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feeble page here presented does not a quickening aroma rise? Is there no spell in mighty names, no sympathetic electricity in high achievements? Is thy heart, reader! BO cold that the fraternal embrace of greatness warms not its emulative fervor? Pardon the superfluous question. Even these artless lines, by suggested rather than communicated thought, have added at least one pulse to the red tide of patriotism. WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON! may the echo of that sound command us to reflect that we tread the stage of life at a time when it may be reasonably supposed that a grand crisis is hastening from the future to meet and involve us in its absorbing interests. Civil liberty, rejoicing in youthful vigor, will we doubt not soon triumph over the time-linked and time-rusted bonds of aged oppression. Such a victory were perhaps the harbinger of a yet more glorious triumph of all that is true and right over all that is false and wrong. That golden age philos ophers and poets of all nations have imagined and believed approaching. Plato bequeathed an ideal republic of love to the hopes of his disciples, and tuneful Maro, with almost prophetic harp, sang the time when a more glorious day shall dawn; when justice shall return triumphant, and the law of right become the universal rule of human conduct; when war shall die and a better race inhabit earth; when the last trace of wickedness shall fade out and fear be no more known; when the returning bloom of the Saturnian time shall again gladden nature's face, and all the evil incidents of our present condition be banished to oblivion. Thus brilliant have been the anticipations of many whose eyes hope had opened or closed; which, we may not now examine to ascertain. We will not pause here to inquire whether we may reasonably expect so glorious a state of things, or whether the dreams of genius are not

still often dreams; but if no such prospect charms our perspective vision, if we dare not hope perfection as the earthly destiny of man; still we can but believe that great events are often to occur, and that individual agents will be the producing instruments-some in lofty, all the rest in an humble sphere. Society then has an undiminished demand upon each one of us. In life there is some duty to dɔ, some task to be performed; and the example of Washington calls loudly upon every American to discharge cheerfully and with diligence that devolving duty; to perform vigorously and with alacrity that allotted task. Let us then be ever mindful of our obligation: let us strive to keep alive a spurring sense of the justice with which u demand is made upon our unceasing activity: let us feel the impending necessity of effort, strenuous and protracted, in the direction that reason points; and let us swear, this waiting hour, at the sacred altar of our country and our God, by the blood of our fathers and of Jesus, (and may the oath be registered in Heaven, on the records of Eternity,) that we will act in obedience to the claims of clam orous conscience; that we will continually work towards, since we can never attain to the full accomplishment of all that needs be done; that we will thus fill up this brief minority of our boundless being in so educating and preparing ourselves that when it shall expire, we may be ready to enter upon the possession of an inheritance that is incorruptible, and be found worthy to participate in glory that shall never fade away,


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