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[NOTE.- In the following list no attempt has been made to enumerate Mr. Potter's many articles in the Index, to which he was a constant contributor, and of which he was for six years (1880-86) the editor. He also edited for a number of years the annual reports of the Free Religious Association. Many of his sermons were printed entire in the New Bedford daily papers from his manuscript; but it has not been found expedient to include them here.]

DISCOURSE [TO THE MEMORY OF MRS. SARAH R. ARNOLD, preached Sunday, May 13th, 1860. New Bedford, 1860.] 8vo. pp. 18.

[The same.] 8vo. pp. 17.

THE INNER LIGHT AND CULTURE. An address delivered before the Alumni Association of Friends' New England Yearly Meeting School, at their third annual meeting at Newport, 1861. New Bedford, 1861. 8vo. pp. 16.

A PULPIT VIEW OF THE BUSINESS INTERESTS OF OUR CITY. [Discourses preached Jan. 18 and 25, 1863. New Bedford, 1863.] Broadsides.

THE VOICE OF THE DRAFT. [New Bedford, 1863.] Broadside.

This was reprinted in the Army and Navy Official Gazette, Aug. 11, 1863. (Vol. I., pp. 87-89.)

THE NATIONAL TRAGEDY. Four sermons delivered before the First Congregational Society, New Bedford, on the life and death of Abraham Lincoln. New Bed

ford, 1865. 8vo. pp. 67.

A TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY Of James Arnold. [New Bedford, 1868.] 8vo. pp. iv, 19.

A discourse. New Bed


ford, 1868. 16mo. pp. 22.

THE DOCTRINE OF PRE-EXISTENCE AND THE FOURTH GOSPEL. Reprinted from the Radical. Boston, 1868. 8vo. pp. 13.

TEN YEARS' MINISTRY. A sermon preached to the First Congregational Society, New Bedford, Jan. 2, 1870. [New Bedford, 1870.] 8vo. pp. 13.

WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY, AND WHAT IS IT TO BE A CHRISTIAN? A discourse before the First Congregational Society, New Bedford, Dec. 28, 1873. [Reprinted from the Index.] Boston, 1874. 16mo. pp. 21.

A DISCOURSE ON CHARLES SUMNER, delivered at the First Congregational Church, New Bedford, March 22, 1874. [New Bedford, 1874.] 8vo. pp. 6.

LESSONS FROM THE ELECTIONS FOR THE VICTORS AND THE VANQUISHED. A discourse delivered before the First Congregational Church, New Bedford, Nov. 9th, 1874. New Bedford, 1874. 8vo. pp. 19.

SOME ASPECTS OF UNITARIANISM IN ITS PAST AND PRESENT HISTORY. Two discourses delivered before the First Congregational Society, New Bedford, Nov. 22d and 29th, 1874. New Bedford, 1874. 8vo. pp. 38.

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CHRISTIANITY AND ITS DEFINITION. In "Freedom and Fellowship in Religion." A collection of essays and addresses edited by a committee of the Free Religious Association. Boston, 1875. pp. 178-221.

IN MEMORY OF MRS. CAROLINE MORGAN, who died April 20, 1883. [New Bedford, 1883.] 16mo. pp. 18. Contains address at the funeral service and "The Higher Life,' a discourse preached April 29, 1883.

WILLIAM H. ALLEN. [New Bedford, 1883.] 16mo. pp. [20.]

Contains the address made and selections read at the funeral, and a portrait and brief life of Mr. Allen. Printed on one side of the leaf only.



Boston, 1885. 8vo. pp. [x] 417. Portrait.


No. 6.) [Chicago, 1885 ?] 16mo. pp. 8.

An extract from the sermon preached on his twenty-fifth anniversary.

(Unity Short Tracts,

A COMPLETED LIFE. A discourse preached in the Unitarian church, New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 24, 1886, as a tribute to the character of Joseph C. Delano. [New Bedford, 1886.] 8vo. pp. 20.

THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL SOCIETY IN NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Its history as illustrative of ecclesiastical evolution. New Bedford, 1889. 8vo. pp. 151.

SERVICES at the ordination of Paul R. Frothingham as associate pastor of the First Congregational Society in New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 9, 1889. [New Bedford, 1890.] 8vo. pp. 31.

Contains sermon, "Liberty, but Religion also." By William J. Potter, senior pastor. pp. 7-30.

A NOBLE MOTTO FOR THE CONDUCT OF LIFE. A memorial discourse [on Dr. G. Felix Matthes], delivered in the First Congregational (Unitarian) Church, New Bedford, Oct. 20, 1889. New Bedford, 1890. 16mo. Pp. 18.

THE LATE LESSON FROM OUR COUNTY COURT HOUSE: A PULPIT TRIAL OF THE EGG ISLAND CRIME. A discourse given in the First Congregational (Unitarian) Church in New Bedford, Oct. 25, 1891. [New Bedford, 1891.] 8vo. pp. 8.

THE FREE RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION: ITS TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AND THEIR MEANING. An address for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Association, at Tremont Temple, Boston, May 27th, 1892. Preceded by a brief sketch of the annual convention. [Boston, 1892.] 8vo.

pp. 31.

CLOSING SERMON of William J. Potter, Dec. 25th, 1892. OPENING SERMON of Paul Revere Frothingham, Jan. 1st, 1893. First Congregational Society, New Bedford, Mass. [New Bedford, 1893.] 8vo. pp. 44.

Mr. Potter's sermon, "Thirty-three years: Their End a Beginning." pp. 9-26.

SUNSHINE OF THE SOUL, William J. Potter, Dec. 17, 1893. IN THE SHADOW, Paul Revere Frothingham, Dec. 24, 1893. [New Bedford, 1894.] 8vo. pp. 36.

Mr.Potter's sermon, the last he wrote, pp. 3-20.

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