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S. 18.

the service in Latin.

* 19.

à lawful impediment) publicly read the morning prayer and service by the said book appointed, in the church, &c. of such college, &c. upon pain to be suspended from all the benefits belonging to the same government or headship, for 6 months, by the visitor : And if any governor, &c. so suspended for not subscribing, or for not reading of the morning prayer and service as aforesaid, shall not, at or before the end of 6 months after such suspension, subscribe' unto the said articles and book, and declare his consent thereunto as aforesaid, or read the morning prayer' and service, such headship shall be ipso facto void. Provided "(s. 18.) that it shall

be lawful to use the morning and evening prayer, and Who may use

all other service prescribed in the said book, [*in the colleges and halls in the universities, in the colleges of Westminster, Winchester, and Eton, and in the convocations of the clergy, in Latin. By s. 19. no person

shall be 'a lecturer, or 'allowed to preach or read any licensed, and to sermon or lecture in any church, or other place of declare their as- public worship, unless he be first licensed by the archiof common pray- bishop of the province, or bishop of the diocess, or by

the guardian of the spiritualties, under seal, and shall in the presence of such archbishop, &c. read the 39 articles, with declaration of his unfeigned assent to the same. And erery person who shall be licensed or received as a leciurer in any church or place of public worship, the first time'he preacheth, (before his sermon) sliall publicly read the common prayers by the said book appointed to be read for that time, and then públicly declare his assent unto,' and approbation of the said book, and to the use of all the prayers, rites, and cere

M monies; forms and orders, therein contained and prescribed, according to the form before appointed;' and also shall upon the first lecture day of every month, so long as he continues lecturer, &c. before his sermon, publicly read the common prayers and service in the said book appointed, and after such reading shall before the


Lecturers to be

sent to the book

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er, kc.

*“ In any colleges, halls, or universities, within this realm” in 17 & 18 Car. 2. c. 6. Ir.


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s. 21.

congregation declare his unfeigned assent and consent unto, and approbation of the said book, &c. And every such person who shall neglect to do the same, shall be disabled to preach any lecture or sermon in any church, &c. uuțil he shall publicly read the common prayers and service appointed by the said book, and conform in all points to the things therein'appointed. Provided (s. 20.) that if the sermon or lecture be to be preached or read in any cathedral or collegiate church or chapel, it shall be sufficient for the lecturer, openly at the time Promiso as to

collegiate or caaforesaid, to declare his assent and consent to all things thedral chuches. contained in the said book according to the form aforesaid. By s. 21. if any person, who is by this act disabled (or, as explained by the 15 Car. 2. c. 7. §. 7. Eng. * prohibited) to preach any sermon or lecture, shall, during !15 Car. 2. c. 7.

s. 7. Eng.) the time that he shall continue so disabled, &c. preach any sermon or lecture, he shall suffer 3 months imprison- Penalty z pon

persons disabled, ment in the common gaol; and any 2 justices of peace or prohibited,

that preach. of any county, and the mayor or other chief magistrate of any city or town corporate, upon certificate from the ordinary of the 'offence committed, shall commit the person offending to gaol accordingly. By s. 22. at all times when any sermon or lecture is to be preached, the common prayers and service shall be publicly read Common prayer

to be read before by some priest or deacon in thc church, or place of every lecture.

. public worship, before such sermon or lecture be preached, and the lecturer shall be present at the reading thereof. By s. 23. this act shall not extend to the uni

s. 23. versity churches, when any sermon or lecture is preached or read as the public university sermon or lecture.f Proviso as to the By s. 24. the several laws now in force for the uniformity of prayer and administration of the sacraments, shall standin force for the establishing and confirming of the said

Former statutea book, and no other. Provided (s. 25.) that in those prayers, confirmed. litanies, and collects, which relate to the king, queen, or royal progeny, Ithe names be altered or fitted to the present


s. 24.

Litanies, &c. occasion

relating to the

king, &c. from “ Prohibited” is not in 17 & 18 Car. 2. c. 6. Ir.

tered, + By s. 29. a special exception is inade as to the king's professor of law in Oxford.

s. 25.

time to time ula

t “Or Lord Lieutenant" added in 17 & 18 Cas. 8. c. 6. Ir.

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8. 26.

S. 28.

act, and the

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occasion, according to the direction of lawful authority.

And by s. 31. all subscriptions to the articles shall be Proviso as to tbe applied (touching the 36th article,) unto the book of 36th article of Teligion.

ordaining and consecrating of bishops, priests, and dea-,

cons, in this act mentioned. By s. 26. a true printed Copies of ihe copy of said book shall, at the cost of the parishioners of book of pronger to be pro- every parish church, &c. be gotten, upon pain of for

, . vided in all feiture of £3. by the month, for so long time as they parishes.

shall be unprovided thereof. * [tAnd by s. 28. the deans

and chapters of every cathedral or collegiate church shall Copies of this

obtain, under the great seal, a printed copy of this aet, book of common and of the said bouk annexed hereunto, to be by the prayer, by whom and how kept. said deans and chapters preserved for ever, and to be

produced in any court of recard, as often as they shall be lawfully required. And there shall be delivered copies of this act, and of the same book, into the courts at Westminster, and into the tower of London, to be kept amongst the records, to be also produced as need shall require, which books shall be as good records as this book hereunto annexed). The 17 & 18 Car. 2. c. 6. Ir. has followed this statute with such deviations as are noted

in the margin. Penalty upon With respect to the conformity required from school. school-masters ieaching without masters, this act (13 & 14 Car. 2. c. 4. Eng.) provides, license.

