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Mellin's Food


Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass., September 10, 1895

Doliber-Goodale Co.


With the aid of Mellin's Food and a bicycle I have jus been able to write a book of 85,000 words in twenty days, a opy the same in ten days, finishing the task in exactly thir lays from the date of its commencement.

Every writer will appreciate the magnitude of such a tas and will realize that it could only be accomplished by the aid egular hours and most nourishing food. While engaged upon ny unvarying breakfast was a glass of Mellin's Food into whic vas beaten the yolk of an egg, and fruit. At 11 o'clock I ha nother glass of Mellin's Food. Then came lunch at 1 o'clock bicycle ride from 3.30 till 5.30, dinner at 6 o'clock, two hour of work each evening, and a glass of Mellin's Food at 10 p. o insure a night of sound sleep, which it never failed to do.

Best of all is the fact that since beginning the use c Mellin's Food I have had no trace of dyspepsia, more or less c which has accompanied the completion of most of my other books

Therefore, from this time on I am a stanch upholder c Mellin's Food, and shall hereafter place it in the foremost rani of those things an author must have, in order to achieve the bes results.

In the meantime I remain, with regards,

Yours very truly,

Kive Muros

Sample Free

Doliber-Goodale Co., Boston.

CYCLOPEDIA OF ARCHITECTURE in Italy, Greece, and the Levant. Edited by W. P. P. LONGFELLOW. Containing 12 full-page photogravure plates and over 250 text illustrations. This edition limited to 500 copies. Quarto, decorated parchment binding, $25.00, net.

This elaborate and exhaustive work is the fruit of years of careful preparation. The wealth of illustration not only illuminates the text but decorates it so effectively as to produce a superb and sumptuous volume. A complete glossary and carefully edited bibliography assist in making the work indispensable to the student, and, in due proportion, to the cultivated public.

CORREGGIO, his Life, his Friends, and his Time. By Dr. CORRADO RICCI. With 16 full-page photogravure plates and over 200 text illustrations. Royal 8vo, $12.00, net.

One of the most important art works of the day. The author, who is curator of the Museum of Parma, by virtue of the study he has devoted to Correggio, and the facilities granted him by the Italian government, stands, naturally, as the first living authority on the subject. The illustrative material is varied and rich, forming of the volume a sumptuous art work, uniform in style with the handsome "Life of Rembrandt" by Michel, issued two years ago.

LITTLE RIVERS. A Book of Essays in Profitable Idleness. By HENRY VAN DYKE. Profusely illustrated. 12m0, $2.00.

"The idleness was indeed profitable which has provided such a store of restful pleasure and amusement for those who follow the author through these delightful pages in his summer wanderings. — Ñ. Y. Observer.

THE ART OF LIVING. BY ROBERT GRANT. With 135 illustrations by C. D. Gibson, B. W. Clinedinst, and W. H. Hyde. 12mo, $2.50.

"He deals with the practical problems in the everyday life of the everyday man with his characteristic wit and fancy.". -Boston Advertiser.


With 21 full

page illustrations by C. D. Gibson, Irving R. Wiles, A. B. Wenzell, and C. Carleton. 12mo, $1.50. "They are representative stories by Mr. Grant, and show the reader by what art this clever author has taken a foremost position among writers of short stories."- Boston Journal.

UNC' EDINBURG. A Plantation Echo. By THOMAS NELSON PAGE. Illustrated by B. W. Clinedinst. Small folio, $1.50. Uniform with the handsome illustrated editions of "Marse Chan," "Meh Lady," and "Polly."

"Mr. Page's exquisite idyl of old plantation life has been made the subject of a handsome holiday volume. The illustrations are so sympathetic in tone and so vivid that they almost tell the story in themselves." - Boston Beacon.

CONSTANTINOPLE. By F. MARION CRAWFORD. Illustrated by E. L. Weeks. Sq. 12m0, $1.50.

"It gives a charming description of Turkish life and depicts sights and scenes in the Sultan's capital. It is well illustrated by Mr. Weeks, an artist who is well acquainted with Oriental subjects."— Philadelphia Telegraph.

