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nessee, that the lack of success of that army is Anne Johnston, of Cincinnati, was tried at Nashdue, in a large measure, to the want of religious ville, Tenn., before the Military Committee, for influence upon the troops.--Cor. Richmond Des- acting as a rebel spy, and smuggling saddles and patch.

harness from Cincinnati into the rebel lines. The --In the Virginia House of Delegates, Mr. articles were packed in barrels, purporting to conHutcheson offered a series of resolutions depre- tain bacon, for the shipment of which permits cating the Amnesty Proclamation of President had been regularly obtained. — Tue schooner Fox, Lincoln as degrading to freemen, that, having tender to the United States flag-ship San Jacinto, calmly counted the cost and weight, the dangers East-Gulf squadron, destroyed in the Suwanee and difficulties, necessary for the achievement River, Florida, a rebel steamer, supposed to be of the rights and independence they covet, the the Little Leila, formerly the Paw-Paw, and bepeople of the Old Dominion spurn with contempt fore the Flushing. She was set fire to by a the proffered pardon and amnesty.”--Five mili- boat's crew belonging to the Fox.—(Doc. 23.) tary executions took place in the respective di- December 21.—The bark Tuscaloosa, formerly visions to which they belonged, in the army of the the Conrad, of Philadelphia, captured by the AlaPotomac.—COMMODORE GERSION J. Van Brunt, bama, was seized at St. Simon's Bay, Cape of of the United States navy, died at Dedham, Mass. Good Ilope, by British officers, upon an alleged

December 19.—Mrs. Patterson Allan, charged violation of British laws. with carrying on a treasonable correspondence

December 22.- A fight occurred at Fayette, with persons in the North, was arraigned before sixteen miles from Rodney, Miss., between a parCommissioner Watson, at Richmond, Va. The

ty of Nationals, belonging to General Ellet's Valetter which she was charged with writing, was rine Brigade, under the command of Colonel inclosed in a box, and directed to Rev. Morgan Curry, and about an equal number of rebels, atDix; both were then placed in a buff envelope, tached to the forces under General Wirt Adams. and addressed to Miss H. Harris, New York. –

After a brief skirmish, the rebels fled, leaving ten CAPTAIN George Washington ALEXANDER, com- of their number in the hands of the Nationals.mandant at Castle Thunder, was relieved from The bark Saxon arrived at New-York last night, command at that point, and confined to his quar- in charge of Acting Master E. S. Keyser. She ters, under arrest, charged with malfeasance in

was captured by the gunboat Vanderbilt, on the office. It was alleged that he extorted large sums

twenty-ninth of October, on the west coast of of money from prisoners confined in that insti- Africa, four hundred miles north of the Cape of tution, by promising to use his influence for Good llope, and had on board part of the cargo their benefit, and in some cases permitting the of the bark Conrad which vessel was captured prisoners to go at large, upon paying him large by the pirate Alabama, and afterward converted sums of money. Ile was also charged with trad- into the pirate Tuscaloosa.—BRIGADIER-General ing largely in greenbacks. — COLONEL A. D.

Averill, arrived at Edray, Va., having successSTREight, and his Adjutant, Lieutenant Reed, in attempting to escape from Libby Prison, at Rich fully accomplished his expedition to cut the Vir

ginia and Tennessee Railroad.-(Doc. 25.) mond, Va., were detected, and “put in the dungeon.”—MAJOR-GENERAL GRANT arrived at Nash- --A SQUAD of forty men, under Major White, ville, Tenn.

of the First regiment of confederate cavalry,

made a dash into Cleveland, Tenn., driving in the December 20.–The Third Wisconsin cavalry

National pickets, killing one, wounding several, returned to Fort Smith, Ark., from a successful reconnoissance southward. They were within

and capturing six, besides twelve horses, and five miles of Red River, but finding that the some small-arms.—Jonn Kelly was killed by a rebels had changed position since last advices, party of guerrillas, on the Arkansas shore of the

Mississippi River, opposite Memphis, Tenn.-they were unable to proceed further. Their return was a constant skirmish for over one hun. GENERAL MICHAEL Corcoran died at Fairfax dred miles, strong bodies of the enemy being

Court-IIouse, Va., from injuries received from a

fall from his horse. posted at all the cross-roads to intercept them. They, however, cut their way through. In some -GENERAL JOSEPH E. Johnstox, in command places they evaded the enemy by taking blind of the rebel department of Mississippi, relinmountain-passes. Their loss was small. --Mrs. I quisbed it, by order of Jefferson Davis, to Lieu

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purus wv uti vud viisi vau vu nervept tiem. They, however, cut their way through. In some -GENERAL JOSEPH E. Johxstox, in command places they evaded the enemy by taking blind of the rebel department of Mississippi, relinmountain-passes. Their loss was small. —Mrs. I quished it, by order of Jefferson Davis, to Lieu

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