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Abbott. On the petition of Ephraim P. (To accompany bill S. 678)....
Abeel. On the bill (H. R. 1992) granting a pension to Mary P.
Adams. On the case of William L. (To accompany bill S. 479)
Ahl & Brother. On the petition of P. A.
Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal Company. On the memorial of the.

(To accompany bill S. 414).
Albrecht & Plagge. On the petition and papers of....
Allen. On the bill (H. R. 1496) granting a pension to Mrs. Mary A.
Anderson. On the bill (H. R. 2693) for the relief of Joseph
Anderson. On the bill (H. R. 258) granting a pension to William H. H..
Anderson. On the bill (S. 393) for the relief of William J...
Anderson & White. On the memorial of. (To accompany bill S. 628)
Andrews. On the bill (S. 383) for the relief of Ingalls B..
Apis. On the bill (S. 374) for the adjudication of titles to lands claimed

by José and Pablo
Arkansas. On the petition of colored citizens of, soldiers in the late

Army officer's record. On the bill (S. 239) authorizing the Secretary of

War to correct an
Army. On the bill (S. 998) for the pardon of deserters from the United

Atkins. On the bill (H. R. 1668) for the relief of James.

Bailey. On the memorial of Rebecca Frances.
Banks. On the petition of Melissa E.
Ballantyne, Henry Dickson, and William King. On the petition of

William. (To accompany bill S. 101)..
Barrett. On the bill (H. R. 648) for the relief of Andrew J

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