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votes of the two Houses thereon, and H. R. 5302. An act to provide for an addithat Mr. CLEVENGER, Mr. COUDERT, Mr.

tional Assistant Postmaster General in the

Post Office Department.
MONDAY, JULY 13, 1953

Mr. PRESTON, Mr. SIKES, and Mr. CANNON (Legislative day of Monday, July 6,

were appointed managers on the part
of the House at the conference.

The message also announced that the

On request of Mr. JOHNSON of Texas, The Senate met at 12 o'clock me- House had disagreed to the amendments and by unanimous consent, Mr. DANIEL ridian, on the expiration of the recess.

of the Senate to the bill (H. R. 5246) was excused from attendance on the The Chaplain, Rev. Frederick Brown making appropriations for the Depart- sessions of the Senate during this week. Harris, D. D., offered the following ments of Labor, and Health, Education,

On request of Mr. JOHNSON of Texas, prayer:

and Welfare, and related independent and by unanimous consent, Mr. STEN

agencies, for the fiscal year ending Father of our spirits, Thou has or

NIS was excused from attendance on the June 30, 1954, and for other purposes; sessions of the Senate until Thursday of dained that not in cushioned seats of

agreed to the conference asked by the this week. safety but in danger and stern conflict

Senate on the disagreeing votes of the shall we find our strength and our tri- two Houses thereon, and that Mr. Busumph. Send us forth, we pray Thee, to

BEY, Mr. JENSEN, Mr. BUDGE, Mr. TABER, AMENDMENT OF INTERNATIONAL the work of this new week with the as

Mr. FERNANDEZ, Mr. ROONEY, and Mr. WHEAT AGREEMENT ACT OF 1949 surance that has steadied Thy servants

CANNON were appointed managers on the across all the changing centuries, as they part of the House at the conference.

Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I have gratefully said "He restoreth my

move that the Senate proceed to the con

The message further announced that sideration of Calendar 509, Senate Joint soul.” Forgive us for praying that Thy the House had disagreed to the amendkingdom might come and then, by our ments of the Senate to the bill (H. R.

Resolution 97, of which I gave notice last

week. This measure is related to the Inown selfish stubbornness, barring the 5451) to amend the wheat marketing ternational Wheat Agreement. I merely way when it has sought to come through quota provisions of the Agricultural Adus. Deliver us from the hypocrisy of giv- justment Act of 1938, as amended, and

desire to have the joint resolution made ing lip service to the golden goals of Thy for other purposes; asked a conference

the unfinished legislative business of the kingdom, as if we looked for its coming with the Senate on the disagreeing votes

Senate, and it will be taken up after the without, in others, and not in our own of the two Houses thereon, and that Mr.

Senate has disposed of the International hearts. With the wrecks of nations HOPE, Mr. AUGUST H. ANDRESEN, Mr. HILL,

Wheat Agreement. which have broken Thy law of love Mr. Poage, and Mr. GRANT were ap

The VICE PRESIDENT. The clerk still smoking in ruins before our eyes, pointed managers on the part of the

will state the joint resolution by title. let the purifying stream of Thy mercy House at the conference.

The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. A joint resocleanse our national life lest our de

The message also announced that the lution (S. J. Res. 97) to amend the Instruction be determined and we go the

House had agreed to the report of the ternational Wheat Agreement Act of mournful way of the nations that have

committee on conference on the dis- 1949. forgotten God. We ask it in the dear

agreeing votes of the two Houses on the The VICE PRESIDENT. The quesRedeemer's name. Amen.

amendment of the Senate to the bill tion is on agreeing to the motion of the

(H. R. 6054) to amend the act of April Senator from California.
6, 1949, to provide for additional emer-

The motion was agreed to, and the gency assistance to farmers and stockOn request of Mr. KNOWLAND, and by men, and for other purposes.

Senate proceeded to consider the joint

resolution (S. J. Res. 97) to amend the unanimous consent, the reading of the

The message further announced that Journal of the proceedings of Saturday, the House had passed a joint resolution

International Wheat Agreement Act of July 11, 1953, was dispensed with.

