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Six years have elapsed since the “ Digested Abridgment and Comparative View of the Statute Law of England and Ireland” was published. The approbation expressed of that work by the judges and bar of Ireland, and, indeed, by all classes of readers in this country, has continually cheered me since the time of its publication;and the testimony borne to “ its skill and accuracy" by Mr. Evans, in his digest of the English statutes, lately published, has been to me a farther and gratifying proof that my labours were not in vain. I feel also a pride in stating, that this work has received the sanction of the Irish government, under the administration of its late esteemed viceroy, his excellency Earl Whitworth having been pleased to appoint me to an official situation, in consideration of my labours and services which were deemed by him to be deserving of public remuneration.

Being excluded, (perhaps unreasonably) by the nature of my office, from every species of professional practice, I have applied those hours which were not occupied by official duties, to the digesting of this additional volume which I now submit to the public. Several important statutes have been passed since the year 1811, to which



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c. 12.

period the original work was brought down, and I therefore considered that to abridge and arrange these statutes, and to annex a copious index to? the whole, would not only render the original work more useful, but be, in itself, a service not: unacceptable to the members of the profession of the law, as well as to magistrates, members of parliament, and others. I have not been able to embrace the statutes of the last session (1818), as

this supplement was in the press during that pe. Tabular riod ; but the following tabular sketch of such of sketch of sta- them as fall within the scope of the digest, will, I tutes of ses sion 1818. trust, render this omission or want the less to be regretted.

. 586.3. c.11. The 58 Geo. 3. c. 11. U. K. is the annual act

for punishing mutiny and desertion, &c. : and the 58 Geo. 3. c. 12. U. K. is the last annual act for regulating his majesty's marine forces' while on shore.

---C. 14.G.B. has amended the 57 Geo. 3. c.113. by extending the period for the circulation of dols lars and tokens, for certain purposes, until April

5, 1819. C. 29.

C. 29. U. K. provides, that the fees for pardons under the great seal shall be paid by the commis. sioners of the treasury; and that no stamp thereon shall be required.

-C. 30. E. & W. is an act for preventing frivolous and vexatious actions of assault and battery, and for slanderous words, in inferior courts, &c. by making the costs commensurate with the damages.

-0. 31. I. amends the 53 Geó. 3. c. 131. 1. which respects the building and repairing of court

houses and sessions houses in Ireland. c. 32. -C. 32. E. & W. amends so much of the


53 Geo, 3.

C. 14.

C. 30.

C. 31.

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55 Geo. 8. c. 48. as relates to the salaries of cler gymen officiating as chaplains in houses of correction. 107lik '$78.? ISC1187. E. continues the restrictions on pay- 58G. 3. c.37. ments of cash by the bank of England, until July 5, 1819,3%); } . -|*C. 39. I. explains and amends the 56 Geo. 9. C. 188. I. by, extending the jurisdiction of assistant barristers under that act to cases where any tene. ment shall be held at a rent of £20. by the year ; and by declaring the affidavit of the landlord, or hís agent, for ascertaining the amount of the rent due, admissible in all proceedings under said act ; and the process ad testificandum in proceedings for the recovery of the possession of lands, &c. under the 56 Geo, 3. C. 88. is hereby made as effectual and extensive as if the proceeding had been by ejectment. This act also provides for the case of assistant barristers, &c. being landlords within their own jurisdictions, and enacts, that in such cases the proceeding shall be by civil bill before the judge of assize, &c. And this act prescribes the forms for civil bills, decrees, &c. in cases of proceedings under the 56 Geo. $. 6. 88. and this act, and regulates the amount of the fees, and mode of taxation, in such cases.

-C. 40. I. continues the laws relating to yeo. manry corps in Ireland, until the end of the session after May 29, 1819. V-C. 43.E. for preventing the destruction of the breed of salmon, and fish of salmon kind, in the rivers of England, enables the justices of peace at sessions to appoint conservators of rivers, and to fix the periods in which salmon shall not be taken, &c. ; and annexes certain penalties to the offences of destroying salmon, &c. or having the


C. 40.


c. 43.


C. 46.

C. 47.

spawn, &c. of such fish, during the seasons wher

fishing for them is prohibited. 9-17.3i vinh 11:16 58G.3. c.45. c. 45. G. B. authorizes the commissioners of

the treasury to issue 'exchequer bills (not exceeding
one million) for promoting the building of addi-
tional churches in populous parishes in Great Brits
-C. 46. I. is an act for the relief of persons en-

end titled to entailed estates, to be purchased with trust monies, in Ireland; which is corresponding to the 39 & 40 Geo. 3. c. 56. Eng. See Digest, vol. II.


346-7. -c. 47. I. provides for the creation of corporations in every county, or county of a city or town, in Ireland, to be called the president and assistant of the fever hospitals of the respective counties, &c.; and this açt repeals so much of the 45 Geo. 3. c. 111.'as relates to local dispensaries ; and gives certain powers to the grand juries of Ireland in respect to presenting money for dispensaries, fever hospitals, and houses of industry: and this act authorizes the lord lieutenant 'to appoint a board of health in such cities, &c. where any fever or contagious distemper shall appear to exist.

-C. 48. E. amends the 57 Geo. 3. c, 130. in respect to saving banks.

C. 49. U.K. explains the acts 46 Geo. 3. c. 52. 47 Geo. 3. c. 36. and 51 Geo. 3. c. 23. for the abolition of the slave trade.

-c. 51. U. K. amends certain -acts passed in the reigns of king Edw. IV. queen Anne, and king Geo. I. Geo. II. and Geo. III. prohibiting the payment of the wages of workmen in cer. tain trades otherwise than in the lawful coin or money of this realm, (as also the 57 Geo.3. c. 115 & 122,) by providing that such wages may be

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C. 48.

C. 49.

C. 51.

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