rifle, Axe, and Saddle Bag," written by a blind preacher, named Milburne! This is abundantly made manifest in the following story, which the editor of the Eclectic, in the last number of the old series, takes out of the blind preacher's "Saddle Bags" for the benefit of his readers! The Rev. James

Axley, familiarly known as "Old Jimmy," a renowned and redoubtable preacher, of East Tenessee, delivered a discourse one Sabbath Day at a place called Jonesborough. Another preacher was with him, and a double service was held. In the discourse which Mr

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