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C. 57. C. 60.

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C. 65.

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paid in the notes of the bank of England, or of any bankers duly licensed.tid:lain 19470 D bon

19-C 52. E. continues until June 20, 1820, the 58G.3. c.52. 52 Geo, 3. c. 17. for the more effectual preservatiou of the peace by enforcing the duties of watching and warding area toleo

-C. 54. I. grants certain duties in respect of fire c. 54. hearths, windows, male servants, horses, carriages, and dogs, in lieu of these former inland taxes. 11C.

57. I. amends the excise act 55 Geo. 3. c. 19. 2. 60. I. conținues the restrictions on paya ments in cash by the bank of Ireland, until 3, months after the ceasing of the like restriction imposed on the bank of England.

c. 65. G. B. repeals the duties of excise on verjuice and vinegar, and grants other duties in lieu thereof. .

-c. 67. I. repeals the 57 Geo. 3. c. 107. (which was suspended by the 58 Geo. 3. c. 1.) but re-enacts several of its provisions, for the more delibe. rate investigation of presentments to be made grand juries for roads and public works in Ireland, and for accounting for money raised by such pre, sentments, and amends others; but the provisions of the 57 Geo. 3. C. 107. I. respecting pointment of county surveyors, are altogether

1305 omitted.

--c. 68. I. repeals so much of 9 Ann. c. 6. Ir., c. 68. (see Digest, vol. II. p. 1000.) as takes away the benefit of clergy from persons stealing privily from the persons of others; and makes such of fence punishable with transportation of imprisonent,

in like manner aş is provided by the 48 Geo, 3. c. 129, E.,si exlt vi fast giveniso asis

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C. 67.

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c. 70.

586.3. c.69. -C. 69. E. & W. regulates the manner of hold

ing parish vestries, and the right of voting therein.

-C. 70. E. & W. repeals so much of the 4 W... & M. c. 8. 6 & 7. W. 3. c. 17. 10 & 1l. W. 3., c. 23. 5 Ann. c. 31. 14 Geo. 2. c. 6. and 15 Geo. 2., c. 28. as allow pecuniary and other rewards on: the conviction of persons for highway robbery, and other crimes ; (save as to the executors of persons killed by robbers, &c.); and in lieu thereof, authorizes the courts, before which any persons shall be prosecuted for larceny or other felony, to order payment of the expenses of the prosecution, as also compensation to the prosecutors and witnesses for their loss of time and trou. ble in the apprehension and prosecution of such

offenders. C. 75.

-c. 75. U. K. makes any person, whether qualified or not, buying any hare, pheasant, partridge, moore, heath game or grouse, liable to a penalty of £5, and encourages the discovery of such of fenders by releasing informers from such penalties.

--c. 76. U. K. subjects foreigners to arrest and detention for smuggling within certain distances of the king's dominions; and contains other pro-"'; visions for the prevention of smuggling.

-C. 80. U. K. amends the 57 Geo. 3. c. 79. for permitting the transfer of capital from certain public stocks or funds in Great Britain, to certain public stocks, &c. in Ireland.

--C. 81. I. extends to Ireland the provisions of the 38 Geo.3. c.87.Eng. (see Digest, vol. I. p. 659); in relation to executors under the age of 21 years, and the provision (s. 13.) of the 26 Geo. 2, c. 33. (see Digest, vol. I. p. 402.) in respect to matrimo. nial contracts.

C. 76.

C. 80.

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C. 81.

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C. 91.

c. 93.

C. 82. prevents frauds in the sale of grain in 586.3. c.82. Ireland, by making any corn, &c. spoiled or adul.

which shall be sold or offered for sale, liable to forfeiture, and terated, or rotten or liab) 5 every person guilty of any such fraud liable to a penalty of 40 shillings.

c. 90:U. K. amends the 51 Geo.3. c.1.(which respects the administration of the royal authority, &c. during his majesty's illness, &c.) by encreasing the number of her majesty's council ; and by providing for the mode of summoning parliament in the several events therein mentioned.

-c. 91. E. provides for appointing commissioners to inquire concerning charities in England for the education of the poor. .

-c. 93. U. K. enacts that no bill of exchange or promissory note, that shall be drawn or made after the passing of this act, (June 10, 1818) shall, though it may have been given for an usurious consideration, &c. be void in the hands of an indorsee for valuable consideration, without notice, &c.

C. 95. E. and W. regulates the place, time,
and mode of electing coroners in England and
-C. 98. U.K. explains and amends the 51 Geo.3.

c, 98. c. 28. which respects the abolition of the slave trade.

The table of such statutes as are abridged or referred to in the Supplement, is prefixed to the Index : and it is to be observed that the duration of acts, as well as the statutes which continue or perpetuate others, will be found by reference to the chronological tables; which part of the plan of the work, though detailed in the pre


C, 95.

face, has appeared to me to have not been sufficiently understood.

This Supplement and Preface exhibit some instances of statutes, which were originally framed with relation to England or Great Britain, being by subsequent statutes exiended to Ireland; but it appears to me to be desirable that this principle of assimilation should have been acted upon to a greater extent; and I should hope that the next parliament may take the subject into its consideration, and not satisfy itself with a gradual or piecemeal assimilation of the laws of the respective parts of the united kingdom ; in those cases, I mean, where they are not rendered peculiar by local circumstances : I presume also to hope, that these labours of mine may be subservient to this good purpose, amongst others.

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The letters P. and 1. with the figures prefixed to the several paragraphs in the

Addenda, denote the pages and lines in the original work, where the sup-
plemental matter should be introduced,

not be bailed or

P. 9. I. 18. No statute appears to have been passed with- Persons impriin the period of the last six sessions, which can properly sored for high be referred to this bead, save the 57 Geo. 3. c. 55. G. Bi iwarrant from which suspends the habeas corpus act in England, and the the privy coun.

cil, or secretary act for preventing wrongous imprisonment, and against of state, shall undue delays in trials, in Scotland. Though this statute tried without an is of a temporary nature, yet as it is one which may be order from the from time to time revived or continued, I have thought it 57 Geo, 3.c.55.

privy council.
right to give it a place in this volume. This statute is G. B.
intitled “ an act to continue an act, to empower his ma-
jesty to secure and detain such persons, as his majesty

shall suspect are conspiring against his person and go-
“ vernment:' and the 57 Geo. 3. c. 3. G, B. to which this
act refers, recites that a traitorous conspiracy had been
formed for the purpose of overthrowing, by means of a ge-
neral insurrection, the established government, laws, and
constitution of this kingdom; and that designs and prac:
tices of a treasonable and highly dangerous nature were
carrying on in the metropolis, and in many other parts of
Great Britain ; and the former statute (in like manner as
the latter) therefore enacts, that all or any person or per-
sons that are or shall be in prison within Great Britain, at
or upon the day on which this act shall receive the royal



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