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Woolworth, Act. Lt.-Comdg. Selim E., rec-

ommended for thanks of Congress, II, 152.
Worden, Lieut. John L., imprisonment of,

II, 70; gallantry in action between the
Monitor and Merrimac, 278; recommended
for thanks of U. 8. Congress, 278.
Working-men, basis of all governments, I,

Working-men of England, Senate resolution

regarding, II, 312.
Working-men of London, Eng., address

from, II, 308; letter to, Feb. 2, 1863, 308, 309.
Working-men of Manchester, Eng., send ad-

dress and resolutions to the President, II,
301 ; letter to, 301, 302.
Working-men's Association of New York,

the President's honorary membership in,

II, 501; reply to a committee from, 501-503.
Worthington, Col. T., desires to visit Grant,

II, 569.
Wright, A. R., claim for cotton destroyed

Federal army, II, 600; telegram to, 600.
Wright, Craft J., scheme for getting cotton

from within the rebel lines, II, 468; letter
to, 468.
Wright, Dr. David M., sentenced to death

for murder, II, 404; inquiry into his san-
ity, 404, 405.
Wright, Gen. H. G., telegrams to, II, 280,

232, 236; inquiry of, concerning where-
abouts of Bragg, 230; at Cincinnati, 230,
232, 236; withdrawal of troops from Louis-
ville by, 232; Halleck telegraphs to, 233;
responsible for Louisville, 233; despatch
from, 236; movements for defense of
Washington, 547; relations with Gen.
Hunter, 549, 550; breaks the enemy's lines,
Wright, Joseph A., letter to, II, 218; asked
to stand for the Terre Haute district, 218;
reports on Hamburg agricultural exhibi-
tion, 473.
Wright, Silas, I, 130; drafts first Subtrea-

sury bill, 22.
Writing, on the art of, I, 525–527.
Wyoming County, excepted from insurrec-

tion proclamation, II, 195.

Yates, Richard, governor of Illinois, II, SL
votes for Washington Territorial law,
candidate for Congress in 1854, 301, 644
Lincoln's labors in his campaigo, 644. te!
egram to, 144; requests the President
to call for volunteers, 194 ; letter from, to
bebalf of Gen. McClernand, 387; reparo:
insurrection in Edgar County, lil, 40,
telegram to, respecting hundred-day

troops, 524,
Yates, William, letter to, II, 341.
Yazoo Pass expedition, success of tbe, II.

Yeatman, James, Gen. Grant's opinion ,

II, 665.
Yeddo, Japan, destruction of the U. &. le

gation residence at, II, 447.
Yocum, case of, II, 500; referred to

Secretary Stanton, 600, 601.
York County, Va., excepted from declans

tion of Virginia's state of rebellion, Jas
1, 1863, II, 288.
York River, proposed movements on the, II.

120, 154, 187, 188.
Yorktown, Va., proposed operations at, II,

142; question of garrisoning, with colored
troops, 298; port of, declared closed, 67.
Young, Judge --U. S. senator from IT-
nois, I, 76; opposition to Whig measures,

Young, Capt. Francis G., letter to Gen. Me

Clellan regarding, II, 107.
Young, Joho s., sentenced to death, II, el.
Young men, their importance in politics, I,

131, 134, 135.
Young Men's Lyceum, Springfield, III., ad-

dress before, Jan, 27, 1837, 1, 9-15.
Zagonyi, Col. Chas., bearer of despatebes

from Frémont, II, 181.
Zollicoffer, Gen. F. K., operations around

Cumberland, Gap, II, 83; Thomas and

Sherman to watch, 84.
Zwizler, Lewis, 1, 131.
-, letters to, I, 160, 631, 633, II, 10, 035.

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