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Her Majesty's 41st, under command of Major Hibbert, to the assistance of Captain Leeson, of the 42d regiment native infantry, who had charge of the rear. Our sepoys defeated and dispersed the enemy. Captain Leeson speaks in high terms of the gallantry of the Officers and sepoys under his command.

Major Hibbert, and the wing of Her Majesty's 40th regiment, and the two companies of Her Majesty's 41st, under Captain Blackburne, behaved with their accustomed gallantry; my thanks are due to all the troops engaged. I enclose a list of killed and wounded.

I have, &c.

W. NOTT, Major-General.

Return of Killed and Wounded during the Attacks on the Rear Guard of Major-General Nott's Force, on the Evening of the 15th and Morning of the 16th October 1842.

1st Troop Bombay H. Arty.-1 private, 2 horses, killed; 2 privates, 1 horse keeper, 5 horses, wounded.

Christie's Horse-1 horse killed; 1 lieutenant, 1 private, 5 horses, wounded.

H. M. 40th Regiment-1 private wounded. 38th Regt. B. N. I.-2 privates wounded.

3d Regt. Irregular Infantry-1 havildar, 3 privates, wounded.

2d Brigade, 42d Rt. Ben. N. I.-9 privates killed; 1 lieutenant, 1 assistant-surgeon, 3 havildars, 4 naicks, 23 privates, wounded.

43d Rt. Ben. N. I.-2 privates killed; 1 naick, 2 privates, wounded.

1st Regt. of Irreg. Cav. (Haldane's)-2 privates wounded.

Total-12 privates, 3 horses, killed; 2 lieutenants, 1 assistant-surgeon, 4 havildars, 5 naicks, 36 privates, 1 horse keeper, 10 horses, wounded.

Grand Total of Killed and Wounded61 officers and men, and 13 horses.

Officers wounded.

Lieutenant and Brevet Captain W. Jervis, 42d Regt. Bengal N. I.

Lieutenant N. W. Chamberlain, Christie's Horse. Assistant-Surgeon J. H. Serrell, 42d Regt. Bengal N. I.

N. B. 1 havildar, 1 naick, and 1 sepoy, of the 27th N. I. doing duty with 42d N. I., are included in the above.


W. NOTT, Major-General, Commanding

Field Force.


Captain, D. A. Genl.

From Major-General G. Pollock, C. B., to T. H. Maddock, Esq.

SIR, Camp, Ally Boghan, Oct. 27, 1842. I HAVE the honour to report, for the information of the Right Honourable the Governor-General of India, my departure from Jellalabad, with the whole of the troops, excepting General Nott's division, after destroying the fortifications of that city. I have, &c.

GEO. POLLOCK, Major-General,
Commanding in Affghanistan.




Foreign-Office, January 13, 1843.

IT is hereby notified, that the Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has received a dispatch, dated the 24th of November 1842, from Her Majesty's Minister at Mexico, stating, that he had received a communication from the Mexican Government, announcing the intention of the President to cause a strict blockade of the ports of Sisal and Campeche, and also of such parts of the coasts of Yucatan as may be occupied by the force in revolt against the legitimate Government of the Republick.

It is further stated by Her Majesty's Minister at Mexico, that the port of Laguna de Terminos is not included in the said intended blockade.

Downing-Street, January 13, 1843.

The Queen has been pleased to appoint Henry F. Seagram, Esq. Commander in the Royal Navy, to be Lieutenant-Governor of Her Majesty's Settlements on the Gambia.

Whitehall, January 11, 1843.

The Queen has been pleased to grant the offices of Coroner and Attorney, in Her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench, to Charles Francis Robinson, Esq. in the room of Peregrine Dealtry, Esq. deceased.



Whitehall, January 20, 1843.

THE Queen has been pleased to present the Reverend Charles Dodgson, M.A. to the rectory of Croft, in the county of York and diocese of Ripon, void by the death of the Reverend James Dalton.

Foreign-Office, January 20, 1843.

The Queen has been pleased to approve of Mr. Roderick Gray, as Consul at Peterhead for His Majesty the King of Hanover.

Crown-Office, January 20, 1843. MEMBER returned to serve in this present PARLIAMENT.

County of Salop.

Northern Division.

Edward James Herbert, commonly called Viscount Clive, in the room of Sir Rowland Hill, Bart. now Viscount Hill.

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At the Court at Windsor, the 4th day of January 1843,


The QUEEN's Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

WHEREAS by a Statute, made in the session of Parliament holden in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, intituled "An Act to annex the county of the city of "Coventry to Warwickshire, and to define the "boundary of the city of Coventry," it was declared and enacted, that "the judges of assize and "nisi prius, and others named in Her Majesty's "commissions of oyer and terminer and gaol 66 delivery, shall hold their sittings at nisi prius, " oyer and terminer and gaol delivery, within the "said city of Coventry for the said city, and for "such other parts of the said county of Warwick

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as Her Majesty, with the advice of Her Privy "Council, from time to time shall order, and at "Warwick, for so much of the rest of the said "county as shall not be included in any such "Order; and that the sheriff of the county of "Warwick shall give his attendance upon the "said judges and commissioners, and shall cause "to be summoned to Warwick and Coventry such

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