THE MODERN_POSTER. By ARSENE ALEXANDRE, M. H. SPIELMANN, H. C. BUNNER, and AUGUST JACCACI. With upwards of 60 illustrations. But 1,000 numbered copies are printed. The first 250 on Japan paper, price $6.00, net; 750 on enamelled paper, price $3.00, net. A novel and beautiful book, consisting of contributions on this latest artistic development, fully and attractively illustrated with reproductions of representative posters, An interesting feature is the poster of the book, designed by Will H. Bradley, of which only 1,000 are printed, one for each volume, and all numbered.

THE POOR IN GREAT CITIES. Their Problems and What is Doing to Solve Them. By WALTER BESANT, OSCAR CRAIG, W. T. ELSING, WILLARD PARSONS, JOSEPH KIRKLAND, J. W. MARIO, J. A. RIIS, E. R. SPEARMAN, W. J. TUCKER, ROBERT A. WOODS. With an Appendix on Tenement-House Building by ERNEST FLAGG. Fully illustrated. 8vo, $3.00. ECHOES FROM THE SABINE FARM. By EUGENE and ROSWELL MARTIN FIELD. Beautifully illustrated by EDMUND H. GARRETT. Square 12mo, $2.00.

DOMESTICATED ANIMALS. Their Relation to Man and to his Advancement in Civilization. By Prof. N. S. SHALER. Illustrated. 8vo, $2.50.

It would be difficult to find a volume fuller of apt illustration, anecdote, and otherwise entertaining reading on a topic so full of attraction. The pictures are the work of master-hands, and admirably illustrate the text.

AN OLD NEW ENGLAND TOWN. Sketches of Life, Scenery, and Character during the first Two Centuries of its History. By FRANK S. CHILD. Handsomely illustrated, 12mo,

$2.00, net. Edition de luxe, limited to 300 copies, 8vo, $5.00, net.

The life of the early settlers in New England is pictured with unusual vividness and interest in these sketches. Old Fairfield played a conspicuous part before the Revolution, and this book is a setting forth of the important relations that the New England towns have borne to the progress of the American people.


Summer Days in Winter CHARLES A. STODDARD, D. D., Editor of the New York Observer. Illustrated. COLLEGE GIRLS. By ABBE CARTER GOODLOE. Illustrated by C. D. Gibson.

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CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153-157 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps's last and best story

Fourth Edition. 16mo, $1.25.

IF ELIZABETH STUART PHELPS had never written anything else; if all of the mental effort of her lifetime had been crowded into this story, still she would have deserved and received the hearty recognition which, sooner or later, comes to those who put the best there is within them into their work.

"Toledo Blade."

NO AMERICAN NOVEL, since the days of " Uncle Tom's Cabin," has approached "A Singular Life," by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Into this book has gone the perfection of her powers in all their maturity.

LILIAN WHITING in "Inter-Ocean."

MRS. WARD has performed the unusual feat of writ ing a religious novel without a dull page in it.

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Hull House (Chicago) Maps and Papers.

By Residents of Hull House Settlement. A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago, together with comments and essays on Problems growing out of the Social Conditions. 8vo, viii+230 pp., appendix, maps; 8 illustrations; cloth, $2.50; with maps on cloth, $3.50. (Vol. V. in Crowell's Library of Economics and Politics.)

"The book is one of those which ought to inaugurate revolutions in regard to the abuses, of many kinds, over which our modern civilization throws its hypocritical cloak.” — The Chicago Standard.

"The papers which compose the volume are examples of expert work in investigating and describing the needs of the poor as found in a great city, and the best methods of meeting them."— The Congregationalist.

American Charities.

A Study in Philanthropy and Economics. By AMOS G. WARNER, Ph. D., Professor of Economics in the Leland Stanford Jr. University. (Vol. IV. in Crowell's Library of Economics and Politics.) 12mo, cloth, $1.75. (Second Thousand.)

Prof. Warner's book is attracting great attention and winning golden opinions in every direction. The press has been unanimous in its welcome of what promises to be an "epoch-making book." It has already been adopted as a text-book by many leading colleges and universities.

"An indispensable economic manual." — Philadelphia Press.

"Its value can hardly be overestimated." - Boston Advertiser.

"Excellent. It is certainly the best book on the subject.". of Economics and Sociology, Vassar College.

Social Theory.


A Grouping of Social Facts and Principles. By JOHN BASCOM, Professor of Political Economy, Williams College. (Volume VII. in Crowell's Library of Economics and Politics.) 12m0, $1.75.

"We know of no work which so adequately groups the leading facts and general principles of sociology." - Hartford Post.