(H. J. Res. 294) continuing the avail-
ability of appropriations for the Small

Defense Plants Administration for the ORDER FOR TRANSACTION OF MESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT month of July 1953, and for other pur

ROUTINE BUSINESS Messages in writing from the Presi

poses, in which it requested the concurdent of the United States submitting

Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I rence of the Senate. nominations were communicated to the

ask unanimous consent that immediately Senate by Mr. Miller, one of his secre

following the quorum call there may be taries


the customary morning hour, to permit

Senators to transact regular routine The message also announced that the business, under the usual 2-minute limiMESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE Speaker had affixed his signature to the tation on speeches. A message from the House of Reprefollowing enrolled bills, and they were

The VICE PRESIDENT. Without obsentatives, by Mr. Bartlett, one of its signed by the Vice President:

jection, it is so ordered. clerks, announced that the House had S. 2199. An act to allow States during madisagreed to the amendments of the for disasters to use or distribute certain surSenate to the bill (H. R. 4974) making plus equipment and supplies of the Federal Government;

CALL OF THE ROLL appropriations for the Departments of state, Justice, and Commerce, for the

H. R. 4072. An act relating to the dispo

Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I sition of certain former recreational demonfiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and for

stration project lands by the Commonwealth suggest the absence of a quorum. other purposes; agreed to the conference of Virginia to the School Board of Mecklen- The VICE PRESIDENT. The Secreasked by the Senate on the disagreeing berg County, Va.; and

tary will call the roll. XCIX -539






The Chief Clerk called the roll, and plan; to the Committee on Labor and Public Honorable Dwight Eisenhower, President of the following Senators answered to their Welfare.

the United States, and Dr. Leonard A. Scheele,

(See resolutions printed in full when pre- Surgeon General of the United States Public names:

sented by Mr. SALTONSTALL (for himself Health Service. Aiken Goldwater Martin

and Mr. KENNEDY) on July 11, 1953, p. 8540, Dated at Fargo this 26th day of May A. D. Anderson Gore



McCarthy Beall

Griswold McClellan

A resolution adopted by the American

President, North Dakota State Den-
Association of Social Workers, New York, ·
Hendrickson Monroney
N. Y., relating to the granting of admission

tal Association. Bush Hennings Morse into the United States of 240,000 persons;

Dr. V. B. KELTGEN, Butler, Md. Hickenlooper Mundt to the Committee on the Judiciary.

Secretary, North Dakota State DenButler, Nebr. Hill

A resolution adopted by the 33d annual

tal Association.

Neely Capehart Holland


department encampment of the Veterans of

Foreign Wars of the United States, Depart-

ment of California, favoring the enactment FARM STABILIZATION PROGRAMChavez Jackson Robertson of legislation making service on the Islands



of Jolo and Mindinao in Moro Province,
Johnson, Colo. Saltonstall
Philippine Islands from 1902 to December

Johnson, Tex. Schoeppel
30, 1913, campaign service; to the Commit- Mr. LANGERMr. President, I pre-

: Dirksen

Johnston, S. C. Smathers
Kennedy Smith, Maine
tee on Finance.

sent for appropriate reference, and ask
Smith, N. J.
The petition of Edgar E. Littlefield, of Los

unanimous consent to have printed in Dworshak Knowland Symington Angeles, Calif., relating to the clarification

the RECORD, a resolution adopted by the Eastland Kuchel


of section 211 of the Social Security Act Ellender Langer Tobey amendments of 1950, pertaining to self-em

Carson, N. Dak., Commercial Club, Ferguson Lehman

ployment; to the Committee on Finance,

signed by the president and secretary, Flanders Long Welker

relating to the farm stabilization Frear

Magnuson Wiley

Mansfield Young

There being no objection, the resoluMr. SALTONSTALL. I announce that

LUTION OF NORTH DAKOTA tion was referred to the Committee on the Senator from New Hampshire [Mr. STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION Agriculture and Forestry, and ordered to BRIDGES] is absent on official business. Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, I pre

be printed in the RECORD, as follows: The Senator from Ohio [Mr. TAFT] sent for appropriate reference, and ask

Whereas the State of North Dakota is a is necessarily absent.

unanimous consent to have printed in major agricultural State, and since the farm Mr. CLEMENTS. I announce that the RECORD, a resolution adopted by products prices have been on a steady de

cline, especially is this true with prices of the Senator from Texas (Mr. DANIEL), the North Dakota State Dental Associa.

small grains such as wheat, flax, etc., which the Senator from Arkansas [Mr. FUL- tion, signed by its president and secre

in the last few days have taken drastic price BRIGHT), the Senator from West Vir- tary, relating to the fluoridation • of slumps, where on the other hand, manuginia [Mr. KILGORE), and the Senator water.