(s. 11.) that if any schoolmaster, or other person instruct13 S 14 Car.2. c.4.s. 11. Eng. ing youth in any private family as a tytor or schoolmas

ter, before license obtained from his : arch-bishop, bis shop, or ordinary of the diocess, according to the laws of this realm (for which he shall pay 12d. only) and before subscription made of conformity to the liturgy of the church of England as required by $. 10. (vide yol. 1. p. 325.) ; şuch school-master, &c. shall for the first offence


* Tho said forfeiture to be levied by the church-wardens, and employed for the reparation of the church, and relief of the poor," in 17 & 18 Car 2. c. 6. Ir.

+ This clause not in 17 & 18 Car. 2. c. 6. Ir.

This act (s. 27.) provides that one book of common prayer in the Welsh tongue, and another iu the English tongue, shall be in every church throughout Wales.



suffer 3 months imprisonment, and for every other such offence shall suffer 3 months imprisonment, and also forfeit to the king £5. Which clause is also contained in the 17 & 18 Car. 2. c. 6. Ir. And by the 17 Car. 2. c. 2. 17 Car. 2. c. 2.

s. 4. Eng. S. 4. Eng. it shall not be lawful for any person who shall not frequent divine service established by law, and carry Penalty of himself reverently there, to teach school, or take boarders non-conforming

school-trasfers. that are taught by him or any other, upon pain to forfeit £40. one third to his majesty, another to the poor of the parish, and the other to such as will sue for the same by action of debt, &c. in any court of record at Westminster, or before any justices of assize, &c. or justices of peace.

. No Irish statute contains any similar provision.

By the 22 Car. 2. c. 1. s. 1. Eng. if any person of the penalty for les age of 16 years, or upwards, being a subject of this realm, ing present at shall be present at any meeting under pretence of any where liturgy of

of exercise of religion, in other manner than according to land not used. the liturgy and practice of the church of England, at 22 Car. 2.c. 1,

s. 1. Eug. which there shall be 5 persons assembled besides those of the houshold; any justice of peace, or the chief magistrate, of the place, are required upon proof made of such offence, either by confession of the party, or oatlı of 2 witnesses, or by notorious evidence, to make a record of such offence under their hands and seals, which record shall be a conviction of every such offender; and thereupon the justices, &c. shall impose a fine of 5s. for such offence, which record shall be certified at the next quarter sessions. And by s. 2. if such offender shall again commit the like offence, and be convicted, such offender shall incur the penalty of 10s. Which fines shall Penalty for 2010

offence. be levied by distress and sale of goods; or in case of the poverty of such offender, upon the goods of any other persons

then convicted of the like offence at the same conventicle, at the discretion of the justice, &c. so as the sum to be levied on any one person amount not to above £10.; the monies to be delivered to the justice, &c. to be distributed, one third to the use of the king, which the justice shall pay into the court of quarter sessions, which

, court shall deliver the same to the sheriff, and one other to the use of the poor of the parish, and the other to the informers, as the justice shall appoint By' s. 3. every

2 C


S. 2.

S. 3.



in such conventicles.

$. 4.

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3. 6.


and m what cases,

Penalty of such person who shall preach in any such meeting, and shall es preachi, &c. be convicted, shall forfeit for the first offence £20, and , .

if his name be not known, or he be thooght unable to pay, the justices, &c. shall levy the same upon the goods of

any person present at the same conventicle; and if such offender shall again commit the like offence, he

shall incur the penalty of L'io. By s. 4. every person who Penalty for suf- shall willingly suffer such conventicle to be held in his Yering conventio cles in houses. house, or back-side, shall forfeit £20. as aforesaid. But

by s. 5. no person shall be liable to pay above £10. for any one meeting, in regard of the poverty of other persons. By s. 6. where the penalty charged upon any of

fender exceeds 10s. it shall be lawful for him, within one Appeals to whom

week after tlie penalty paid or levied, to appeal in writing to the quarter sessions, to whồin the justices, &c. shall return the money, and certify the evidence; whereupon

such ofsender may plead, and have his trial by a jury; and the justices shall give treble costs against sucli offender for his unjust appeal, and no other court shall

intermedidle. By s. 7. upon delivery of such appeal, Appellant to en- the appellant shall enter, before the person convicting, cognizance, inte a recognizance to prosecute the appeal with effect,

which recognizance the persen convicting is required to

certify to the quarter sessions. And by s. 8. such appeal Appeal how

shall be left with the person convicting, at the time of the ludged.

making thereof. By s. 9. the justices of peace, or the

constables and tytlring-men, by warrant niay, after reJustices, &c. man breuk open fusal to enter, break open any trouse where they shall be

informed such conventicle shall be held, and take into their custody the persons there assembled; and the lieutenants, or any commission officer of the militia, or other his majesty's forces, and also the sheriffs and other magistrates, on certificate of any justice of peace, may dissipate or prevent all such meetings, and take into their custody such of the persons assembled as they shall think

fit: Provided (s. 10.) that no dwelling house of any peer Prociso for

where he or his wife shall be resident, shall be searched peers of the

but by warrant from bis majesty, under liis sign manual, or in the presence of the lieutenant, or one deputy lieutenant, or two justices of peace, and one of the quorum. By s. 11. if any constable, tything-man, church warden,

s. 7.

Yer into a re

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8. 9.


8. 10.


* 11.


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