"Will be found invaluable to a very large body of earnest men and women." - Phila. Press.

Punishment and Reformation.

By Dr. F. H. WINES.

A work dealing with Crime, Prisons, and Reformatories. (Volume VI. in Crowell's Library of Economics and Politics.) 12m0, $1.75. (Second Thousand.)

"Will educate its readers in a subject on which there is, as yet, altogether too much sentimentality on the one hand, and brutal severity on the other." — New York Observer.

"It is doubtful if anything has heretofore been published which so thoroughly, judicially, and practically covers this important field."- Boston Advertiser.


An Examination of its Nature, its Strength, and its Weakness, with Suggestions for Social Reform. Part I., The Nature of Socialism. Part II., The Strength of Socialism. Part III., The Weakness of Socialism. Part IV., The Golden Mean, or Practical Social Reform. By RICHARD T. ELY, Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Political Economy and Director of the School of Economics, Political Science, and History in the University of Wisconsin. (Volume III. in Crowell's Library of Economics.) 1 vol. xiii +449 PP. II Appendices; Bibliography; Index. Cloth, $1.50. (Fifth Thousand.) "Here for the first time the public is presented with a full and accurate account of Socialism as it is -- its nature, its philosophy, its history, and its literature, with a lucid analysis of its strength and its weaknesses from the standpoint of one who is neither advocate nor opponent, but is an impartial and unprejudiced investigator. Nothing is extenuated, and naught set down in malice." - Chicago Times. "A book for thoughtful men of to-day to read and ponder, in preparation for the serious work of to-morrow." - Review of Reviews.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent, postpaid, by the publishers on receipt of price.

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The Independent


A Religious & Literary Newspaper.
EVANGELICAL and undenominational A pape
for clergymen, scholars, teachers, business men, te
thers, mothers, and young people. It discusses every
topic of the day-religious, theological, political, late-
ary, social, artistic, and scientific. Its contributions a
by the most eminent writers of the English languag
and embrace poems, stories, able and interesting disca
sions and lighter reading, as well as articles on all sub-
jects of thought. Besides its general contributiers.
employs specialists and distinguished writers as edit
of its Twenty-one Departments, among which ar
Literature, Science, Music, Fine Arts, Sanitary, M
sions, Religious Intelligence, Biblical Research, S
day-School, Financial, Insurance, Farm and Garden.


THE INDEPENDENT announces to its subscribers and to all who may become subscribers, that it is pr pared to furnish any papers and magazines publishe, n this country, England, France, and Germany, at a ver large reduction from publishers' rates. This opport nity is open only to subscribers of THE INDEPENDENT Upon receiving list of papers or magazines from ir b viduals or reading rooms, an estimate will be given ty return mail.

Its yearly subscription is $3.00, or at that rate iany part of a year.

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For 1896

Will be issued by the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, and edited in connection with the Pedagogica' Department of the University of Chicago. The SCHOOL REVIEW is the recognized national jourra of secondary education. While devoted especially to the interests of high schools and academies, its scope covers the relations of these institutions to the college and the university on the one hand and the grammar school on the other. During the past year its contributors have included such eminent educators as

Prof. S. S. LAURIE, of Edinburgh.

Prof. PAUL H. HANUS, of Harvard.

Prof. FRANCIS W. KELSEY, of the University of Michigan,

Prof. ANDREW F. WEST, of Princeton.

Prof. WILLIAM G. HALE, of Chicago.

Supt. A. F. NIGHTINGALE, of Chicago.

Dr. SAMUEL THURBER, of Boston.

Prof. J. C. BRANNER, of Leland Stanford Jr. University.
Prof. E. W. SCRIPTURE, of Yale.

Prof. J. F. GENUNG, of Amherst, and many others. The January number will contain an article by Prof. John Dewey on "The Influence of the H School;" one by Prof. Isaac B. Burgess on "The Unprepared Recitation," and a number of impor tant reports.

During the past year THE REVIEW has published the complete report of the Classical Confererer at Ann Arbor, the greatest meeting of classical teachers ever held, and a complete report of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools. It is an invaluable aid to the teacher. invaluable also to every intelligent citizen interested in education. THE SCHOOL REVIEW is a


The price, $1.50 per year, is the LOWEST for which any similar publication has ever been offered. Address subscriptions to


University of Chicago,

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