fcturers' goods have been on a steady price from Mississippi [Mr. STENNIS) are ab- There being no objection, the resolu- increase, the Carson Commercial Club, Carsent by leave of the Senate. tion was referred to the Committee on

son, N. Dak., feels that it is most important The Senator from Minnesota (Mr. Labor and Public Welfare, and ordered

that we work hand in hand with all those

who are attempting to maintain a farm proHUMPHREY, the Senator from Tennessee to be printed in the RECORD, as follows:

gram which will enrich and develop the agri[Mr. KEFAUVER), the Senator from

Whereas the fluoridation of community cultural activities wherever they are a major South Carolina [Mr. MAYBANK), the water supplies has been demonstrated to re- industry or source of livelihood. In view of Senator from Rhode Island [Mr. PAS- duce the incidence of dental decay among the above conclusion, the Carson Commercial TORE), and the Senator from Alabama children by approximately two-thirds; and Club has adopted the following reoslution: [Mr. SPARKMAN] are absent on official Whereas the complete safety of fluorida- Resolved, That we go on record condemnbusiness.

tion has been repeatedly demonstrated in ing any effort on the part of any Congressextensive scientific research; and

man, the Department of Agriculture, or any The VICE PRESIDENT. A quorum

Whereas fluoridation has been recom- agency for attempting to disrupt the present is present.

mended and endorsed by all major national farm stabilization program, affecting all basic The transaction of routine business is

health organizations of the United States in- farm commodities, until such time when a in order under the previous order of the cluding the American Dental Association, the revised and better workable program is put Senate.

American Medical Association, the National into effect.
Research Council, the Association of State "We further resolve that Congress shall not

and Territorial Health Officers, and many only maintain the present 90 percent of parEXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS, others; and

ity, but shall endeavor to establish a 100 perETC.

Whereas certain individuals and groups cent of parity for basic farm commodities,

whose motives are most difficult to under- We do not favor any tendency toward flexiThe VICE PRESIDENT laid before

stand have been attempting to delay and bility of price support, but urge Congress to the Senate the following letters, which forestall the fluoridation of community water maintain a production and marketing conwere referred as indicated:

supplies through the spread of rumors and trol program, which is essential in order to AMENDMENT OF NORTHERN PACIFIC HALIBUT

erroneous and misleading information: Be it. have stabilized price support.

“We further resolve to condemn any form ACT OF 1937

Resolved, That the North Dakota State of prosperity based on war and bloodshed, A letter from the Secretary of State, trans- Dental Association in session here today but favor a genuinely sane and sound ecomitting a draft of proposed legislation to hereby reaffirm its endorsement and approval nomic program, particularly for the proamend the Northern Pacific Halibut Act of of fluoridation of community water supplies ducer, which shall be based on industry, se1937 (with an accompanying paper); to the and urges that fluoridation be adopted in curity, and individual initiative. Committee on Interstate and Foreign com- such communities in the State where recom- "We further urge all groups, organizations merce.

mended by the division of oral hygiene of of farmers, businessmen, and civic organizaREPORT ON EXPORT CONTROL

the North Dakota State Health Department tions in this State, as well as those of other A letter from the Secretary of Commerce,

as rapidly as local conditions will permit; agricultural States, to go on record favoring transmitting, pursuant to law, the 23d quarand be it further

similar resolutions." terly report on export control, for the peResolved, That the North Dakota State

CARSON COMMERCIAL CLUB, riod ended March 31, 1953 (with an accomDental Association hereby go on record com

EDWARD F. PFLUGER, panying report); to the Committee on Bankmending the excellent efforts of the local,

President. ing and Currency. State, and Federal departments of health for

RAYMOND A. AYDT, their enlightened efforts to make the bene

Secretary. fits of fluoridation available to all children

in all communities of the State of North DaPETITIONS AND MEMORIALS kota; and be it further

PRAYER FOR SUCCESS OF COUNPetitions, etc., were laid before the Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be

TRY IN ROLE OF WORLD LEADERSenate and referred as indicated:

forwarded to the Honorable Norman Bruns-
dale, Governor of the State of North Dakota;


to Dr. R. A. Saxvik, director of the State de- STATES JUNIOR CHAMBER OF Resolutions of the General Court of the partment of health; to all legislators of the

COMMERCE, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, favoring State of North Dakota; to each Senator and the enactment into law of the principles Representative from North Dakota serving Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, I preof the so-called Furcolo Federal scholarship in the Congress of the United States; to the sent for appropriate reference, and ask

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