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Marriages solemnized in the parish of St. A. in the

county of B. in the year

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Burials in the parish of A. in the county of B, in

the year

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66 rites

66 rites of the united church of England and Ireland, son (or daughter,) of

and 6 his wife, by the name of

66 To the rector (or as the case may be) of

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66 I

do hereby certify that on the
6 day of
A. B. of

as was buried in (stating the place of burial,) and that the
6 ceremony of burial was performed according to the rites
6. of the united churches of England and Ireland, by
6. To the rector (or as the case may be,) of


* To the registrar of the diocess of


66 A. B.


Church wardens (or chapelwardens) of the « C. D..S parish (or chapelry) of other description as the case shall requirc.)

(or such

Of Tille by Forfeilure.

Trustees, &-c. of . 511. 1. 16. The 52 Geo. 3. c. 102. E. & W. recharities shall register with cites, that charitable donations have been given for the clerk of the

benefit of poor and other persons in England and Wales, proper county a particular to a very considerable amount, and many of said donations statement grant. ed, objects of appear to have been lost, and others, from the neglect of the charities,

payment, and the inattention of those persons who ought names of founders. &c.

to superintend them, are in danger of being lost, or ren52 Geo.3.c.102. dered very difficult to be preserved; and therefore enacts,

that a memorial or statement of the real and personal estate, and of the gross annual income, investment, and the general and particular objects of all charities and

charitable be to be benefited

E. & W.


charitable donations, for the benefit of any poor or other persons in any place in England and Wales, which shall have been founded, established, made, benefited, encreased or secured, together with the names of the respective founders of, or benefactors thereto, where known, and also of the person or persons in whose custody, possession or controu!, the deeds, wills, and other instruments where also names of by such charities, &c. shall have been founded, &c. may persons in whose

custody, fic, be, and also of the names of the then trustees, feoffees, deed may be, or possessors of, shall, from and after 6 calendar months' and of crusteess;

c. after the passing of this act, be registered by such trustees, feoffees, or possessors thereof, or some one of such persons, in the form contained in the schedule to this act, in the office of the clerk of the peace of the county, or city or town being a county of itself, within which such poor or other person shall be; and such memorial, &c. shall be signed by such persons causing the same to be registered, Memorial how

signed and inand left in the said office of such clerk of the



rolledo shall forthwith transmit a duplicate or copy of the same unto the inrolment office of the high court of chancery. And by s. 2. whenever any such charity, &c. shall be founded, &c. by any deed, &c. hereafter to be made or Charities kerie executed by any person, then a like memorial or state- after founded i* ment shall be registered, and left and transmitted as afore- ner registered said, by such person as herein-before mentioned, within 12 months after the decease of such person by whom such will, &c. shall have been made, &c. And by s. 3. the clerk of the peace of every such county, die. shall , as there shall be occasion, provide proper peace to provide

the books of parchment or vellum, wherein such registers shall proper bookes fur

such registries, be made and entered; and every such original memorial, &c. and every such book provided as aforesaid, shall be carefully kept and preserved for public use and inspection in the office to which it shall belong, together with a correct index (to be made from time to time by such clerk of the peace) of such charities, &c. distinguishing each by the name of the original or first donor or founder thereof, where known, or the appellation or title inost generally used for such charity, &c. And by s. 4. in case the persons to be benefited by any such charity, &c. shall not Where persons

S. 2.

be in like mana.


S. 3.

Index thereto,

S. 4.

s. 5.

quer to relieve


are not wholly be wholly within any one county, then, such clerk of the within one

peace of the county wherein such charity shall be regiscounty, then notice given in tered, shall forthwith notify in the London Gazette the London gazette.

name or title thereof, according to the appellation used in the index aforesaid, and the names of the several places wherein the object of such charity, &c. shall be, and the particular or general objects thereof, and also the name of the county wherein such memorial, &c. shall have

been registered. By s. 5. if any such charity, &c. shall If charily not not be duly memorialized, stated, and registered accord

, court of chan ing to the provisions of this act, it shall be lawful for any cery it exche- 2 persons or more, interested in such charity, &c. to preupon petition of sent a petition to the lord chancellor, lord keeper, or lords 2 persons inter- commissioners for the custody of the great seal, or master

of the rolls, or court of exchequer, complaining thereof, and they shall hear such petition in a summary way, and upon affidavits, or such other evidence as shall be produced upon such hearing, determine the saine, and make such order therein, and with respect to the costs of such application and proceedings, as to him or them shall seem fit ; which order shall be final and conclusive. Pro

vided (s. 6.) that no proceedings under the provisions Right to proo

herein-before mentioned, shall extend to decide any perty registered, right or title as to the property that shall be so not decided by registry, &c. registered, or as to the persons who shall be entitled

or claim to be entitled to the benefit thereof,

any interest therein. By s. 7. every clerk of the several Çlera of peace counties and ridings in England and Wales, shall, as to give copies of memorials, fc.

often as required, make searches concerning all memorials and statements directed by this act to be entered in his office as aforesaid, and shall also give copies of the same under his hand, if required by any person who shall tender or be willing to pay him the sum herein-after directed to be allowed to him for such copies of such memorials, &c. And by s. 8. every clerk of the peace shall be

. allowed for the registering every such memorial the sum clerle of peace of 4s. in case the same do not exceed 400 words, but if for entering memorials, and such memorial, &c. shall exceed 400 words, then after notifying, c. the rate of 1s. an hundred for all the words contained in

S. 6.


s. 7,


$. 8.

Allowance to

S. 9.

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s. 10,

said entry, and the like fees for the like number of words contained in every copy of any entry given out of said register, and no more; and for every notification in the London Gazette, the costs of such notification, and the further sum of 10s. for drawing and inserting the same, and transmitting the duplicate or copy to the inrolment office in chancery.

By s. 9. where any difficulty shall occur in making and preparing such memorial, &c. it shall Further time be lawful for the court of quarter sessions for the county, registries, hy

allowed for such &c. wherein such memorial, &c. is intended to be regis- quarter sessions,

where necestered, to allow, on application made to them, and on sary, examination of the circumstances, such further time, not exceeding 6 calendar months, as to such court shall seem necessary for the purpose of duly registering such memorial, &c. · And by s. 10. it shall be lawful for the court of quarter sessions of the county, &c. wherein such memo- Costs to be al

lowed with rerial, &c. shall have been registered, to allow such reasona.

ference to ble costs and charges attending the preparing and regis- income of cha

rity. tering, notifying and transmitting such memorial, &c. with reference to the income of the charity, to such person

causing the same to be registered, as such court shall , think fit; and it shall be lawful for such person to deduct

out of the income, funds, rents and profits in his hands, of such charity so registered, the sum so allowed: Provided No costs allowthat said court of quarter sessions shall not allow any sum of memorial atfor costs, &c. unless it shall be stated to them upon the tested by signa

ture, &c. of perdeclaration in writing of the person so applying for such son applying for allowance, and signed by him, that such memorial, &c. is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, true in every respect, and that it doth contain, to the best of his knows ledge and belief, a true and full account of the real and personal estate, annual gross income, investment, and the particular or general objects of the charity or charitable donation of which such memorial, &c. shall have been registered, together with the names of the respective donors or benefactors thereto, when known, and also of the person or persons in whose custody, possession, or control, the deeds, wills, and other instruments herein-before mentioned, shall at such time be, and also of the names of the trustees, feoffees, or possessors of such real and personal

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ed unless truth




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