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The Subscription REDUCED from $8.00 to $6.00 a year.



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Encyclopedic in Scope, Character, Completeness, Comprehensiveness

Every Intelligent reader will find in

Food to Nourish, Stimulate, and Inspire Thought.

The ablest and brightest men and women
of the world have read and commended it

during more than half a century. -Exhaustive Reviews of recent publications, the latest results of Scientific Research, Biographical Sketches of eminent characters, Travel, Exploration, Literary Criticism, and every phase of Culture and Progress in Europe Fiction and Choice Poetry - ali these make up THE LIVING AGE."- Evening Bulletin, Phila.

A Weekly Magazine, it gives more than Three and a Quarter Thousand double column octavo pages of reading-matter yearly, forming four large volumes.

The Subscription REDUCED from $8.00 to $6.00 a year. This makes The Living Age absolutely the cheapest magazine published. CLUB RATES. For $9.00 THE LIVING AGE and any one of the American $4.00 monthlies; or for $8.00 THE LIVING AGE and any one of the $3.00 monthlies, will be sent for a year, post-paid. Rates for clubbing THE LIVING AGE with other periodicals will be sent on application.

Address, LITTELL & CO., P. 0. Box 5206, Boston.


A VICTORIAN ANTHOLOGY. Containing Representative Poems by the Authors discussed in “ Victorian Poeta

Selected and edited by E. C. STEDMAN. With a fine frontispiece of Queen lk. toria, and a Vignette of the Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey. I vol. lar: crown 8vo, bound in attractive library style, $2.50; full gilt, $3.00 ; half ca'. $4.50 ; full levant, $6.00. Large-paper Edition, limited to 250 copies, printed on paper of the best quality. 2 vols. 8vo, $10.00, net.

2 To say that this work is a worthy supplement to Mr. Stedman's “ Victorian Poets ” is the highes possible praise, but the book fully deserves it. In plan and in execution, even to the minutest las tails, it is a model work. It is a well-printed volume of somewhat more than 750 pages.

... Biographical notes, giving the main facts concerning the life and works of every poet qui** in the volume, are added; with indexes of first lines, titles of poems, and names of authors. 1* selections from the greater poets are noteworthy for their typical character, — representing the ci ferent periods of their literary career, the various kinds of verse they have writien, etc., no's than for their poetic or artistic merit. In all respects the book is the best example of this per culiarly difficult kind of work that we remember to have seen. — Critic (New York).

THE NATURE AND ELEMENTS OF POETRY. With Frontispiece after Dürer, Topical Analysis, and Analytical Index. Crowd

8vo, uniform with previous volumes, gilt top, $1.50 ; in fancy style, $1.50.

CONTENTS: I. Oracles Old and New. II. What is Poetry? III. Creation and Self-Expressira IV. Melancholia. V. Beauty. VI. Truth. VII. Imagination. VIII. The Faculty Divine: Fan sion, Insight, Genius, Faith. Index.

A wholesome and refreshing wind blown from the clear cold heights of philosophy and art. Tlectures have the practicality of modern thought. While they are the talk of a poet about pot** they are addressed to the great body of readers and students of English literature. To all libera minds and hearts this volume will have a message of helpful guidance and encouragement. — Bii Transcript.

VICTORIAN POETS. With Topical Analysis in margin, and full Analytical Index. Revised and extended.

by a Supplementary Chapter, to the Fiftieth Year of the Period under Revier

Crown 8vo, $2.25 ; half calf, $3.50.
Large-Paper Edition. Limited. With Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, $10.00, nct.

The leading poets included are Tennyson, Landor, the Brownings, Hood, Arnold, Barry Corr wall,” Buchanan, Morris, Swinburne, and Rossetti. It also embraces fully the minor poets ar. schools of the period.

POETS OF AMERICA. With full Notes in margin, and Analytical Index. 12mo, $2.25; half calf, $3.50.

CONTENTS: Early and Recent Conditions ; Growth of the American School; William Cullen Bryant; John Greenleaf Whittier; Ralph Waldo Emerson ; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Ecgar Allan Poe ; Oliver Wendell Holmes; James Russell Lowell; Walt Whitman ; Bayard Taylor. The Outlook.

STEDMAN'S OTHER BOOKS. POEMS. Household Edition. With Portrait and Illustrations. Izmo, $1.50; full gilt, $2.00; hat

calf, $3.00 ; levant, or tree calf, $4.50. PROSE AND POETICAL WORKS. Including Poems, Victorian Poets, Poets of America. ar.

The Nature and Elements of Poetry. 4 vols., uniform, crown 8vo, gilt top, in box, $7.50; hait cas,

$13.00; half calf, gilt top, $14.00 ; half levant, $18.00.
ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING. An Essay. 32mo, 75 cents.
FAVORITE POEMS. With Meredith, etc. 32mo, 75 cents.
For sale by all Booksellers. Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price by the Publishers,



Professor of European History at Amherst College ; Formerly Professor of

History at Robert College, Constantinople. With an Introduction by
General Lew Wallace. With two hundred and fifty illustrations of im-
portant places, rulers, and noted people of Ancient Constantinople.
2 vols. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, $10.00; half morocco, $14.00.
“A book for all who have an interest in the world outside their own door, for the up-
learned and the learned, for the traveler and for him who stays at home.” – Mail and

An important and invaluable work." — Churchman.



IN THE UNITED STATES. By BENJAMIN W. WELLS, Ph. D. 16mo, cloth, $1.50.

