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Renunciation of rights by holder, vi, 11; xii, 3
Satisfaction of debt due on B. or n., xii

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of joint debt by B. of one, xii, 4 of greater sum by B. for less, xii, 4 by taking n. of third person, xii, 5 Security, collateral, xiv, 15

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Set, B. drawn in a, xx, 32

Set-off, enlarged right of under recent Acts, xix, 7 generally, xix

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in bankruptcy, xix, 8

Signature, acceptor bound to know drawer's, vi, 10 other than acceptor's or drawer's, vii, 3 of payee wrongly designated, iv, 14

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as agent only, xx, 13

in assumed or trade name, xx, 28
forgery of, xx, 29

by procuration, xx, 30

of firm, xx, 28

written by another, see Appendix

Spirituous liquors, debt for, iii, 9

Sureties when discharged by suspension of right to sue principal,

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xiii, 4

discharged by discharge of principal, xiii, 3, 4
preserving remedy against, xiii, 4, 8

not discharged by taking collateral security, xiii, 6
more than one, liability of each, xiii, 10

Surety and principal, xiii

consenting to principal having time, xiii, 8 Suretyship of each party to precedent party, xiii, 3

on joint B. or n. xiii, 9

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of acceptor for honor, xiii, 11

Surety's remedy against principal, xiii, 10

Suspension of right to sue principal, xiii, 4
Stamp, forgery notwithstanding absence of, xvii, 8
on cheque, xxii, 14

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adhesive, how cancelled, xxii, 14

Stamps, see Appendix

Statute of Limitations, xviii

Stockjobing contracts, iii, 9

Stolen cheques, xxii, 12

Sunday, ix, 12

Threat, see Fraud

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allowed to drawee for acceptance, viii, 4
allowed for payment, x, 2

when payable omitted, xx, 11

Title through holder in due course, iii, 3

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of B. for part of value, iv, 18
B. prohibiting, xx, 19

Transferable, when B. or n. is, iv, 2
Transferee of B., what, i, 1

Transferor by delivery, xiv, 6

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when liable without indorsement, iv, 11 by delivery, his liabilities, iv, 12; vii, 6 when not liable, iv, 11

Trust, notice of breach of, iv, 10

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expressed by indorsement, iv, 10 Uttering of forged B. or n., xviii, 2

Value presumed in favor of party to B. ii,
Violence, see Fraud

"Void," meaning of, in certain cases, iii, 9
Void bills and notes, iv, 7

Wagers, iii, 9

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EFFINGHAM WILSON, Publisher, Printer, Bookseller, Binder, Engraber & Stationer, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON.


Valuable Books of Reference essential to Commercial
Establishments and Public Companies,
Guide Books for Travellers, &c.


In addition to the Works enumerated in this Catalogue, the Books of all other Publishers may be had at this Establishment immediately on their publication.

July, 1884.



The Modern Cambist: forming a Manual of Foreign Exchanges in the various operations of Bills of Exchange and Bullion, according to the practice of all Trading Nations; with Tables of Foreign Weights and Measures, and their Equivalents in English and French.

"A work of great excellence. The care which has rendered this a standard work is still exercised, to cause it to keep pace, from time to time, with the changes in the monetary system of foreign nations."-The Times.

"Constitutes a work which deserves the high reputation it has justly acquired, both here and on the Continent, as a standard authority' with the mercantile world."-Daily News.

Notice now ready, Nineteenth Edition. BY HERMANN SCHMIDT. Price 12s.

TATE'S COUNTING HOUSE GUIDE TO THE HIGHER BRANCHES OF COMMERCIAL CALCULATIONS, Exhibiting the methods employed by Merchants, Bankers, and Brokers, for Valuations of Merchandise; Mental PerCentages, Interest Accounts in Accounts-Current, Public Funds, Marine Insurances; Standarding of Gold and Silver; Arbitrations of Exchange in Bills, Bullion, and Merchandise; and actual pro-formâ statements of British and Foreign Invoices and Account Sales. By WILLIAM Tate.

"This work contains a great number of examples of the various species of calculations which are used in mercantile establishments, and merits the perusal of even those who are versed in these studies. His methods of stating the necessary operations will be found simple and easy of comprehension."-The Times.

"Mr. Tate has spared no pains to furnish himself with the best practical data. The Royal Mint, the Bank of England, Lloyd's, the Stock Exchange, as well as the leading Mercantile Establishments, have been had recourse to. The work may be safely referred to as a standard authority on the various matters treated upon."-Morning Post.

New Edition in the Press.

Dedicated, by special permission, to the Committee of the Stock Exchange.




Together with Statistics relating to State Finance and Liabilities, Imports, Exports, Population, Area, Railway Guarantees, Municipal Finance and Indebtedness, Banks of all Nations, and all descriptions of Government, Provincial and Corporate, Securities held and dealt in by investors at Home and Abroad; the Laws and Regulations of the Stock Exchange, &c., the work being so arranged as to render it alike useful to the Capitalist, the Banker, the Merchant, or the Private Individual. By ROBERT LUCAS NASH. Price 25s., cloth.

Now ready, Thirteenth Edition, entirely re-written, enlarged, and brought down to the latest date.

The following is a list of the several States, the debts, revenues, and commerce of which are comprised in this work, in which all the foreign moneys are reduced into British currency:-Argentine Confed., Australasia, Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Canada, Chili, Colombia, Cuba, Danubian Principalities, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Granada (New), Greece, Guatemala, Hamburg, Holland, Honduras, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Prussia, Rica, Rostra, Roumania, Russia, Sardinia, Saxony, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, U.S. of America, Venezuela, West Indies, Wurtemburg.

"This volume contains a variety of well-arranged information, indispensable to every capitalist, banker, merchant, trader, and agriculturist."Morning Herald.

"So much useful matter in any one volume is seldom to be met with." -The Times.

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