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Atlanta Reached --Hood's First Attack-His Assault on McPherson-Death

of the Latter-Howard Placed over the Army of the Tennessee-Stone-

man and McCook's Raid-Hooker Resigns-Fierce Attack on Howard-

Shelling of Atlanta-An Unsuccessful Assault-Wheeler Sent to Cut

Sherman's Communications-Kilpatrick Dispatched to Cut Hood's

Sherman Resolved to Plant his Army on the Macon Road-Battle of

Jonesboro'-Atlanta Cut Ofi-Hood Evacuates it-Slocum takes Posses-

sion-The Rebel Army Pursued to Lovejoy's Station Rest to the Army

Summing Up of the Campaign-Sherman Ordes all the Inhabitants to

Leave-His Correspondence with Hood and the Mayor on the Subject..., 331


APRIL-MAY, 1894.

Necessity of Unity of Action-Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley-Grant's in-

structions to Butler-Folly of Placing the Latter in the Important Position

he Held-Number of the Troops Co-operating directly with Grant-Ow

Entire Military Force--Grant's Plan of Campaign-Advance of the Army

of the Potomac-Crossing the Rapidan–Commencement of the "Bat-

tles of the Wilderness"--First Day-Second Day-Third Day-Retreat of




Building and Fitting out of the Alabama in an English Port-Complaint by

our Government- The two years' Cruise-Returns to Cherbourg, France-
Blockaded by Winslow-Semmes Challenges Winslow-Morning of thr
Combat-Spectators coming down from Paris to witness it-The Alabama
Steams out of the Harbor-The Combat-Ludicrous By-play on che
Kearsarge-Superior Firing of the Federal Ship-Surrender of the Alabama
in a Sinking State-Picking up of the Crew and Captain by the English
Yacht Deerhound-The Deerhound Sails off with the Prisoners to South-
ampton-Semmes' Report of the Fight-His Slanders and Flasehoods--

The two l'essels Compared-Defense of the Commander of the English

Yacht---Excitement in Europe over the Er.gagement-Winslow and the

Secretary of the Navy....


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