A Traveler's Notes. By MADAME BLANC (Th.

Bentzon). With a Portrait and a short Bio“Dr. Wells brings to his work a clear vision, sound graphical Sketch by Mario BERTAUX. Transthought and careful study, and a love for the subject, lated by ABBY L. ÁLGER. 16mo, cloth, $1.25. that makes everything fresh and refreshing. -- Springfield Republican.

“A very interesting book." Transcript.

“ One of the brightest, most attractive, and sugges. DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI.

tive books our foreign visiting friends have left behind

them.” Independent. His Family Letters. With a Memoir by WilLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI. Portraits. 2 vols.

FROM JERUSALEM TO NICÆA. 8vo, cloth, $6.50. Vol. I. Memoir. Vol. II. The Church in the First Three Centuries. Lowell Family Letters.

Lectures by Philip STAFFORD Moxom, author of “The Aim of Life.” 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

By Dr. ADOLPH HARNACK, Ordinary Professor of Church History in the University, and Fellow of
the Royal Academy of Science, Berlin. Translated from the third German edition by Neil
BUCHANAN. Vol. I. 8vo, cloth, $2.50.

At all Bookstores. Post-paid on receipt of price.
ROBERTS BROTHERS, Publishers, Boston.



ONE INTERESTED In the best literature for young Alpha Publishing Co., Boston, most entertaining, and

publish the purest, best, people, should not forget that the finest illustrated magazines, edited especially for children from baby up to the eleven-year old.

« Brings a rift of sunlight
into the nursery,”

is what a mother says of
The Baby's Own Magazine. 50 cents a year.
Rhymes and Dainty Stories,

Babyland is Mother Goose-ish Jingles,

a magazine for Sparkling Pictures for


charms them, Baby, up to the Six-Year Old.

Home Journal.



the little

says The Ladies

Sample Copy of Babyland, or Little Men and Women, free,

Vew Volume begins in Vovember.


AGES 7 TO 11.

$1.00 A YEAR. Serials, Short Stories, Poems, a series on "Painters and Paintings of Child Life,"' Adventures, Travels,

Children's Songs, Hundreds of Beautiful Pictures. No other Magazine fills its place. MARY E. WILKINS will contribute to February Little Men and Women a delightful fanciful story, entitled

THE BLUE ROBIN," —pronounced the best story for children ever written by her. EDNA DEAN PROCTOR and HARRIET PRESCOTT SPOFFORD contribute respectively a

beautiful poem, CHRISTMAS ROSE,” to the December number, and "LITTLE JANUARY," a New Year's Poem, to January LITTLE MEN AND WOMEN. Both poems will be accompanied by full-page illustrations, drawn by Mr. E. H. Garrett.

T ROBERT BEVERLEY HALE, SARAH ORNE JEWETT, SUSAN COOLIDGE, SOPHIE MAY, and other popular writers for children, will be represented by characteristic stories in early numbers. ALPHA PUBLISHING COMPANY, 212 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass.

A Gentleman Vagabond

Artistically printed and bound

Second Edition. 16mo, $1.25. and Some Others Mr. Smith is a born story-teller, and to

special good fortune he always has pece

liarly interesting stories to tell. Odd cha: acters and dramatic or humorous situations present themselves to him as if aware that is can endow them with fitting literary immortality. And he does it in the most delightful war. with the skill of a consummate artist. Mr. Smith's previous books have been brought in a style suited to the attractive character of their contents; and this volume of mis: readable stories has been treated with like care. Large-Paper Edition, limited to two hundred and fifty copies. This is a beautiful book, i

general style like the large-paper edition of "A Day at Laguerre's," which was all Sko scribed for immediately on publication. It is printed from type of attractive face, on fire imported hand-made paper, and is a volume which book-lovers will appreciate. Price $3.00, nit.

Illustrated by E. W. KEMBLE anc Colonel Carter of

the author. 16mo, $1.25. Cartersville

A delightful - and delightfully Americancharacter sketch. . The Colonel's dinne party, the Colonel's duel, - every incident

the story, indeed, — is, in no conventiori sense, a perfect work of art. - · The Spectator (London).

AND OTHER DAYS. Artistically A Day at

printed. 16mo, $1.25. A collection of short stories as asther and dainty in the particulars of its press

work and binding as it is artistic and genia. in contents. ... A fascinating series of studies. Hartford Courant.


Traveled by a Painter in search of the

Picturesque. Containing 16 full-paze Roads

Phototype reproductions of water-color drawings, and 52 smaller pen-and-ich

sketches, etc. Folio, gilt top, $15.00. Popular Edition. The Text of the above, including some of the Illustrations, reduced 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Illustrated by the author. 16mus, A White Umbrella

gilt top, $1.50.

The strolling tourist evidently received the in Mexico

pleasantest impressions, and has reflected them faithfully, both with pen and pencil, 13

these sprightly pages. - New York 1 ribusi This dainty book tempts the critic to superlatives of praise. — New York Nation.

Twelve full-page Illustrations of Old Lines in New Lines from the Poems of Holmes, Low

ell, and Whittier, reproduced by PhotoBlack and White type from designs in charcoal bi F

HOPKINSON Smith. Oblong folie, (ot

in portfolio, $12.00. Large-Paper Edition, with Illustrations printed on Japanese paper, mounted on plate

paper. Edition limited to one hundred copies. In portfolio (measuring about 16 by 22 inches), $25.00, net.


Sold by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO, Boston ; 11 East 17th St., New York.

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